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by increased demands of the product thus became overwhelmed. However their pricing strategy is a competitive advantage whereas Dubois and Swell prices range between $ 28 and $ 26.50 Grill-Keel price is $24 thus a price reduction of 15% which translates to 325 more sales. Competitive The company was competing with established firms who had the capacity to advertise and market their products to wide distribution channels. Moreover companies the likes of Swell Dubois and Colgate-Palmolive were innovative and were coming up with new products such as liquid oven cleaners. In this case Dubois liquid was sold directly through direct sales and a relatively high price compared to Grill-Keel. It has enough workforces to make intensive sales throughout New England thus becoming a potential competitor. Moreover some cheap products existed in the market. Smaller restaurants still used stones and screen to scour grill despite having various faults. Organizational Resource constraints are delimiting ...

Case Study (62 pages)
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gril-kleen case

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