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When it comes to applying for a job in a medical area, you need to think thoroughly of creating a strong Curriculum Vitae. It is the way how you advertise yourself for position that you are going to hold. Therefore, you need to be aware of some traditional standards that this kind of document requires and what the best ways to reach your potential employer are. The point is, that medical resume and Curriculum Vitae is usually different from all other professional resumes. They have to do with a specific area, that is very demanding and requires a great number of specific skills. Here, you will find some useful tips and guidelines that may help you in making up your medical CV.

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Despite of the fact, that we all live in the era of new technologies allowing creating electronic portfolios, resumes and CV's, medical students are still required to deal with professionally written resumes. This kind of document is your road to a professional career, which gives you an opportunity to define and cope with some disadvantages and gaps in your professional experience and meet the challenges the professional medical world throws into you. The Curriculum Vitae is a specific kind of documentation which is essential when applying for academic careers in the medical area or for other careers related to the medical field. As a rule, students, who attend medical colleges or universities, start to compile their medical CV when they study on the first year already.

The purpose of a well-written Curriculum Vitae is to demonstrate the history of your education, your professional experience and all qualifications that you have for your potential job, as well as to present the specific attainment, skills and acquirements that you possess and that are essential to take the position that you apply for. In addition, Curriculum Vitae is considered to be a summary of your educational background and it needs to clearly demonstrate to the employer a good-written and organized list of your significant achievements, including both extracurricular and academic. In other words, your Curriculum Vitae is the means that helps the employer get to know you as a strong and serious candidate, who could accomplish the tasks of his future position and meet all the challenges within the work process.

Different employers require different documents to be sent. Therefore, you need to be able to distinguish one from another in order to prevent uncomfortable situation. The most significant difference between these two documents is that CV is longer and takes at least two or sometimes three pages, includes more detailed information, the majority of which is devoted to academic achievements (such as presentations, articles, publications, research projects, etc). In comparison to the Curriculum Vitae, resume is meant to give a summary of educational background, experience related to the applied position and proper skills. Resume is used more often and usually does not contain any attachments.

  • The first thing your medical Curriculum Vitae should include is contact information. It has to be up to date and provide your address, telephone number (both home and mobile), email and, of course, your full name.
  • Provide educational details. Include your degree (all of the degrees, if appropriate) and certifications.
  • Write down your professional objectives. Remember that they need to be very clear and understandable. It is an essential part, whether you are writing a medical CV or a teacher CV. Good objectives have to show your attitude to your future career and demonstrate what you really want from your job.
  • Provide your skills. Make sure you include relevant skills which are directly related to the medical position you apply for. They are: clinical skills, billing skills and also, you may want to include customer service acquirements, if you possess such.
  • What about extracurriculars? Not only educational background matters, but also your other activities, demonstrating you as a talented, active and smart person.
  • Include your interests and hobbies. It would be an advantage if you mention some kinds of sports that you do, or your volunteering for charity organizations.
  • Pay attention to the length of your medical CV. Even though you need to give details, you still have to make the information narrow, otherwise your CV is not going to be read to the end.
  • Edit and proofread your medical Curriculum Vitae. Pay attention to every word because a little mistake, including grammatical mistakes, can cost you your future career.
  • Put your picture into CV. The employer needs to know how you look like. Plus, if you look really good you will certainly benefit from it. However, remember choosing a proper photo (it may be a business suit or something like that).
  • Let somebody else take a look at your CV. You may not notice some of the mistakes and it would be better to let someone evaluate it with a fresh eye.

When your CV is ready and you are sure it is quite right, you can send it to your potential employer. In case you need assistance with writing your Curriculum Vitae, please contact us and we will readily help you and will show you well-written medical Curriculum Vitae example that will give you the understanding of how your CV has to look. Apart from this, we also can provide you with a wide range of other services, like:

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