PowerPoint Presentation on Religion examples

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Outline and Bibliography for Final Powerpoint Project
Your bibliography must include at least two (2) sources from the course readings and a minimum of three (3) outside references. Only one (1) website reference will be allowed. reference from books, The Buddhist world of Southeast Asia by Donald K. Swearer and Introducing Buddhism second edition by Charles S. Prebish and Damien Keown..
Women In Ministry
Thesis Defense: NOTE: Slide counts recommended below are for 28 point font. Do not use font smaller than this for exams with videoconferencing, and less than 20 point otherwise, with the possible exception of important figures and tables that cannot be compressed. 1. What problem are you addressing (1-2 slides). Focus on the primary problem if there is more..
Travel Show Presentation
You are to develop a creative Travel Show Slide Presentation playing the role of a Human Aid Worker who is seeking the involvement of additional voluntary aid workers to accompany you on a special mission to a certain locale throughout the world where your team will study one of the major World Religions in an effort to better serve the needs of the people in that..
Mission Trip Presentation
The Mission Trip Persuasive Presentation is one in which the student describes a hypothetical ministry in an international setting, to a real group of people. A successful, persuasive presentation will follow the three-point outline below and will cause the viewer to want to go on the trip and believe that they could make an impact. Prepare 10-12 slides that..
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