Thesis on Computer Science examples

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Analysis of functional testing automation tools for web applications
The thesis will evaluate the different tools for software functional testing automation. This research will seek to solve the costly nature of quality assurance in the software development process. The tools should reduce the time and finances used when trying to surpass the stringent software requirements laid by the stakeholders. The thesis will evaluate..
To review a thesis that is done, and we need to add one more chapter, to arrange the content and all the format details. Write more content and make it better. Write a good analysis of the results which are in the graphics. Write the abstract and conclusion and references
Effective feature extraction and representation for robust face recognition
Effective feature extraction and representation for robust face recognition/ write the code in matlab/Face datasets 2. Feature representation or extraction 3. Feature pooling or processing 4. The construction of kernel functions 5. Classification with SVM or KNN take different pictures and test it . should define face..
Online Community Health (Information Systems)
15 pages to be rewritten for the methodology chapter
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