Thesis on Philosophy examples

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Utilitarianism is the best moral approach because
I created a video in this week's video section on how to write a good philosophy paper. I strongly recommend viewing that. You can also click here to view Applied Ethics: If you would like to write on an applied ethics topic instead, you may do so. You could write on current ethical issues like microfinancing, vaccines,..
Philosophy Thesis Part 1 & Part 2 will be 6 page paper MLA
There will be a part 2 due in 3 weeks. There are 6 questions of which only one needs to answered for the thesis and a 6page paper constructed in 3 weeks time. Part 1: At the end of week 4 you will turn in (1) a clearly articulated thesis statement, and (2) a selected list of appropriate sources using our Library Guide for PHIL101 and our Online Library, as indicated below:..
• An argument for colonialism from the pragmatist standpoint
Read "The Racial Contract" by Charles Mills Topic • An argument for colonialism from the pragmatist standpoint Thesis • There is an implied moral absolution from the author’s standpoint which creates implicit or explicit biases when presenting the arguments surrounding The Racial Contract • Mill ignores the pre-colonial setting of each respective society..
Victimology Annotated Bibliography
This week’s required readings discussed crime victims’ participation in the criminal justice system and their legal rights and remedies. Evaluate empirical data regarding crime victims by creating an annotated bibliography of three scholarly articles on victimology. Each source on the annotated bibliography must have its own explanatory paragraph..
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