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If you have finally found your lifework and they asked you to send a CV, there's no reason for being worried. It's not that difficult to get an effective CV which could make a great first impression. Curriculum Vitae is a Latin expression meaning «life story». This concise document summarizes all achievements that you already have, including academic background, teaching and research experience, as well as career-related experience, professional skills and proficiency. Also, it may have information regarding your publications, presentations, honors, awards and recommendations, if appropriate. The objective of a strong CV is to show your prospective employer that you possess all those necessary skills and that you are able to undertake the position. In other words, imagine that you are selling your mental powers and put your best foot forward.

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Writing this kind of a document won't be so hard if you use a good sample CV. It will show you what sections CV should have and what data to provide. When familiarizing with it, think simultaneously of information that you will put into your own CV.

As a rule, Curriculum Vitae includes candidate's personal information, educational background and qualifications, interests and achievements, proper skills and references, as well as already mentioned above data. Look at the sample format and define whether it is suitable in your case. The format has to be modern and professional at the same time. Although there isn't any set format, you can find which you like most if you consider many samples.

Steps to take before actually writing a CV

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Proceeding to write CV

Now that you have got acquainted with samples and decided which data you're going to include in your CV, you have to choose the format. You may break each section up with a line, put it in a separate box or create a list. Each sample CV may have different format. Try different formats before you choose the most favorable. Write your name, address, telephone, email and your website or blog address (if you have one) on the top of the page. Make sure that your name is written with larger symbols than the rest of the text. This has to be done in order to let the reviewer know who is he reading about.

These are the basic sections you will find in sample CV. If you need an additional section for other information, like your civil activity or volunteering, you can create it. After you're done with it, write down references, if you have some. It might be very helpful if a respected professor gave you a good reference.

The final step in creating CV is, of course, checking your spelling and grammar. This step is of a great importance because it plays a significant role in making impression.

Knowing the structure of Curriculum Vitae is essential if you are applying for a job. You can get all the necessary information about this document, including useful tips and guidelines if you turn for it to us.

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