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Reason the wing of a bat and the arm of share a common skeletal pattern, a frog and human arm, a whale’s fluke and human arm; they have a common ancestor. From external view, human arm and bat’s wings are not similar, but inside skeleton shows the structures are similar. In fact, humans, bats, birds have the same type of bones in the forearm bones, this is because all the creatures mentioned have evolved from a common ancestor. Fish with fins, scales and lungs; it is the lungfish. Fossil Eusthenopteron had fleshy fins supported by a series of stout bones. Fossil Acanthostega has “fingers”. Fish Tiktaalik has a flat head with eyes on top. This characteristic together with flat ribs suggests that Tiktaalik was built to navigate the shallow bottoms of ponds and streams, and also flop around along the banks with mud flats. As the embryo develops to zygote and from zygote to fetus, the knees and elbows gradually rotate and face opposite directions on full development of the fetus. Humans ha...

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Evolution - Your Inner Fish

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