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Recent history of Czechoslovakia leading up to the Velvet Revolution/ compared to Tiananmen's
Pretty much what you need to research/talk about is the recent history of Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union leading up to the Velvet Revolution and then an overview of the events that occurred during the Velvet Revolution (make sure to emphasize the students). Make sure you look at the Velvet revolution regarding Czechoslovakia (student protests) and not..
Pulling it all together (Hist of the American Indian)
For this discussion you will be asked to prepare a speech that you would give to a group of politicians, educators and activists about the importance of teaching and learning about American Indian History. You can utilize the history from pre-European contact to 2017 for this speech. In your speech, explain why every American should know this American Indian..
Week 5 | History Presentation Topic Approval Forum
Week 5 | History Presentation Topic Approval Forum Use this forum to submit your History Presentation topics for approval. Please review the History Presentation Overview (below) for further details. History Presentation Overview Complete a History Presentation on some aspect of world history such as a historical figure, events, places, cultural changes,..
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I need 15 powerpoint slides on Thomas Jefferson, Donald Trump, and the Federal Courts. I need RECENT and RELIABLE sources. Compare and contrast Thomas Jefferson and Donald Trump with their relationship to the federal courts. Give specific examples. I need quality work. This is the second time i put this assignment on studybay. The first one sucked. I also need..
Powerpoint for history class. Thomas Jefferson, Donald Trump, and the Federal Courts.
I need a powerpoint that will give me a 15 minute presentation in class. I also need a summary of the research, and a bibliography of each source used in Turabian format. The summary and bibliography does not need to be spectacular. My instructor is very lenient. 1-2 page for the summary would be sufficient...
Significant figure who contribute to and influence others
a two page reflection paper based on the outline from unit VI and Power point presentation three to five minutes long
Prelude to War
Read the book page 1to 74, write a summary, and a reflection.
The Spanish-American War
http://voicesofdemocracy.umd.edu/roosevelt-strenuous-life-1899-speech-text/ Read the article from the upon link, summarize it and state your own opinion.
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