Research Proposal on Computer Science examples

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How does a customer know what software versions cloud providers are using?
The proposal is a one page single space plan for your project and a separate five source annotated reference list. The annotations include two paragraphs for each source. One paragraph is a summary of the source and the second paragraph is your reflection (Iwhat you thought about it as a source)
( any topic that is related to MIS and marketing, business and social media)
outline and references list paper for a final research paper as following: Descriptive Title: Preliminary abstract) Preliminary Outline This can be as brief as your proposed section headings, you are encouraged to provide additional details in either narrative or outline form. Preliminary Reference List The reference list should use APA-style formatting..
Does application of machine learning cognitive methodology create knowledge from internal and external data?
when see the files, u will understand. I have already done with some part. i need help in the rest of the proposal with some resources by a simple way to be so clear for faculty. and i want to go in this work step by step. what i want to work on it is introduction and background and i have already but some point about it on file..
Big Data and Business Intelligence: a data driven strategy for decision making in the retail industry
The research proposal should be at least 5 pages it shoud be very specic not generalise Please focus on the headings below Backgroud rational(Introduction) Research problem The purpose of the study The objectives The research questions Literature review (brief overview) Theoretical framework (brief overview) Methodology..
Summary and Research Idea for Network Security Papers
I am looking for somebody who is expert in Network Security. I Actually would like to come up with a single page summary (Strengths and Weaknesses) for each paper in the attached documents (in total 6 Papers = 6 summaries). The papers are mainly about Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). Finally, I would like to come up with research topic based on the summaries...
Artificial Intelligence: Is it taking our jobs? I don't think so
This is a research proposal to explain that AI is actually creating more jobs and taking away jobs. Explain the transition of jobs in the workforce to the newly applied AI jobs. 12 scholarly sources need The 6 p's as well: Patreon, Problem, paradigm, population, plan, and price
Twitter online harassment problem solution
I want a draft on 20th February. A writing needs to research a proposal correctly and wholeheartedly about twitter online harassment problem's solution and analysis, cost, chart, timeline, but at the end of the day, it is a writing class. So writer should be very focused on grammar, sentence structure, MLA formatting (in text)...
Game Theoretic Resource Allocation in Media Cloud with Mobile Social Users
It should as form of abstract which includes - What is the issue? Current system and disadvantage. Proposed system and advantage.
IT Project Must have IT knowledge (Windows application)
Select a project that is within your undertaking. You might either use a software/tool that you are familiar with or you will have to learn a software or tool as you are building this project) Most common projects are e-Commerce sites, mobile applications or Windows Applications, but it may not be limited to these ideas. It is an individual project. and not a group..
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