Term paper on Geography examples

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Discuss the impacts of human activities on natural resources
Select, research, and write a paper on the following topic. A wide variety of examples must be given. All sources used within the paper must be cited using the in-text method. Citations must also be given for all illustrations, graphs, maps etc. used. Use the AP style of citations. Paper must include a correctly written Bibliography. The paper must be typed in..
Significance of Climate Change on distribution of polar bears
You will need to write a term paper surrounding the significance of climate change on the distribution of polar bears in the Arctic region. I have attached my research proposal for your reference, as well as the instructions and rubric. Please follow all instructions carefully.
review and critique of a film, with the review focusing on the role of place
Students are required to write a 5-page double-spaced review and critique of a film, with the review focusing on the role of place. The structure of the paper should be divided into three parts as follows: 1) a one page summary of the film; and 2) a critique of the role of place in the film. The following questions are intended to guide you through this part of the exercise:..
The Most Pressing Issue of 2016
Make a table and investigate the Social, Economical, Environmental, and Political (SEEP). Please check the attached assignment for all requirements. This is for World Issues: A Geographic Analysis Grade 12 Class (CGW4U Course Code) The paper is on this article: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/climate-consensus-97-per-cent/2017/jan/02/climate-change-in-2016-the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly..
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