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NVQ Level 5 Assignment Unit 543
How can Du Bois’ concept of double-consciousness continue to illuminate American writing?
FULL RESEARCH ESSAY QUESTION: “The Negro is a sort of seventh son, born with a veil, and gifted with second-sight in this American world – a world which yields him no true self-consciousness, but only lets him see himself through the revelation of the other world. It is a peculiar sensation, this double-consciousness, this sense of always looking at one’s self..
Did Ancient Greece have a significant impact to our Modern Culture?
I need to come up with a creative question for a history paper on the impact of Ancient Greece on Modern culture and take a position on it (FOR or AGAINST). The question above is straight forward and considered weak by my professor. I presented the question above but professor said that it needed to be more creative and a question that has need been answered. I need..
Becoming an Adult: Physical, Cognitive, & Personality Development in Young Adulthood
Due Date: June 15, 2019 Title: Becoming an Adult: Physical, Cognitive, & Personality Development in Young Adulthood The paper may be written on any topic related to the field of Human Growth & Development. The paper should be typewritten in APA format and should be 6-8 pages in length with a minimum of 5 references. (The text may not be counted as a reference). Internet..
10 page research paper (HR) Workers' Compensation.
Students will be required to do a research paper using the APA style of writing. Topics of the research paper are to be in the area of compensation and benefits and the body of the paper must be at least 10 pages (excluding cover page, abstract and the reference page). le that of a research paper, to include a cover page, abstract, and the necessary reference page...
Reading of queer criticism in Threesome by Yussef El Guindi
mla8 format. If someone has ready analyse with this topic, it will be great! the plays can change. 1)The Talented ones 2) Back of the throat 3)Our Enemies 4) Threesome. All for Yussef El Guindi and they may be analyse by queer criticism, deconstructive criticism or New Historicism. I need only one play for analysing by one of these criticisms!..
The Great Recession of 2008 and the Nature of Economic Recovery in the last 8 years
I am looking for a person who can write 2 drafts and final paper so it will be 3 assignment total. ($20 each, total $60) Report 1 : Due Feb 20th Report 2 : Due March 20th Complete Report : Due April 20th
The Great Recession of 2008 - Causes and Consequences
Your paper must have a clearly defined objective. The research component requires that you specify a methodology to accomplish your objective. n addition, you must provide a section on "literature review" where you can quote other works on the same topic. Provide a "Reference" section at the end of your paper with at least 3 references including reference to..
Benefits of laughter/therapeutic value of laughter
Be sure to have at 4 to 6 credible sources in your paper. Your paper should be 3 to 5 pages with an annotated bibliography. (Look up what an annotated bibliography is) Be sure to choose another topic from the topic list for your second research paper. Read Chapter 52  from your course textbook carefully. Read the Lecture Folder for Week Five. Write..
summarize and evaluate a professional research article
In this paper you will summarize and evaluate a professional research article from the choices given. Write a 4-5 page paper, presenting these three sections: Summary of Study, Explanation of Findings, and Evaluation of Article. You may choose from: Reading Achievement by Learning Disabled Students in Resource and Regular Classes Comparison of Physical..
Major changes in political structures, social and economic life
Answer in complete sentences, and be sure to use correct English, spelling, and grammar. Sources must be cited in APA format. Your response should be four (4) double‐spaced pages. What major changes in political structures, and social and economic life, occurred during each of the following? 1. The Sui dynasty 2. The Tang dynasty 3. The Song dynasty..
The influence of leadership styles on the performance delivery of a team
Please read all attachment files. Start reading first the instructions before reading any documents or starting the project. Three documents are attached: "Instructions", "Topic", "Rubic" and "Northouse PPT". Thank you
“Compare and contrast U.S. and foreign telecommunications environments: Industry, Laws and Regulations”.
The paper should be 10-12 pages of text in length. Excluding title page, abstract, and references. The topic of the research paper is “Compare and contrast U.S. and foreign telecommunications environments: Industry, Laws and Regulations". The overall purpose of the Individual Research Paper is to give each student an opportunity to thoroughly study, research,..
arge pine trees are voided from any vegetation underneath. what do you think the reason is?
Large pine trees are voided from any vegetation underneath. what do you think the reason is? write a research paper on how we can stimulate and maintain vegetation under these areas. I NEED THIS PAPER IN 12 HOURS • Follow the APA format in writing your paper • Cite any resources you use in writing this paper on the reference page. • Grading scale: Following APA format..
Global Corporate Social Responsibility in Australia
2000 words research about Global Corporate Social Responsibility in Australia. A minimum of six academic, peer-reviewed journal (such as those listed in pages 7 and 8) articles (published after 2011) must be referenced in the group report. Avoid using sites such as Wikipedia or QuickMBA… because their reliability is questionable. All members of the group..
A type of forensic evidence and describe the investigation procedures
Select a type of forensic evidence and describe the investigation procedures of evidence gathering in regards to the Bill of Rights, the Constitution’s 4th, 5th, and 6th amendment as they apply. This paper integrates information from Weeks 1-4. You utilize 5 or more Peer Reviewed resources, not counting the text. The paper must be double-spaced 5-6 pages in..
communication difficulties and cultural differences
Assignment Description: Group assignment 1. Assignment Description: Group assignment Information about Group assignment Group assignment (2000 words +/-10%) What is the topic for your group assignment? •With reference to this subject's lecture topics, select a contemporary international business issue and consider its impact on Australia. This assessment..
Based on your research, which function of the PCAOB is most vital to the integrity of financial reporting with
PCAOB Research Paper – 3,500 Words MINIMUM Background: In regulating the public accounting industry in the United States the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) serves three major functions: (1) setting auditing standards, (2) inspecting registered public accounting firms and (3) enforcing auditing standards. In this assignment, you..
ENG 102 Write a research paper on Du Bois that answers
Write a research paper on Du Bois that answers the following questions: 1) What life experiences compelled Du Bois to become the leading African American thinker of his day? 2) Why is Du Bois’s theory of double-consciousness (in The Souls of Black Folk) considered a ground-breaking concept? 3) What are the principal differences between W.E.B. Du Bois’s and..
2007-08 Global Financial Crises, Causes, Results,Capitalism Crises, Worsening Income Distribution
A final term paper of a PhD course. The subject: Building upon the framework of Financialization and Adaptation of Regulation Approach; the plan for this paper will be on examining detailed features of 2007-08 Global Financial Crises, its causes and results, the historical background through a detailed literature survey of different Schools and Regulation..
Chicano History Research Paper AND Google Slides Presentation
You will write a research paper and create a slides presentation that covers one topic or theme covered in this class. This class roughly covers the early 1800s – 1970s, so you have a lot to choose from. You will select one theme, topic or time period in Chicano history to research and then write about. You will ultimately submit a well-researched essay and slides..
Analyze Non-Experimental (Non-Causal) Correlational Designs
Instructions Using the article by Beauvais, Steward, DeNisco, and Beauvais (2014), prepare a written analysis that addresses the following: • Determine the general strengths and weaknesses of correlational designs. Based on your findings, identify the strengths and weaknesses of this particular study. • Explain when a correlational design is most useful..
How culturaral communications affect our daily lives.
ffective intercultural communication requires an understanding of the various aspects of culture and how people respond to different cultures in a variety of settings. Beyond understanding concepts such as bias and stereotyping, effective communication includes the ability to understand the nuances of both verbal and non-verbal communication, how..
Written assignment #2 Battle of Okinawa follow up question
Please respond to one of the following questions during the Week Eight Forum: 1. Given the young age of the draftees, would you argue that was the main factor in their defeat? Why or why not? 2. Why do you suppose the Japanese military leaders placed these civilians at the front so late in the war effort in 1945? 3. Why do you think this is an important conflict to understand..
Nicola Tesla figure and cite at least two of his major inventions that benefit humanity today
Full topic: Nicola Tesla was one of the most innovative contributors to the technology. Who was he? Tesla said his inventions were created to better conditions for all humankind; with this in mind, cite at least two of his major inventions that benefit humanity today, to write about. Work cited page has to be true, the professor will check it very carefully...
How do we see the tension in King Lear between the feudal system and the emerging, more individualistic one?
Note: The research paper and poetry pages must be typed and formatted according to MLA requirements (see LBH). Use 12 font and double-space. Word count must be included in your research paper. No direct quotations from the primary text count in your word count. I deduct 10% for every hundred words less than the required amount. Three literary academic secondary..
immigration policy which is banned by president/terrorism
Access the situation and determine what will be happened after judges by president. Use easy words, short sentences and paragraph. DO NOT WRITE PROFESSIONAL. WRITE AS FRESHMEN IN COLLEGE need quotation, work cite by anything like Boston Globe, newyork times
Research essay of the novel "The Hours" by Michael Cunningham
Hours Research Essay With one of the lenses in mind, write about either Virginia, Clarissa or Laura and an aspect of their struggle from the novel “The Hours by Michael Cunningham”. Be sure you have an argumentative thesis statement. You need to develop a specific, argument thesis statement and support your points with the text. For example : I might use the following..
Connections btw job satisfaction, compensation, benefits, and loyalty and commitment of the worker to the comp
• Papers must be APA formatted • An APA-formatted bibliography must correspond with the citations in the paper. (You cannot have references without citations, or citations without references.) • All researched facts must be properly cited. • All papers should be proofread, and be free of spelling and grammar errors. • Direct quotes cannot represent more than..
observing and describing verbal and nonverbal communication
This Data Workshop is a practicum in verbal and visual descriptions: thick descriptions. For the purposes of this workshop the two types have been separated for better concentration. Observation: 10 - 15 minutes: eavesdrop on a conversation whose participants you cannot see. 10 - 15 minutes: observe a conversation you cannot hear but you can see. Written Description:..
Social Class: Do Money and Power Matter in Sports?
List and briefly describe the selected topic. Briefly describe the significance of this topic and your rationale for researching this particular topic. Briefly describe and list sources you will use when researching this topic (i.e. specific journals, books, articles, etc.). Also, at least 75% of your sources need to be scholarly; newspapers, magazines,..
Recommendations: culture development, social responsibility, organizational change or innovation
about GOOGLE company. this week assignment asks you to recommend organization change or culture change or organization development or culture development for innovation using chapter 1, 8. ( 200 -400 words with references in APA format). 4. Recommendations: culture development, social responsibility, organizational change or innovation (chapter 1,..
Is racism on the rise or decrease in America over the last 10 years?
This is a time for you to participate in the debates taking place around major events that affect most of the world. Critiquing an author, text, or idea is also a great way to engage with the course’s major themes. You may also reflect on the theme and ask how it affects, or if it affects your daily lives. The paper should have three major parts: 1) A major thesis statement..
Breast cancer in Africa: prevalence, treatment options, herbal medicines, and socioeconomic determinants.
The purpose of this assignment is to ensure participants can effectively evaluate a published epidemiology/preventive medicine/public health research paper.Epidemiology/PMPH Research Paper Evaluation Be sure to address the following questions and points in your paper:•Locate an epidemiological, preventive medical or public health research paper..
Security breaches in USA and Information Technology
Security breaches in USA and how companies have over come them with the help of informational technology. The companies who this research paper should focus on: Facebook and Target. 9 pages AND a reference so 10 pgs total page 12 point font double space APA method. More detailed outline attached.
Benchmark - Part A: Population Health Research and PICOT Statement
In this course, you will be complete a 2-part assignment in which you conduct research about a population of focus, develop a PICOT statement, and write a Literature Review. The PICOT statement and Literature Review you write in this course can be used for your evidence-based practice project in the next course so be sure to select an issue you want to continue..
Using Mackenzie Falls in the Grampians Australia, discuss the geomorphology evolution of the waterfall
Using the Mackenzie Falls in the Grampians, southwest Victoria, Australia, discuss the geomorphology evolution of the waterfall over geological time until the present. What contemporary processes are shaping its present-day morphology and how are they similar and/or different from in the past? Use literature, diagrams, photos, field observations to..
Chicano History Research Paper AND Google Slide Presentation
must complete a Google Slides (or similar app) presentation and research paper (minimum 10 slides presentation and 1000 words research paper) that persuasively argues a thesis based on... -Describe and analyze, in a written assignment, using a critical historical viewpoint, how struggles around social, economic, and political forces have shaped the traditional..
ADHD and executive functioning in 6th grade students
I need a total 10 pages of a research paper on the above topic out of which I have already completed some portions: abstract, introduction, methodology, and literacy review on the topic. I will provide those for you to complete the research paper. I need the remaining topic statement, research questions and hypothesis, the need for research on the topic, methodology..
Design Thinking for the Proactive Well Being Elderly
I need an academic writing framework for my mini research( 8,000 words) The conceptual framework is focusing on the empathize stage of the Design Thinking theory, by looking at the correlation between Honey and Mumford learning Style and Buddhism six temperaments Personality type. The sample size is a cluster sample from a local elderly club..
The impact of Digital Transformation on the performance of SMEs in Developing Countries.
The topic is broadly about digital entrepreneurship, but focusing on digital transformation and its impact on performance. It is seeking to find out what and how digital transformation impact on the performance and profitability of their SMEs. There should be a conceptual framework with a theory and model which may be confirmed or altered from the findings..
Financial Management in Health Care/ class 1 week 1
This assignment will require you to consider several influences to the budgeting process of a health care institution. Here, you will review payer mix and other influences to revenue as you consider revenue factors for the budget. Complete the following for this assignment: For a health care organization of your choice (real or hypothetical), describe the..
Analyzing how multivariate techniques can be applied to the outdoor sporting goods customer
Write a summary to upper management explaining the following: • How can each multivariate technique be utilized in Big D Incorporated, and what purpose would each serve? • Which technique is your preferred method, and how is your chosen multivariate technique different from the other two techniques? • What will the Board of Directors learn from your selected..
I need a Senior Investigative Paper. I need the first two parts: Introduction and Review of Literature by 2/9/2017. My topic is determining the factors of probation officers choosing to work with juveniles or adults. I need 15 sources in my review of literature no source can be more than 4 years old. Everything must be APA format. There are other parts to this paper..
How Commodore Barry, “the father of the American navy” shaped the early Navy. 
please do it before 12:00 pm For the Leader Paper assignment, choose one of the following leaders who made a significant contribution to the organization or culture of the US Navy or Marines. A brief description is provided to help you with your selection. Remember to focus on the individual’s contribution to the Navy or Marines and not their battlefield exploits...
An Analysis of Sports Markets - Franchise Relocation & League Expansion
Economics/Sports Paper Need to write a research paper about why certain teams move to different locations and the factors that are involved for franchise relocation. Factors: Owner's personal preference, the political climate and the economics of the location.
"Comparison of Two Methods of Electricity Production."
Mini Research Papers Submission of two Mini Research Papers is required for this course. If both papers are not submitted, your course grade will be lowered by one letter grade. The papers should be between 3 and 5 double spaced pages including the bibliography. Given the large amount of information available both in print and on the web, you should have at least..
What challenges emerge within e-recruitment and selection process?
I need these articles summarize seperately capturing the main and important points. then analyse thoroughly. You can use this as a guideline to summarize and analyse these data. For an article that makes an argument or addresses current events: What is the thesis (or central claim, or main point, or main argument)? The thesis is typically found near the end of..
Sleep Disorders and Self-Care Strategies Among mothers
Please write the qualitative interpretation for the 2 themes identified from the interview (write one page) and write 3 pages for the finding discussion for the quantitative and qualitative data attached to this file. Also, write the conclusion and recommendation. Please read the attached research paper. References citation: use the Vancouver style. Sources..
Impact of HR & its components on Employee Performance
Research Paper on "Impact of HR & its components on Employee Performance" Dependent Variables (10 best, less explored) 1. Job Rotation 2. Workplace Diversity 3. Job Satisfaction 4. Stress 5. Goals & Targets 6. Training 7. Development 8. Competencies (Work Related) 9. Employee Engagement 10. Employee Motivation 11. Performance Management System 12. Fringe..
Applied Research Experiment Paper for Organizational Behavior Course
Select one of the following concepts from the course as the core concept tested by your experiment paper:  Organizational Structure  Applied Performance Practices  Self-Concept, Values, or Personality After selecting a core concept, build your theory by determining at least two other organizational behavior concepts that support, affect, or alter or..
Research report the Potentiality of South Africa Market as an Export Destination of UAE Product Exporters
Accessing the Potentiality of South Africa Market as an Export Destination of UAE Product Exporters -Please note that i am redoing this research if you can not do a good job do not propose to work 2- Business Research Background: UAE ministry of the economy have Identified countries to focus on exports from the UAE and would want to identify what support is required..
Can one forget the memory of Trauma and later recover it 5. CRAAP Test Worksheet_updated.docx PsycINFO_quick guide-JGF.pdf Database - general use.pdf psycinfo_guide_Feb2014_logoUpdate2017-send.pdf
The Relationship Between PTSD and Suicide in combat veteran
The paper must be formatted according to MLA style. The length of the final research paper should be eight pages, double-spaced; works cited pages are not included in the final page count but should be on its page. it should have at least 5 sources, the sources should be varied, I have attached an outline, the work should flow in that order..
Divorce's Impact on Preschool, School-Age, and Adolescent Children
The divorce rate in the United States remains at an all-time high. Write a 1,000-1,250-word essay in which you consider the socioemotional response of adults and adolescents regarding divorce and custody arrangements. You are encouraged to use attachment theory in your paper. Address the following in your paper: Steps that can be taken to minimize the number..
Project Management Roles, Offices, Certifications and Degrees
Essay on Project Roles, Offices, Certifications and Degrees This week you will write a research paper on project roles, offices, certifications, degrees and more. To complete this assignment, please use the Week 1 Assignment Template (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. This is formatted in APA style and provides questions in each section..
Jean-Luc Godard’s "Breathless"; youth culture in postwar France in relation with Americanisation.
It has to be a detailed analysis with original ideas about the film 'Breathless' in terms of youth culture and Americanisation/ 3000 words/ need to include background research of French NEW Wave (Nouvelle Vague) and Jean Luc Godard as well as his film technique as a background information / in relation with post war french society/ Include some sources I indicate..
The Information Technology Skills Gap and Job Market Crisis
The Research Paper will consist of not less than 10 pages (standard double-spaced with 1 inch margins all around) of TEXT in length (Title Pages, Tables of Content, figures, pictures, graphs, and references will not be counted as text. Title Page is required. Table of Contents is not required; an Abstract is required.) At this point, let me remind you that if you..
Explain the difference between an ethical dilemma and an ethical lapse.
Must be 350+ words. APA format. I am looking for someone with health background as many of my papers will have that focus. Finally, while I realize that 350 words is typically just over one page, I am putting it out as one page as i am looking fot a bid of $10 or less. If my selected writer is good, I will have approximately 70 more papers over the next 6 months with the same..
Nur 502 CLC assignment Orem's Grand Nursing Theory
In your group, write a report on the chosen theorist/theory that includes the following: I just have #8-10 to complete using APA format. 1. Introduction: Identify the theorist and rationale for the selection. 2. Describe the theorist (short biography and major influences on the theorist). 3. Indicate the category under which the theorist falls (can use McEwen..
Expand Your Business Through New Market Development
Im in international student and i want the writing to looks like an international student i dont want it to looks like a writer work its 3-4 page position paper (single spaced) The position of the paper should either support or refute chapter9 Ries and Trout or Big Models: Country (Region) of Origin Bias i want it to support Country (Region) of Origin Bias . the instructor..
Country Paper (Business Environment in Switzerland)
Business Environment in Switzerland: Each student is required to write a 2-3 (minimum) page paper on the business environment of your assigned Focus Country. In this paper you need to demonstrate knowledge of global business concepts and cultural diversity in a business context. In your paper you will identify some key components of business the environments..
Research Paper on the Bio-Ethics of Force Feeding in Guantamo Bay
This is a legal paper about force feeding at Guantanamo Bay. As such, there needs to be plenty of legal talk. There are many cases out there directly on point. The paper needs a big historic piece. Do people have the right to starve under prisoner rights? Are they technically patients? What are the patients rights? Start broad. Person's right to not be force fed...
Final Research- ( title should be the name of publicly traded company)
For your final in this class, please choose a publicly traded company to research. You will then write a 5-6 page, double spaced paper using size 12 front about this company. You should begin the paper with an introduction of the company and a brief history. Make sure you include where the company is headquartered, who is the founder, what type of goods/services..
Forensic Identification: Science or Pseudoscience?
Summarize the Brandon Mayfield case, focusing on the idea that no two fingerprints are alike despite the fact that this has never been tested. Identify what type of testing would need to be done to ensure that the assertion that “no two fingerprints are alike” is true? Examine whether or not this type of testing is feasible and why or why not. Analyze what role cognitive..
Should Children Be Allowed to use iPads and Smartphones?
I had a research paper to write for my English course. the topic I chose for it was as mentioned above, and after submitting my first draft, I received feedback from my professor highlighting what she wants changed. I was hoping that you could fix the paper into what she asked for, and add a few more citations if possible. i will upload upload a rubric, sample of an essay,..
Location Based Service in E-Commerce. A Scoping Review
1.)Abstract 400 words 2.)Research aim, focus and questions, and use them to structure an enquiry and to identify the appropriate literature for the review. 3.)Rationale for the study and the contribution(s) of your work to the literature and/or professional practice. 4.)Methodology:An outline of an appropriate method/approach for your literature review...
The factors that affect the Sports industry in China
Topic for Proposed Paper: The factors that affect the Sports industry in China 1. The political background in China affects the sports industry. The Chinese government used to focus on economic growth and ignored the development of sports. However, President Xi Jinping has been supporting the sports industry in China. 2. The government-oriented economy..
The Effect of Prenatal and Postnatal Care of Childhood Obesity
Write your summary in 5 pages or so, basically summarizing each of the major sections - literature review, methods section, results section and discussion. Let the abstract at the beginning of the paper guide you (It's just one paragraph but is a great guide). Why was the study done and how does it fit in with other work in the field (the intro or lit review)? What..
Is China effectively addressing air pollution problem?
Your paper should have a clear research question and argument accompanied by analysis tied to the key issues and themes covered in the course. Your argument should be backed up with the use of literature and data. You should refer to readings assigned for this course as well as additional research from a variety of sources...
MGMT490 - Leadership & Communication Style of Barack Obama
make a critical analysis of his leadership and communication based on the course & book Leadership Communication (D. Barrett) This is a research paper analyzing the individual’s leadership and communication only. this is NOT an essay or biography. This is also not a political paper. The analysis must include the following headings: ▪ Provide an introduction..
current statistics for inflation and GDP in the economy.
Look up current statistics for inflation and GDP in the economy. Use these statistics to determine what phase of the business cycle the economy is currently in. Be specific as to what is going on with the aggregate supply and/or aggregate demand curves.
A current governmental or political (not historical) issue or problem of importance
Content—Address the various sides of the current issue with the Student drawing personal conclusions based on their analysis of the issue and demonstrating an understanding of its complexities. Analysis and Evaluation—Present an informed evaluation of the evidence and the different viewpoints surrounding the topic. Compare and contrast the different..
Disability Paper : Speech/language impairment (Disorder)
Directions: You will research and write a three to four page research paper discussing a specific special education disability: Speech/language impairment (Disorder). Use no fewer than three varied references to research information concerning the : Etiology, behavioral characteristics, historical aspects, and educational implications of the disability...
An Analysis of the Total Profits Reported by the Big Three Auto Maker during the past Year”. Note: You should
The paper length is at least 10 pages of text. The focus is on your ability to analyze a microeconomic topic. Graphs and tables will enhance the quality of your paper and may be part of the minimum page limit; however, references and footnotes must go to the end of the essay. The structure of the paper is Introduction and Objective, Literature Review, Analysis, and..
I'm writing a research paper, I need you to add in things that I may be missing. I'm missing an introduction with 3 literature review sources, part of my results section (you might have to look at a spss file to know more on what to write in the results section and I also need your help on the discussion section which also includes 2 literature reviews. Everything else..
In your own words, discuss and analyze the historical evolution of the Constitution in terms of equal rights.
In your own words, discuss and analyze the historical evolution of the Constitution in terms of equal rights. Discuss the trade-offs involved between majority rule and minority rights and individual freedom and social equality. Base your response upon your observations and insights gleaned from the readings in various chapters (especially chapters two,..
Comparative Analysis of hurricane harvey and Hurricane katrina
1. Choose a topic or research activity.2. Conduct your research. Find four scholarly sources for your topic (scientific journals, your text, web pages ending in ,org, .gov, and .edu are allowed. Interviews with professionals in the field are allowed. Make sure to cite ALL SOURCES! Term paper. Write up your report as a term paper (5-page max) with each section..
project 5 class 2/Health Care Patients: Legal and Ethical Considerations and Issues
Choose a health care issue with controversial ethical and legal implications that was at the center of a high visibility case in the public domain. Some examples of issues include but are not limited to the following: Late term abortion Assisted suicide Surgical errors Patient abuse Parental refusal of medical treatment of minors for religious reasons Transplant..
The Malarkey Paper(choose one of the topic of them i gave)
The Malarkey Paper Malarkey! It’s an old-timey word, and it means BS. As I’ve demonstrated throughout the semester, you’ll find plenty of BS throughout the mass media. Normally, the BS is being carried out by the powerful, and they’re shoveling the BS toward you: the general public. And that’s what we’re going to explore in this paper. When some powerful person,..
Decreasing psychiatric ER visits;external and internal evidence
Please use the power point attached to this assignment and the comment under it as guidance.( I have rubric for the entire assignment for this semester so you can see the expectation but I want you to do the external and internal evidence, first The facility is a called People encouraging people in Baltimore MD (you can look it up to see what they are all about) I will..
the representation of black lives matter in the media
you have to write well researched well argued 6-7 pages paper that further interrogates and critically reflects upon themes from analysis of a cultural artifact which may be a book, movie, documentary, tv shows youtube videos etc. you have to integrate research 3-5 reputable secondary sources (no open web sources)...
To What extent is Educational inequity a Problem?
I’m writing this research paper on this question “All the Readings in this unit focus on the ways curriculum, resources, and educational opportunities are segregated based on social class and ethnicity. Researching specifically a school district in the Sacramento area, to what extent is educational inequity a problem? If it inot, why not? If it is what are..
Designer Babies: Shortcut to a Healthier Future or Merely The Hottest Fashion in
-Your final paper should be a 10-12-page report making a valid argument about an issue relevant to your field of study. This paper is a continuation of your prospectus and annotated bibliography, so feel free to use aspects directly from these documents as long as you have addressed any feedback that I left on the original two documents. -You must use at least five..
City and County Home Incarceration Programs and the Benefits
4 page paper APA format 8 citations 4 sources minimum Description of Home Incarceration Programs that cities and counties jail administrators would be responsible for supervising. This is an alternative to incarceration, but is the responsibility of the Jail Administrator to manage. Prefer programs referenced in east coast states like South Carolina,..
Anti-Globalization Sentiment and Its Impact on Multinationals
The U.S. President Donald Trump, following his “America First” policy, has imposed tariffs on imports from numerous countries and wants to modify or terminate current trade agreements with other countries, which has created worldwide anti-globalization sentiment.
An existing or emerging technology and its ethical impact
. research an existing or emerging technology and its ethical impact using the Web for the topic and questions that you selected for Paper C1. Please ensure that your research for this assignment addresses the ethical issues of an existing or emerging technology!
"The Role of a Free Press in the United States Political System."
You must write a 3-5 page research paper (double-spaced, typed, 12 point font.). The paper must contain at least five different quality citations from at least five sources--no encyclopedia, no dictionaries, no textbooks. Avoid articles that have no named author. You must use citations whenever you use information you learned from a source, even if it is not..
Inequality and Diversity in the post-World War II Metropolis and after Hurricane Katrina
Inequality and diversity in the post-World War II metropolis - New Orleans has gone through processes which create “inequality and diversity” not only in the period after the second World War, but also after Hurricane Katrina. How were these processes similar and how did they differ during each time frame? Research your text thoroughly in providing your answer...
Choose a real or fictitious organization you want to be a part of.
Choose a real or fictitious organization you want to be a part of. Describe all aspects of your ideal leadership environment applying all relevant theories, styles, approaches, etc. Make sure to address ethics. Please be creative, idealistic, and even Utopian.
Discuss narcoterrorism and define the desired role of the US in preventing narcoterrorism
Mexico is a battleground. Mexican authorities blame the US for the violence because of our demand for illegal drugs and for supplying the cartels with guns. The violence has one of two specific purposes. Economic gain or political gain/ Get rich or finance more violence. Discuss narcoterrorism and define the desired role of the US in preventing narcoterrorism...
Observe and interview a child between the ages of 18 months and 12 years old. POWERPOINT AND PAPER
Observe and interview a child between the ages of 18 months and 12 years old. Provide a description of the child (age, gender, ethnicity, etc.). Provide a description of the observation environment. Physical Development: Describe the child’s physical development. Determine whether the child’s physical development is above average, average, or below average...
Writing Prompt - Chapter 27 - The Sixties - Research Assignment
Find one source (primary or secondary) that discusses the topic " The Sixties" create an annotated bibliography for this week’s chapter and that one source. Be sure to include why you feel that source is important to understanding the content covered in this module, in the paragraph description of that source. Some of the following topics may be what you would..
"Black and White Women affected by the Aftermath of the Civil War"
This is a 9-10 page paper over black and white women affected by the aftermath of the civil war. The paper must include the following elements: a central question, a thesis, arguments and related evidence that support the thesis, historiographical discussions, both secondary and primary sources (4 each) Articles, books, etc. Chicago Style, footnotes or endnotes..
Biblical Foundations Applications Paper - Morality of War
see attached for instructions. Cite all references. Research topic is "The Morality of War" prepare a three to five page, double-spaced, paper applying the Bible's witness to one of the topics in the course. In this paper, you should explain what you found the Bible says about the topic you chose. Include reference to the Bible passages you consulted, concepts..
research essay. How and why author Miller's Death of a Saleman is significant to that period.
when speaking about Willy,Linda Loman states this " he's not the finest character that ever lived. but he's a human being, and a terrible thing is happening to attention must be paid." what is this "terrible thing " that is happening to him? how does the pursuit of " the American Dream " affect willy and his family? what were the economic condition at the time..
Benefits of well-funded mental health treatment as an alternative to incarceration
Hello. Please follow instructions and format of the template, just plug in information in each section. No abstract is needed. I have completed the introduction section (see attachment). Research design and methodology section is the only section needed.
Guidelines for all final paper options: The final paper must adhere to APA style and should be well-organized and clearly-written. A portion of your grade on this assignment will be based on your adherence to APA style, as well as the clarity, organization, and basic spelling/grammar of the paper. The paper must be at a minimum of 20 pages (See APA format) for the..
Edits to Essay Implementing Change Through Organizational Behavior
There is an existing essay that needs additional work. There should be at least 3 additional pages added to the existing essay. This should be written regarding implementing changes to the organization using Organizational Behavior tactics. The key is to implement change for longevity and to continue to be a leader among its competitors. Must be in APA format..
Increasing profits in the manufacturing sector through embracing green reverse logistics
The final product of this class will be proof of the understanding and obtaining of knowledge in the Reverse Logistics curriculum in the form of a research paper. This research paper will be a minimum of 15 pages in length. This topic should be one which is dynamic enough to describe all aspects of Reverse Logistics. The topic must however be related to how the logistics..
Acute Poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis Research
It is more an investigation about the disease than an research paper. This project is an investigation of a health condition that you will investigate in depth. It will allow for the expansion of knowledge and the ability to generalize larger concepts to a variety ofhealth conditions.
Accessing the Potentiality of South Africa Market as an Export Destination of UAE Product Exporters
based on the developend proposal provided in the attachment. you need to develop a research paper with qualitive data collection, interview questions need to be dovelop, i can help in getting it answerd from differnt business men in SA and UAE. see attached file number 3. questions need to be provided with in 3 days. reflection report with 1000 words main point..
research paper of [Gender prejudice and discrimination]
learn how gender prejudice expressing in a patriarchal society, targeting both females and males, especially discuss the gender inequality situations in educational situation or working environment. This thesis also needs to relate to articles in cultural background, social movement, and religions areas...
Creating Use Cases Project(applied system analysis)
this is a two part assignment part 1 Create the use-case model diagrams for two (2) subjects. Create use-case descriptions for at least two of the use cases you are using in each of your use-case models. part 2 Develop sequence diagrams for two use-case scenarios from your part 1. Justify any assumptions on some of the messages passed between objects...
Assignment 1.2: Industrialization After the Civil War
Assignment 1.2: Industrialization After the Civil War Paper Due Week 5 and worth 120 points After the Civil War, the United States became a much more industrialized society. Between 1865 and 1920, industrialization improved American life in many ways. However, industrialization also created problems for American society. Consider events that took place..
Addictive potential of various muscle relaxants in opiate-addict patients
4 pages Role of muscle relaxants in potentiation of opiate effects. 1. Introduction: very brief 2. Methods: articles overview: only peer-reviewed articles, minimum 10 sources (PubMed, Cohran etc.). I will double check and read your sources. 3. Discussion: using of muscle relaxants as opiate-boosters. Please include all ,muscle relaxants used as opiate..
Ethical Decision Making in the Strategic Planning Process
The research paper should include the following elements: a. A definition or discussion of a strategic planning problem/issue, its importance/relevance to an organization, and managerial/leadership implications. b. A review of the literature related to the problem/issue. c. A summary or conclusion which indicates possible solutions to the problem..
Offline Handwritten English Character Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Network
I am Student of MPhill (Computer Science) and I am working on digital image processing and my research topic is Offline Handwritten English Character Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Network. i need this paper in apa style and Database of the project for matlab code so that i give image with handwritten text and the code will recognize handwritten text..
The Leadership Ethics Professional/Academic Discipline paper
The Leadership Ethics Professional/Academic Discipline paper provides an opportunity to explore the potential ethical issues in a student’s academic/professional discipline and current/future profession. Possible examples include the following: - if studying engineering, research and discuss possible ethical dilemmas in the engineering profession..
Internal and External Environments and Strategic Healthcare Human Resources
• Critical Thinking: Organizational Change and Workforce Management (150 Points) Saudi Hospital System (SHS, a fictitious organization) has been facing many serious issues including leadership problems, staffing deficiencies, and financial hardship. Challenges include: • High staff turnover, which doubled to 20% in the past two years, is expected..
Research Methodology (Any market brand can be selected)
Writer can choose any market brand to base his research, however, one of the below topics should be covered within research; • Customer satisfaction. • Quality and service. • New product/services development. • Buyer behavior, internal marketing. • Customer needs. • Internet usage. • New media and social networking. • Promotional effectiveness, etc...
Ancient Rome Research paper How did the Punic Wars change slavery in Rome?
How did the Punic Wars change slavery in Rome? See attached. I will need the Formal Proposal, Annotated Bibliography,Thesis Statement and Introduction, and Abstract and Outline at different dates over the next 4 weeks. Please see attached for details
What if Life? Write a definition of the context of life.
You might want to think along the lines of "life for humans is..." or "life as a biological category is..." or "life in x text/for x philosopher is...", but make sure it is not just a summary or description (arguments are debatable claims, like saying "Plant and human life are not much different... here is why and how"). Pick one understanding of life for which you..
How Computer Technology has influenced the field of occupational therapy.
A research paper on how computer technology has influenced the file of occupational therapy (hand therapy in particular) with the device called the music glove. APA format. 5 pages with cover page abstract and references (5 types, at least one book)
research paper on The Sandbox and Waiting for Godot “Theatre of the Absurd” movement.
Try to answer each question as much as possible You need to cite the sources. No need to side the drama. D.) Both The Sandbox and Waiting for Godot can be seen as arising out of the early-20th-century experimental “Theatre of the Absurd” movement. Research this movement in theater history, then use the queries below to guide your analysis. 1.) What specific characters..
The role of communications in social networks for modern education.
I need annotated bibliography as well as the research paper. Instructions for both paper are attached below. MORE IMPORTANTLY, I NEED THE BRAINSTORMING ANALYSIS , OUTLINE NOTES FROM EACH OF YOUR REFERENCES ESSAY OUTLINES AND DRAFT along with the bibliography and research paper.
Effects of prejudice on women in mediaeval period and victorian period
Research essay parameters Value: 25% (electronic submission to—link provided under Research Essay toggle on Moodle) ❖ Your paper can be on any topic related to the primary texts assigned in our course; your essay, however, must be argumentative in its impulse; that is, you must try and convince the reader of the validity of your thesis. ❖ Length:..
The World Trade Organization: Benefits of The Bahamas Joining WTO
What is the WTO? Why it was created? How will the Bahamas benefit from joining the WTO? Do you think that joining the WTO will benefit The Bahamas. Compare and contrast the Bahamas from other Caribbean Islands who are members of the WTO. Include Foot Notes and References
How Violent Video Game Effect the Behavior of Children Ages 4-8
This is a research paper on how violent video games like Fortnite and Call of Duty effect a child's behavior ages 4-8 years old. This must be 7 pages. 1 page for the title page, 5 pages, then 1 page for references. It is a APA style paper. Must have a total of 6 scholars articles, 4 of those must be peer reviewed. NO direct quotes allowed...
Differences in work motivation between millenials and Gen X and baby boomers
APA style , cover page, abstract, content with headings and sub headings (if applicable) and references. keep images and charts to a minimum..12 pages with title page included.. "I have two more papers after this all due on the same day. I would be glad if you can work with me on the price"
Modeling and Simulation as part of evaluating medical systems
I want the paper to address the following; Benefits of using simulations to evaluate medical products and how they can be used to transform the regulatory pathways. How do in silico trials compare to animal and human trials. etc I'll provide links to some of the resources. I want this to be done as soon as possible preferably within 12 hours...
The Different Types of Child Neglect And Their Effects
- NO PLAGIARISM - Times New Roman, 12 point, double spaced - add reference page. - paper must be at least 3 pages. - resources must be cited within the paper in APA style + reference page in APA style - articles referenced cannot be older than 4 years - In the paper, please.... - define child neglect - explain at least 5 types - discuss impact of child neglect on development..
An argumentative essay on why HIV testing should not be available in drug stores or sold over the counter
Write an argumentative essay of approximately 4 PAGES which demonstrates classical argument form (introduction, arguments, opposing views, refutations, and conclusion). Essay will be on why HIV testing should not be available over the counter or sold in drug stores.
The Comeback Community: How Puerto Rico Attempts to Return to Normality
Prompt: Consider the importance of community and what it takes for a community hit by a disaster to be brought back to "normality" or close to it. What has to happen for the community affected by a disaster to feel safe again. Focus on ideas of resilience and rebuilding. Works cited needed.
Discussion on all criminological theories behind a program or policy
Investigate a criminal prevention, treatment, or punishment program or a current crime policy. Use your research to include the following: Give the history and results of the program or policy, discuss in detail the criminological theories behind the program or policy, and include your perspective regarding the success of the program or policy. The major..
human lifespan and include the effects of a disability that may occur during this time.
I want the paper to be about multiple sclerosis in young adults. Below are instructions: Each student is required to complete a research paper on an aspect of the human lifespan and include the effects of a disability that may occur during this time. You will select only one time period i.e. infancy, early childhood, adolescents etc. Papers will include a title..
The authenticity of Mr Brainwash aka Thierry Guetta
The thesis of this essay is to argue the authenticity of Mr Brainwash aka Thierry Guetta. An artist introduced in the Banksy film "Exit Through The Gift Shop". I argue that he cannot be considered a legitimate artist due to his lack of personal innovation and deep connection to his artwork. There should be artwork comparisons of his work with Banksy's as well to..
Calcio celebrities: A sociological analysis of the most important footballers in Italy and Europe
I would like to discuss the influence of calcio (the name for soccer in Italy) celebrities in Europe and Italy more specifically analyze their economic value to their club teams and the assets they bring along with them. I wanna use cristiano Ronaldo as an example... Along with that look at their social media use (endorsements, advertisements and personal style)...
Final Project Part II: Substance Abuse in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY
Final Project Part Two: Community Intervention Plan ***I have attached my part 1 paper.*** Final Paper Part II is a continuity of the Final Project Part 1. It must flow from it. You must select one issue from the community health issues you identified in your Final Paper Part 1. You must develop a project that offers a program to provide services to address the health..
Apply ethical framework to ethical dilemma article
write an individual paper using the framework provided in class. Provide a minimum of 2 references. The paper should be between about 2-3 pages excluding the references.This is an individual assignment and everyone must turn in a paper. That is the link for the article and attached is the..
Motivation of Entrepreneurs for the Digital Transformation of SMEs
Motivation of Entrepreneurs for the Digital Transformation of SMEs The topic is broadly about digital entrepreneurship, but focusing on digital transformation. It is seeking to find out what and how entrepreneurs get motivated to go for the digital transformation of their SMEs. This should be an Exploratory Qualitative Study with case study of about 4-6..
How can the European Union develop a strong common asylum policy?
Requirements: Length: 15-20 pages, excluding bibliography, double spaced, building on the previous research proposal. The structure of the research paper might vary depending on the chosen topic, cases, research question, etc, but at the bare minimum it has to include (1) a general introduction to the research and an explanation of why it is relevant; (2)..
Compare and contrast Japanese religious ideals in the sixteenth century: Shinto, Buddhism, and Catholicism
The final project for this course is the creation of an 8–10-page research paper that will incorporate both primary (historical) sources and secondary (scholarly) sources. The primary goal of History 301 is for students to learn more about the cultures of Japan, China, India, and Africa, while examining the ways in which those cultures interacted with the..
How higher education decreases students' quality of life: What can we do to fix it
Eng class research paper. The attached files are the essays that I wrote about the topic. First one is "I believe" essay and the second one is "My strategy" essay. Among those files, "Research paper" file is the first draft of this research paper. I want you to write the essay in the flow of those files...
find out threats the problems, challenges, or, obstacles, in which that particular nation-state is facing)
School of Arts & Sciences Department of Humanities & Social Sciences The Course Project Spring 2019 POLI 100 – 1 & 2 Total marks: 10 Student’s Name: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ID #: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Instructor’s..
Different paths of drone regulations between Us and Europe
The relevant and current legal aspects of the topic must be addressed in the paper. Legal aspects encompass statutes, court or agency cases,legal treatises, legal journals,legal articles, legal casebooks, legal textbooks, agency regulations,international law and treaties. . Research Paper Length: At least 7 pages, but not more than 10 pages. The cover..
What ways has our view on marriage changed in post-modernity?
Research Paper Focus: The paper is to have a thesis statement that names the topic and lists the focus and main ideas to be discussed. The topic should relate to an idea or person that is covered in the text. Sources: Make sure all sources used for quotes, statistics and facts are credible and cited. The paper should have at least five different sources. Structure:..
Data Power; the Gateway to the Real Healthcare World
The project paper about obesity and how data interpreting help us in finding real causes and solutions is half complete as the team worked on their part and my part is remaining… you are required to complete the document titled “Data Final Project.docx” The requirements are as below: 1- Complete the “Analysis” section (Section 3) in the attached report as follows..
Team Formation and Team Management for Short term and Medium Projects
I need to write a 5000 word seminar paper for my project management class about best practices in forming and managing teams for small and medium size projects. The paper also needs to have keywords, table of contents and annotation as specified in the attached files
Topic: Executive-legislative relation and governance capacity in Hong Kong
Individual Research Paper: Each student has to write an individual research paper on one topic. The paper is a kind of an ‘independent study’. Students are expected to conduct research and literature review on the research topic. The paper should include a main argument, conceptual framework, and references. The length of the paper is about 4,500 words and..
Pedagogical Innovations, titled Flipped classrooms
This week, you have explored whether the ideas about how we learn are present in the pedagogical innovations currently occurring in education. Earlier in the week you selected a topic from the following list: Game-based learning Flipped classrooms Mindfulness curriculum Interest-driven instruction Your own selected topic Based on your research, create..
Describe Strategies for Helping with Comorbid ADHD/ASD
You have been helping Mrs. Rivera. She informs you that her sister has become ill and they must move to another state to care for her. She thanks you for all that you have done for her son Cody, and she asks if you will write a letter for her. The letter needs to summarize what you have learned about ADHD and ASD, to help inform anyone who might work with him at their new home..
Air flow inside combustion engine cylinder and its influence on the performance of the engine
the research paper is for fluid dynamics, for chemical engineering write a research paper about the importance of fluid flow in the automobile industry and its impact on the engine’s power and emissions. discuss the importance of fluid dynamics in internal combustion engines and its influence on the performance of the engine, fuel consumption and also more..
analyze a modernist literary figure active in China or Korea
Identify a modernist literary figure active in China or Korea between 1900 and 1950, and find an English translation of a representative work by that author. Your paper should analyze the work you have identified in relation to what your research tells you about the life and works of its author. Needs other scholarly sources...
Canadian Competition Law and Paralegal Professional Conduct
This is to be written as a research paper, please use footnotes to cite your resources. The details of the assignment are below. Note that this assignment pertains to Canadian Competition Law and Canadian Paralegal Professional Conduct. 1. You are counsel to Client A. Client A has discovered that several of its employees were engaged in pricing discussions..
Essay 1 - Khan Academy - Raphael, School of Athens
Essay 1 After you have viewed the website “Khan Academy - Raphael, School of Athens” in the Module/Week 3 Reading & Study folder, address the following prompt: Raphael painted these marvelous works of art in 1509–1511. In your own words, describe what you think the values were that he was striving to communicate to his culture through his painting “The School..
Quality and cost challenge in US Healthcare Compared to other countries
Write a 5-6 research page paper on the quality and cost challenge in the US healthcare. I have attached the paper I submitted attached with the teachers comments. Please fix it accordingly. She said I wrote too much of a literature review and wants more content. That is what I want you to. Edit and change as needed. I really want a good paper..
Delay in Language Developement in Childhood Bilingualism
The pediatric problem of my choice for the pediatric nurse practitioner (PNP) or clinical nurse specialist (CNS) to prescribe interventions and report on its research is "LANGUAGE DELAY in Childhood as related to BILINGUALISM". NOTE: See the attachment for details and instructions
Assignment 1: Identifying Potential Malicious Attacks, Threats and Vulnerabilities
You have just been hired as an Information Security Engineer for a videogame development company. The organization network structure is identified in the below network diagram and specifically contains: 1) 2 – Firewalls 5) 2 – Windows Server 2012 Active Directory Domain Controllers (DC) 2) 1 – Web / FTP server 6) 3 – File servers 3) 1 – Microsoft Exchange Email..
Analyze COGS, Overall Market and Recommendation for Chipotle Mexcian Grill
I am currently enrolled in the Microeconomics 201. We have been working on a paper which consist of many different parts. The company I’m doing my paper on is Chipotle Mexican Grill. Below is the Rubric Guideline (blue) and the Final Paper guideline template sections (black), which I have inserted Chipotle details...
Research Report Assignment: COGLAB Levels Of Processing
Look at attached. Read very carefully as there is a lot of instructions and it has to be exact. i have attached my results, the global data, trial by trial and the group data. if you're not the best at lab reports please don't offer! ive also attached the key references we should use in the lab report. read (labelled research report assignment: READ THIS FIRST)..
(Sustainability) ‘Systems thinking is critical in developing solutions to sustainability challenges.
Purpose and aims: This assessment is designed to apply the knowledge and skills developed by the students in evaluating the role of systems thinking in global and local sustainability challenges. The topic for your paper is: ‘Systems thinking is critical in developing solutions to sustainability challenges.’ To what extent do you agree with this statement,..
Parental Style and Socio-Emotional Development in Middle Childhood
The textbook highlights four distinct styles of parenting: authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and uninvolved. Conduct an Internet search to broaden your understanding of these styles. Write a short essay (500-750 words) in which you: First, define each style. Then, explore each style's effect on the socioemotional development of a 10-year-old..
Benchmark - Developmental Psychology (Erikson/Piaget) Case Studies
Part 1: Case Studies Pick four stages to illustrate early childhood development. Pick two from Erikson’s Stage Theory and two from Piaget’s theory of development. Create one case study for each of the chosen stages, which is a total of four case studies. Label each case study with the theorist/stages relevant to it. Each case study should be a minimum of 250 words...
Garden pests cause the problem of the plant conservation
Keep it to ONE PAGE please! Single space is fine. I have no preference on font. Introduction. 1 paragraph. State what you are writing about. Give a thesis statement (for example “Grey leaf spot disease can kill an entire athletic field in days, but Bermudagrass might offer the solution!”). Make it interesting and hook your reader in! Summarize some main goals..
Department of Homeland Security Changes after Hurricane Katrina
Written Assignment: Changes after Hurricane Katrina Part of homeland security is preparing for and responding to natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina. By almost anyone's measure, we did a less than optimal job of responding to Katrina. Following Katrina, many changes were made to address the issues that surfaced including changing the National Response..
mass incarceration: How to improve prenatal care for incarcearcted women
research paper on mass incarceration and improvements of prenatal care for imprisoned women with in the united states preferably in the state of California( if possible). this paper need to relatable, locatable, and have a solution on how to improve prenatal care. Needs to be 9-10 pages long MLA format
Benchmark - Counselor Ethical Boundaries and Practices
Access the "Counselor Ethical Boundaries and Practices Assignment Guidelines." Complete the project according to the assignment guidelines. Include at least six scholarly resources in addition to the textbook in your paper. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract..
Essay on Starbucks Focused on Organizational Behavior
In APA format with in-text citations. Please write strategies you would use as a leader in the Starbucks organization using the Continual Quality Improvement strategy to improve quality and service. This paper should be scholarly written with at least 6 pages. Starbucks most recent annual report should be used as a source. In addition, a list of sources will..
White-Collar Cybercrime- White-Collar Crime_ Cybercrime_ or Both
Do any independent research on the subject that may be necessary or desirable. 3. Produce a reaction paper that meets the academic requirements, to wit: a. All submissions must be typed on a Word document, double-spaced, using 12-point Times New Roman font. b. Put class, name, and date at top 1st page c. Students may not submit course work from other classes. d...
Is the Guardian Australia’s unique funding model sustainable in the long term?
Assignment 1: Media Industry Analysis • research and critically analyse the Guardian Australia, focusing on its operation in the Australian media industry.  • understand the organisation and the strategic challenges it faces in a fast-changing media environment, and how it has sought to address these challenges. ..
How does culture affect organizational performance?- Importance of culture
please use Academic Journals such as Academy of Management Journal (Academy of Management), Academy of Management Perspectives (AMP), California Management Review (UC Berkeley). My Abstract for the paper: Culture plays a vital role in organizational performance which can lead to the success or failure of a company. Research shows that there are multiple..
Does psychological stress contribute to the onset of breast cancer
For this assignment you will write a literature review based on 5 studies that examine the role of one specific psychological or social factor in either the onset or course of a disease. Please choose a disease of interest to you (e.g., breast cancer, heart disease, asthma, AIDS). Locate 5 studies that examine the role of some specific psychological or social..
Legal and Ethical Challenges of Cost Containment and Healthcare Reform
Module 13: Critical Thinking Critical Thinking: Case Study – Cost Containment (120 points) Choose a current event pertaining to an effort to contain costs or review this case study:  Russi, A., Chiarion-Sileni, V., Damuzzo, V., Di Sarra, F., Pigozzo, J., & Palozzo, A. C. (2017). Case study on an ipilimumab cost-containment strategy in an Italian hospital...
how to determine and measure excellent Diversity Manangement -challenges for managers
1-15 pages excluding bibliography and appendices 2- citation Harvard style 3- with Abstract, table of content, conclusion 4- not less than 15 references from the trustful sources like academic articles,sits,books,research papers. 5- master degree standrds
International Investment, Collaboration, and Contractual Strategies
In a critical essay explain the motives for and the types of foreign direct investment in Saudi Arabia. What is the role of FDI in Saudi Arabia’s growth of GDP and non-oil GDP? How should the Saudi Arabian Government attract more FDI? Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements: • 5 pages in length..
Media Regulation - Alcohol advertising towards youth and teenagers
This 8-Page research paper is for my government & media class. The topic of the paper is Alcohol Advertising towards youth and teenagers. The topic specific question is Should alcohol advertising be prohibited from airing during early prime time programming. I've attached the assignment documents with all the instructions...
Donald Trump’s Road to the White House…Is this Good for America?
Choose a political event that is currently making national headlines. It might be a story about a political election, political responses to natural disasters, the global economy, or a highly publicized criminal trial. This does not include popular entertainment stories. Over the course of the term, analyze how this story is being covered by the following:..
Techniques in Statistical Analysis/ project 3 class 1
A reputable hospital has high quality ratings from patient satisfaction surveys but is still losing market share. For many years, health care organizations, as well as traditional businesses, have been frustrated that high customer satisfaction scores do not necessarily lead to higher levels of profitability or sales. Prepare a report examining this phenomenon..
INH 300: Disaster Incident Report and Presentation
INH 300: Disaster Incident Report and Presentation Overview: Students are required to investigate and describe a disaster incident. Complete the report using the provided outline as a guide. Be sure to connect responses back to the readings, lecture discussions, and your research. In addition, students will present (15 minutes) the disaster incident to..
49 page research project ether Business Plan Or Finance Research
Hello there i have a final research project please read briefly the project requirement 50 page its ether Business Plan Or Finance Research you choose and it has to be all the steps and requirement complete on the file below even the powerpoint slides...... there is a good tip if you done it in a professional way ( please i don't want a copy from the internet without..
Relationship of Juvenile Delinquency and Income in the Middle Class Community
Please write an 8-10 page paper in APA format. Write about how income is related to juvenile delinquency and discuss how this topic is viewed within the middle-class community. Using at least 3 academic articles you will complete a literature review on your chosen topic and show how society views middle class young people including any statistics on their court..
‘Systems thinking is critical in developing solutions to sustainability challenges.
Sustainability. it's a 2000 words research paper. around 10 pages include the references page. I want the paper to follow the instruction I'm going to provide for a better result. please start in the second half of the first page from the pdf file. (task 2)
write about my own perspective view about why Asian people like me can't really pick sport as a career
1. help me write it write about my own perspective view about why Asian people like me can't really pick sport as a career 5 pages 2. help me find 3 sources work citation 1 related on my title page 3. find 8 potential including 3 sources from work citation write me a annotated bibliography 2 pages all together 9 pages..
How Europe and North Atlantic ICAO region are affected by the influence areas
Influence Area #1: Religious and Societal Norms; Rights and Liberty #2: Language and Communication Issue #3: Infrastructure Issue #4: security Issues #5: Safety Issue #6: Environment and Weather Issues Evaluate and define all six (6) Influence Areas (listed above) in Europe and North Atlantic ICAO Region. Research papers will be graded based on the student’s..
Research cloud-based storage service and Software as a Service (SaaS) backup systems.
Research cloud-based storage service and Software as a Service (SaaS) backup systems. Complete a 2-3-page paper with an abstract and conclusion (plus cover sheet and reference page) that discusses: 1. How does a cloud based storage service differ from Software as a Service (SaaS)? 2. Give a brief overview of the following types of cloud based storage (Public,..
Professional Application This is the creative week! You will use what you have learned in the last two modules to create an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for your product/service. In business world, materials like this are presented clients or upper management; be persuasive in your recommendations. You will report on three communication channels:..
• A two-page paper with APA citations (2-3 sentence introduction, body, 2-3 sentence conclusion) Getting Your Product into the Hands of Consumers It is time to determine how to make your product or service available to the consumer. Using your readings and at least one article from the Trident Online Library’s full-text databases (such as Academic Search Complete,..
Pros/cons of drug legalization—marijuana and beyond
The research paper should be completed in accordance with APA formatting guidelines, and it is required to include a cover page, abstract, and reference list. It should be 6 pages, not including cover page, abstract, and reference list, and should include a minimum of 8 academic/scholarly references...
The topics have been attached in the attachments below
Instructions to the essay have been attached below : The sources from which the information has been collected need to be from an academic paper. There need to be footnotes at the bottom of the pages to see citations. All other instructions for the paper have been attached below in the attachments.
Sulfadiazine is More Effective that Neosporin for Burn Patients
APA formatting, TOPIC: Generally describe the Topic and how it fits into your field of Study. HYPOTHESIS: a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation. METHODS: Define your sample and its characteristics. FINDINGS-STATISTICS-GRAPHICS: This is a descriptive and numeric data report...
US History from the beginning of the Columbian Era through Reconstruction
You will be required to complete a term project for this course. The project will be a six to seven-page research paper, in APA format, on any topic germane to US History from the beginning of the Columbian Era through Reconstruction. The essay must be prepared in Times New Roman, twelve (12) point font, and double spaced, and, as already stated, in APA format. No..
Enslaved immigrants sold for their kidneys and liver in Libya’s burgeoning organ trafficking market
Thesis-focused Research Project (40%). This reflective well written and structured paper must be of about 3000-words, double spaced, with one-inch margins, using Times Roman 12pt font. The purpose of this project on a topic of your choice which hopefully will accompany you through the course as guiding lights is to provide you a focal point and the opportunity..
Research paper scholarly sources and APA style references
For this assignment, you will locate the four (minimum) required sources for your final research paper in the course. You need peer-reviewed, scholarly sources that must be obtained from the FIU Library Databases that you learned about at library training. You will provide a properly formatted Title Page (in perfect APA style). You will provide a properly..
Data collection breach at Marriott International
Topic: Data breach at Marriott International Specific Topic to focus on: Workstation Domain Document Format: - Document # - Title - Version | Date - Purpose - Background - Standard | Process - Roles & Responsibilities - Effective Date - Information and assistance - Approval - Associated resources Min request pages are 5...
How the mom stress afect the baby because the low income during the Prenatal Development
2 pages of a research paper in Times New Roman 12,Double Space,make references to two articles in APA style,the articles have to be found on Miami Dade College Database:Library on the web page of MDC/More Data Base/JSTOR/Advanced Search/Articles(Psych journals) ..those are the instructions to find the 2 articles. The references have to be in APA style.If..
Motivation and Underachievement in Child Counseling
NEED THIS DONE IN 9 HOURS! Review at least 6 articles (within the past 5 years – nothing older) in peer-reviewed professional publications; cite them as references using APA 6th ed. Form. Also find at least 6 related Internet sites. Make hyperlinks on your paper when possible The following should be addressed in the paper. Approximate number of paragraphs may..
Sources, Thesis and Intro for World War 1 Assignment
#1) Sources in MLA Source Assignment In preparation for our Research paper on World War I you are going to begin your search for sources. In this assignment you will select three secondary resources and one primary resource. These sources need to be scholarly and found in peer-reviewed books or articles. These can be found at the Valencia library on a virtual search...
“Research report: Monitoring the press: How are Canadian newspapers performing their democratic functions?”
you are asked to select one daily newspaper in Canada and monitor its content for a week on any preferred platform - print, desktop/laptop, phone or tablet. The question guiding your monitoring is: “How is the newspaper supporting the democratic process in the country?”
Instruction and topic mention in additional instructions
provide an account of the life of Sigmund Freud against the backdrop of human and natural science. In doing so be sure to discuss his personal and professional life as they developed together, providing examples of important aspects of identity or events in his life.
Summative Assignment: Critique of Research Article
A research critique demonstrates your ability to critically read an investigative study. For this assignment, choose a research article related to nursing or medicine to critique. Articles used for one assignment can't be used for the other assignments (students should find new research articles for each assignment). The selected articles should be original..
Scientific linguistics paper on Phonemic Awareness
APA style!! Please someone with a linguistic background and some statistics skills. I already did the experiment with the 15 participants. Now I have to do the statistical analysis and write a short report about whether the participants will correctly identify the number of sounds in a word or they will get confused by the spelling of the word. the results of the..
Executive-Legislative Relation and Governance Capacity , To what extent is the current form of the exec
Each student has to write an individual research paper on one topic. The paper is a kind of an ‘independent study’. Students are expected to conduct research and literature review on the research topic. The paper should include a main argument, conceptual framework, and references. The length of the paper is about 4,500 words and is submitted in Week 13 of the..
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Organization Structure
This assignment involves selecting one country outside the U.S. that is of particular interest and relevance to you. The assignment is to write an 8-10 page paper that summarizes the culture of the country and how the culture influences the elements of organization design (organization structure, job design, scanning practices, human resource systems,..
Cloud Computing : A Study Of Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)
I need expert in Cloud Computing I finished these project progress and submitted to My Dr , and he give me this feedback and he want me to rewrite and submit it this is the comment ( 1- Literature Review and Related work is need to be linked to your project if you want to add them. What is in your report now does not reflect that, 2- What you wrote in Contribution shows that,..
Cost and Benefit Analysis of Outsourcing Logistics
This outline must follow the prescribed format as far as section headings. Abstract* Introduction* Findings* This final paper should be between 8 to 10 pages for the content, not counting the title page or the reference page with at least three related and current peer reviewed articles. •APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to..
The topic of your research must deal with a business communication issue
The topic of your research must deal with a business communication issue!!!! A 6 page individual research paper: (1 Cover Page, 4 Body, and 1 Reference page) 65 points. Use the template provided for this assignment. Your summaries should demonstrate: o Mastery of professional correctness o Proper summarization of your articles and the communication issues..
Lifestyle changes and Energy Efficiency: Changes in Urban trends locally and internationally
you will select one topic and write an assessment for Canada on this topic. This means that your research paper will be guided by both grey literature (e.g., policy documents) and academic literature (papers in peer-reviewed journals) will be 5000 words, excluding figures, tables and references
Do any independent research on the subject that may be necessary or desirable. 3. Produce a reaction paper that meets the academic requirements, to wit: a. All submissions must be typed on a Word document, double-spaced, using 12-point Times New Roman font. b. Put class, name, and date at top 1st page c. Students may not submit course work from other classes. d...
how our society is similar to a distopian society?
use sources from the hunger games, to show how our society has distopian qualities. also use sources from; ( and other article that correlates to the topic of the essay
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