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Term paper on Environmental Sciences examples

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The Federalists Papers topic: Separation of Powers in APA Format
Students are required to write a 1-page term paper. Essays must be typed, 12 point Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins, justified alignment, and single spaced. Write a short synopsis on a chapter of interest in The Federalist Papers. Students are encouraged to address one of the following topics: The Articles of Confederation, Separation of Powers, Federalism,..
Plant Research Superstitions, Folklore and Myths of Rosemary
it is time to research the folklore, myths and stories that have built up around your chosen herb (Rosemary) . This is fun and often very colorful, but has a serious side to it as well. To critically think, you must be able to separate entertaining and possibly traditional cultural practices from serious fact-based effectiveness. Include: -Short introduction..
Tourism has a Significant Adverse Impact on the Ecological Stability of Coral Reefs.
FALL 2017 TERM PAPER TERM PAPER The term paper should take the form of a scientific document with a thesis statement that you support with sound, scientific facts, theory and arguments. The topic of the term paper should be chosen by you and be approved by Dr. Hanson. You should select your topic by September 27th, 2016. The final paper is due November 26th, 2017..
Reading response
This is one page reading response. The writer needs to read two articles that I attached and write one page response with 1.15 space. I attached instruction, sample response, and articles.
How Greenhouse Gases effect on Global warming and Climate Change
The paper should be 7 – 10 double spaced pages (not including title page, references, etc). References should be included within the body of the paper and not just constitute a bibliography at the end using APA style.
The negativ effects of overexploitation of resources and trade in Africa,the case of CAR
Select an item of high debate regards to environmental law and politics in the contemporary world (Ex: an international treaty negotiated or under negotiation, political declarations on the topic of a world leader, developments within the UN or other IGOs etc.)In addition, the Presentation will consist of a fairly substantial literature review (Min. 5 scholarly..
Territorialization and questions of sovereignty
It is weekly reading response, there are 3 articles to be read and write one page paper. It must be follow instruction I attached. I also attached three readings and information. Please write clear and best response.
Geologic Process
Planet Earth has many processes that affect the surface where we live. Choose a process such as earthquakes, volcanoes, plate tectonics, weathering and erosion, mass wasting, stream processes, coastal processes, compare desert and glacial landscapes and their processes, or other. Explain how the processes work, causes and effects, and long-term impacts..
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