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The play was quite interesting on the boy. The other play I watched was one by another boy who had taken a ball and was playing in the yard. He could kick the ball and very fast or as fast as he could run, go after it. He however did not seem so much consumed by the play like the first boy. He seemed to have other things occupying his mind and acted always very cautious as if someone had warned him on something. I think this is because as one grows up their mind gets filled with so many things and they really cannot concentrate on one thing for too long as that would mean they will lose time to attend to other things. Even if this being a child did not have any other more important thing to do, this kind of practice seems to be seen in him as early as when he is this young. This means that it is a thing inherent in human beings that they are meant in such a way that they have to handle many things and as such time for each has to be created. For the three year old boy he to...

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