PowerPoint Presentation on Arts examples

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THEATRE 2000 - Dramaturgy Project Proposal: "Antigone" (Sophocles Version)
For the project, read "Antigone" by Sophocles (trans. Wertenbaker), research its production history as well as information relating to the playwright. The project should also include a brief critical analysis of the play within its cultural and/or socio-political context, as well as aesthetic concerns. The goal is to showcase an understanding of the play..
Microsoft Power Point In Art On George O’Keeffe
ART Project You have been named curator for the week.  Your task is to prepare a Microsoft Power Point slide show as an exhibit proposal  for approval by the Board of Directors of your art museum. Choose a type of art, an artist, or subject matter and organize 8 to 10 slides that represent your choice.  Include written discussion on why your choice is aesthetically..
A Curated Collection
Create a PowerPoint presentation with each of your images on a separate slide. Each image must include in a caption the artist name, title, medium, date the artwork was created, and a link to where the artwork was found. If this information is unavailable to you, find another artwork.
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