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gap between two initiations of replication are in the first phase (Kaper 1998). The bacterium makes an exact clone of itself. This is the most common method of reproduction used by EHEC.An individual can undergo cell division by starting with replication of DNA. Copies of the genetic material then attach to the cell membrane. The cell then elongates to double its original size .Then follows by an almost similar replication of genomes which then gives rise to two similar copies of the genome. Mutations and other unexpected eventualities may occur during the process but there is a very small chance for the occurrence of this. A separation then develops to differentiate the pair of genomes that have been produced. This is called a septum. This divides the components of the cell between the two cells. The process is complete when the two cells separate giving rise to two daughter cells.The bacteria takes about twenty minutes to one hour to duplicate. EHEC can also undergo conjugation. In t...

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Life cycle of Enterohemorrhagic E.coli

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