Thesis on Sociology examples

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Subjective influences of colonialization and imperialism leading to decolonialization
(THESIS): The subjective influences of colonialization and imperialism is the factor which leads to decolonialism. *Please be specific in terms of the "influences" and why those are "subjective" for thesis. (INCLUDE REFERRENCES) on ONE of the following topics: 1. Globalization as a Historical Fact: (Reviewing and) Contesting the Political Narratives..
LITERARY ANAYSIS: Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of a Fist
You can use any of the terms, concepts, and themes from 'Bay Guide '2' or 'Bay Guide '3' Also closely follow the instructions attached in the 'Literary Analysis' instructions document As far as obtaining a copy of the book, there are various sites you can obtain a copy of the ebook or maybe you can find the full pdf somewhere...
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