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Video Art as a Contemporary Medium - proposal essay
First write a proposal.. A project proposal should answer these questions; Goals and Objectives: What are the objectives of your project? Describe any key expressions, impressions, or insights that you intend, and the audience that you intend them for. Significance: Cite sources of artistic/design inspiration for the project. (They can be past or current..
interpretation of one work of art (A painting and a sculpture)
interpretation of one work of art Final Presentation and Essay Assignment * Due Monday, December 17th, at 23:59 by electronic submission Write an essay 3000-3300 words in length that is an interpretation of one work of art, chosen from the list below, in relation to one text that we have discussed in the course. As with all core essays, please do not refer to any..
Artworks from Different Types of Settings (Museum vs. gallery)
2 artworks of your choice from 2 different types of settings; i.e., museum versus gallery, professional versus college/community performance, private versus public architecture, etc. • describe both artifacts fully, • analyze them, and • discuss the points of similarity and of difference. Attached is a sample paper the Professor has accepted It does not..
How Cardinal Maria del Monte launched Caravaggio Career
To do this assignment you must of read the book "Caravaggio and his Two Cardinals" by Creighton Gilbert. This is where you will find all the real information and everything must be cited and it has to be Chicago format with footnotes.
Examine and explore the creative content of film media(Documetary)
This essay is about Examining and Exploring the creative content of film media. The topic is Documentary Films. 1. briefly describe. How do they differ? How are they similar? In what was are they useful? In what ways are they limiting? 2. Provide examples. What are some examples of hybrids? What are some examples of films that fall into sub-genres? 3. Compare and..
Analyze a Play
Please use the simplest English because my professor knows my English level. English is my second language and I am not good at it.
Cyber terrorism
The assignment has three parts. part one is done. I chose cyber terrorism as a subject. Part two (Outline): due in eight hours. see attached. Part three (Main research). due in April 6,2017 So I need part two and three to be done.
term paper
I have attached the instructions and a link to an analysis paper I've done on the main artist and artwork I chose.
art of modern china
One term paper (6-8 pages, typed, double space) with foot/end notes and bibliography. Students are expected to develop an issue related to the course material. Typical topics include studies of a single work of art, work produced under the patronage of a particular individual or clan, a particular aspect of a single artist's work, or a carefully delimited discussion..
Poems About Fathers
Poems About Fathers Competencies To Master Can support interpretations and analyses of literary texts with textual evidence Can communicate ideas about literature using appropriate terminology Can produce an extended piece of writing Can use standard syntax and sentence structure; correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization; appropriate grammar..
Term paper
I have attached the instructions and the analysis paper that talks about the artist and artwork I chose for the assignment.
Bake Sale Research Essay -Blueberry Muffins
Summary: Submit the essay portion of your project. 2 full pages, double-spaced, 12 font, work cited Information on the history of blueberry muffins. I have attached a small portion of what I began to write, if there is anyway to incorporate some of that information into the essay.
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