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Euripide’s Herakles returned home after a long time in the battle field. His return marked completion of his last deployment. He later went until a civil war brought Lycus into power. The new leader condemned his family to death forcing Herakles to go back to Thebes not only to protect his family, but also to restore peace to the disturbed society. However, things did not work as planned as Hera, the commander, worked through Lyssa and Iris to frustrate Herakles. Most veterans that come from prolonged engagement in war have displayed post-traumatic stress disorder through isolation or withdrawal from society, tendencies to commit suicide, insomnia or disjointed sleep, drug and alcohol abuse, unexplained violence, and hyperactivity among others. It is noteworthy that Herakles was away from his family after coming from his last deployment. He only went back to protect them after the outbreak of a civil war that was tearing Thebes apart. The isolation was perhaps an early sign of combat...

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Euripides' HERAKLES — Tragedy & Trauma

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