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But even when we do as Socrates suggests we run into more problems in obtaining our moral compass. Although there are six moral theories described in our textbook, finding one to be our sole guide is impossible. Therefore, we need to utilize two or more of those to arm ourselves with enough knowledge to understand how and why we make our moral choices. For that purpose I have chosen to use Cultural Relativism, Virtue Ethics and Deontology as worldviews that explain the best my moral decision making processes. Cultural relativism teaches that the concepts of good and bad are relative to a particular culture. Deontologists define morality of any of our actions as to how the action follows the rules. Action takes precedence over consequences.According to this, the great German philosopher Kant claims that “to act in the morally right way people must act from duty. ”(Alexander, 2007) Kant contends that it is not the consequence of the action that matter, it is the motive of the person that...

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In Plato’s classical work Phaedo, the character of Socrates talks with Simmias about, among other issues, ethics, the good and the bad, and philosophy in general.

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