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Explanation of the origin of the poem, a few words about the author and a detailed explanation of the meaning of the poem. Line by line analysis and overall meaning of the poem must be made. Strange fits of passion have I known: And I will dare to tell, But in the Lover's ear alone, What once to me befell. When she I loved looked every day Fresh as a rose in June, I to her cottage..
English presentation essay based agreements, points, thesis of all text listed
Follow instructions that are uploaded must be a good power point presentation also Must provide me all the notes about the powerpoint to have in my hands so i dont read off the board to explain each point
that employee for posting things on social media is justified
i need by today at 6;0 pm or earlier because i know your work fast and i wrote since yesterday about you never replied back so can you handle that. i send you everything you need and you already have the essay too.
PowerPoint Presentation: Community Education on Substance Use and Addictive Disorders
Details: Select one of the following topics related to substance use and addictive disorders: Prevention of substance use in families Violence in families with addiction Family coping through the recovery process Family roles in families with addiction Another topic approved by the instructor Create a 12-15-slide PowerPoint presentation, not including..
Presentation ("Should Government Regulate Intake of Junk Food?")
Presentations Using Powerpoint, Prezi, or a more advances presentation software, give 8-10 minute graphic supported oral presentation to the class on your research topic. Type/print . Log with title page and Table of Contents. Entries should be in the order of presentations. Minimum of 5 slides.
POWER POINT ..18 slides, 8-10 sources, mentioning Vegotsky's and Poulo ferro's theories and views....and others. effective methodologies for multilevel classrooms......classroom management..behavioral management....how do you keep them controlled ...peer learning....code switching....IN TEXT CITATION...LITERATURE REVIEW....SITE ANY INFO..
Draft of Script and Powerpoint for Screencast
it is a short powerpoint. No more than 12 slides. Preferred 8 or so. It is about ASME ( American Society Of Mechanical Engineering ). I will provide you with the autograph that been made and the memo research as well. Let me know if you can do it greatly and as well you can record your voice while presenting it. You will need to use a screencasting program to record yourself..
PowerPoint Presentation
The objectives for this assignment are (1) to put together a reflective presentation on my second major project, and (2) to demonstrate that I can produce writing in an alternative medium. To that end, I will produce a presentation that would take approximately ten to fifteen minutes (give or take) to present before an audience. The presentation will emphasize..
Should vets be assisted with housing
Should vets be assisted with housing. With a cite page and it only has to be 8-10 slides long
visual Aid
Using the data given, create a visual aid that will present the information in the most appropriate way. Efforts to protect the environment have increased over the past decade. Recycling is up by 40%; water use has decreased 50%; vehicle emissions regulations have caused air pollution to decrease by 40%. The increase in recycling products is spread over three..
Guide to Research Essays
From your own point of view, create a guide to writing research essays. Think of this assignment as an opportunity for you to teach a lesson on how to write a research essay and share tips on how we can write our own research essays. Assignment Requirements: Title slide, 10-15 content slides that are not too text heavy (no large blocks of text...be kind to your audience),..
Symposium Presentation
for this assignment, you have three things to do 1. make a powerpoint presentation around 20-25 pages concerning the theme (representation of singlehood) 2. put the pictures in this ppt into a docx file ( at least 15 pictures) 3. write a text or explainanation for each picture in another docx file (around 50-65 words each one, and accompished pictures, so it have..
Divergent: Veronica Roth
Assignment: You will read a book of your choice, create a PowerPoint and present it to the class. Please see your course announcements for specific dates. Book Selection: • You will select a book of your choice. • I will provide a list of possible choices, but you do not have to stick to that list. The majority of my list is Young Adult as that is my specialty, but you..
You are to compare and contrast any of the following two storie
Requirements: • 8- PowerPoint slides • Remember that the first slide is the introduction slide and the last slide is the conclusion slide. • Slides 2-7 are content slides dealing with your subject. • Must be submitted through the assignment dropbox. (This is located on the left hand side of your course content page. Click on the icon assignment and submit your..
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