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Informative Speech Video Link and Outline (Vietnam)
In 4-6 minutes, you should INFORM the audience about the culture of a country, other than the USA. You must do RESEARCH for this speech, utilizing the library's website provided below and known as the "LibGuide." Find at least two academic sources (you may have more than 2) using the libguide provided here. NOTE: The primary function of this speech is to explore..
Motivational Congratulations Speech for Graduation
I am to give a speech at a convocation as the Phi Alpha President, I need a 3 minute long speech and it is to explain what my organization did this semester as well as a brief history, and to also congratulate those who are graduating college this semester. I would like it to be in a motivational context. Include this information: "The purpose of Phi Alpha Honor Society..
8 minute Informative speech on "Chinese new year" outline need done by monday 10/31 by 8am
1. Your general purpose is to inform. Tell the audience about one specific topic of cultural diversity. Below are possible topics to consider. Explain the customs, holidays, traditional cuisine, or dress of a nation where your ancestors came from. Examples: Polish, Asian, German, Cherokee, Greek, Spanish, Albanian, Italian…everything works! Other ideas..
SPCH Business & Professional Communication: Business Informative Speech
Write an informative speech, including an outline, and visual aid (powerpoint) about a topic relating to business. Present information designed to inform the audience of some business related aspect (this a be a successful business mogul, an established business, or your insight into the business you will create ;-). The powerpoint must include images..
The benefits of paper records vs paperless records
Persuasive Speech OutlineTITLEGeneral Purpose:To persuade.Specific Purpose:To persuade my audience... (complete this sentence with your specific topic)(Please note that the general purpose and specific purpose are for planning purposes only. They are not to be stated in the speech presentation. When you deliver the speech, you will start the speech..
Parents must be responsible for their childrens healthy diet
persuasive speech-You will select a topic, you will write your speech on a word document, two-three pages, double-spaced, 12 point font on Times New Roman or Calibri using APA format. Please submit your title page, outline (include a proposition), written speech with APA citations and your reference page (minimum 5 sources) in APA format...
Evaluation of Alignment between Rhetorical Form(s) and Situational Telos
Provide an analysis of the elements of substance and/or form that contribute, in your opinion, to the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of the rhetorical composition in achieving situational goals. You may focus on uses of repetition, refutation, story-telling, enthymematic reasoning, or other definable and illustratable means of engagement and persuasion...
Forensics Debate Observation & Critique Discussion
1) Who in your opinion won the debate? Employ Aristotle’s three artistic proofs as you share your thoughts: pathos, logos, and ethos. When you employ Aristotle’s proofs throughout your video post, you must demonstrate both understanding of each proof's meaning, and application to what you have observed. 2) What was your opinion of the overall debate? Was the..
Learning how to effectively express your feelings without fearing vulnerability
In this generation, almost everyone is afraid to be vulnerable and express their emotions because of jugdements, fear of looking dumb, trying to have one up on the other or simply trying to protect themselves from getting played or hurt by someone else. In this speech, you will be doing research on why people are afraid to be vulnerable and how people can learn to..
introductory-sample-outline with manuscript spch 1311
follow the APA format and create me apersonal statement as a speech/ presentation to recite to my class thursday 10/26/17 at 12:30pm which is the due date. please create a introductory speech outline and manuscript on separate papers in APA format! please and thank you. but try finishing it before tomorrow...
Why it's wrong for the media to promote a certain beauty standard?
Hei! I need to write a persuasive speech and a formal outline for my business English class. The topic I chose is as seen in the title: why it's wrong for the media to promote a certain beauty standard? I guess I want the speech to present the effects this has on people ( like eating disorders, obesity, emotional damage) and a call to action to the audience...
Total Point Value: 115 (100 for the speech, 15 for the outline) The Assignment: For this assignment, each student will deliver a persuasive speech, which will attempt to get the audience to do something or convince them to change their mind about any topic of your choosing. Time Requirements: Speeches must last between 6-8 minutes. Penalties will be assessed..
Teamwork Speech/Consumer Relations Bulletin
THERE ARE 2 PARTS TO THIS ASSIGNMENT. PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS! PART 1 Leadership has decided to create a new team, making you the manager. Write a short speech, of 350 to 700 words, to give to your new team at your first team meeting. Include the following: Explain the importance of teamwork in the workplace. Identify strategies for effective team communication..
Why Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day
Need to have 3-4 minute speech with visual aids
Informative speech outline
A typed 2-3 pages detained outline and one page minimum of 4 research sources should be in the works cited page
informative speech
For this speech, I am asking that you address the following question: What is the most important quality – the single most important quality – a healthcare professional will need to possess in order to be successful? The purpose of this speech is to provide an opportunity for you to demonstrate what you have learned about speech preparation and delivery.  I will..
persuasive speech
need to go with birth control for teenagers need to be filled out as a outline
Housings in Sioux Indian
Find a peer reviewed article and summarize it using the outline template attached. The article must be based on HOUSING for the people who lived in sioux india.
speech outline- college athletes not getting paid
Please fill out the speech outline, the topic will be on why college athletes are not being paid, please add references as well and follow guidelines below. thank you! The purpose of this speech will be to persuade. The specific purpose will be determined by your topic. (Persuade the audience to.......) The opening statement should be your "attention-getter",..
Persuasive Presentation
Instructions: Submit your persuasive speech thesis statement and persuasive organizational pattern. It should be one sentence that contains the position you will argue for in your speech. The purpose of this presentation should to convince or actuate the audience. Refrain from using the topics below. Topic Selection: There are several topics that are considered..
an informative speech
Goal: Informative speech Time: 5-6 minutes Topic: your choice Organizational Pattern: your choice Citations: None Visual Aids: None Directions Jot down a full-sentence speech outline that has an intro, a body of multiple points, and conclusion. Create a series of note cards that simply your speech. DO NOT WRITE OUT YOUR ENTIRE SPEECH! It should be written..
Quote me on That- CEO
Description The purpose of this speech is to become more aware of the speech-making process. For this speech, you will select a quote that addresses an aspect of business and professional life. Find a quote that you identify with and want to discuss in class. You’ll need to talk in class 2-5 minutes about the quote. During the speech consider discussing: Why you..
Celebratory Speech Assignment/ Graduation Speech
Welcome to your fourth and final speech! We made it the five weeks so let's end with something fun and chill. This is the finale, the speeches you will most likely give in your lives - the Celebratory Speech. You have a wide range of options with this one. In the document, you will find the instructions and rubric with the point breakdowns for each section. There are..
Persuasive Speech on World Resource Institute Outline
Welcome to your third speech! Now that you taught us about a bunch of stuff, your goal is to get us to do stuff, hence the Persuasive Speech. This particular speech is something specific in that you are going to try to convince us to donate to a charity of your choosing. The speech that the class decides was most persuasive will have money donated to their charity by..
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