Thesis on Tourism examples

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Gastronomy Tourism: The Influence of Food on Tourists’ Travel Motivation to Hong Kong
Have got a framework need help on finishing the essay based on it, could simply modify the ideas to make objectives matches with literature review and findings. Need to have a questionnaire & findings with tables done by SPSS. Deadline by 11 April, latest by 12 April early morning (+8 timezone)
The Role of in Enriching the Experience of Tourists
I have to hand in this thesis on the 30th of this month ( in 6 days). My previous writer hasn't been online for the past 6 days and now I'm in the middle of working on this on my own. I need some help to add some subchapters regarding theory. I have done all the research now and I can work on the Analysis part, but I need support with the rest of the thesis in order to look good...
Perception of tourist's towards Bangladesh as a tourist destination: An Imperial Study on Cox's Bazar
Hello> so you need to do revision on chapter 1 & 2 before you start Chapter 3 (1500 words). You need to finish up few parts of chapter 2 around 600 words. and later on you need to compile all chapters together and referencing is Harvard referencing. Times New Roman 12 and 1.5 spacing.
World’s first energy self-sufficient Hotel
-Every week need submission of advances. -I need medium/expert english writing. -Concept and objective of the paper. -Introduction: Product (why is necessary), Service. -Background History. -Find a problem: What kind of problems may be? with new technology. give some issues: what if it rains, what if no sun, ETC. -Two set of solutions - One Recomendation..
The Role of in Enriching the Experience of Tourists
These will be the next 20 pages of my Thesis.
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