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The primary habitat for these bacteria is, however, in the intestines of endotherms. This is because of the abundance of nutrients and favorable conditions. It is a form of E. coli and is one of the species which produce Shiga-toxins. There are two ways in which EHEC can reproduce. The bacterium makes an exact clone of itself. This is the most common method of reproduction used by EHEC. An individual can undergo cell division by starting with replication of DNA. Copies of the genetic material then attach to the cell membrane. The cell then elongates to double its original size. This method of reproduction is less commonly used as compared to cell division (Paton,1998). ­­­­It allows for genetic diversity as daughter cells can pick new advantageous traits resulting from the exchange off genetic material.This may include antibiotic resistance and other advantageous adaptations. There also runs a risk of an unwanted trait being passed on. For the bacteria to engage in conjugation they mus...

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Life cycle of Enterohemorrhagic E.coli

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