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The outcome in the whale curve affects decision-making in a firm thus a very important tool in a business profit analysis. The effect of the profitability against a cumulative quantity in a whale curve causing an effect in the graph which induces an effect in decision making in a firm is what I am expounding in this research finding. Aims and Objectives In my research, I expect to determine whether and how my analysis affects decision making of firms, what type of costs are being considered when making such analysis, the time and lifecycle considerations for the channels, customer or product that drives down a profit at the moment which may become highly profitable in future and how all that is taken into costing calculation in accounting. To determine the target market, one has to carry out an STP approach that stands for segmentation, targeting and positioning of the market into homogeneous groups believed to have common desires and wants. By this, the best services are given to th...

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Customer Profitability Analysis

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