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Week 5 Written Assignment--The Japanese Internment
The Japanese Internment took place during the early 1940's in the USA, a period of extreme suspicion toward Japanese Americans. Do you think the Japanese Internment can be justified given the circumstances of this particular period? Why or why not? How would you have approached national security concerns on the western coast of the USA during this period? Make..
African American conditions following the American Revolution
The colonists won the American Revolution and created the U.S. Constitution. How did this victory impact both free and enslaved African-Americans? Did African-Americans see an improvement in their conditions, or did their situation become worse in the first half of the 19th Century?
Is the Electoral College democratic? Define democracy
Is the Electoral College democratic? Define democracy as part of your answer. Would you defend the Electoral College or do you think it should be changed? What are the key problems? Read this article below-
What does this mean and Christian liberty and bondage
Luther begins this treatise with the paradoxical statement: “A Christian is a perfectly free lord of all, subject to none. A Christian is a perfectly dutiful servant of all, subject to all.” What does this mean? What is Christian liberty? What is Christian bondage? the link is (Links to an external site.)..
Discussion on Material from readings of Week 4 (post)
When and why did America become involved in the First World War? Do you think it was possible in 1917 for the U.S. to remain neutral in the global conflict? What two major factors swayed Woodrow Wilson's decision to ask for a war declaration? What did American do to hasten the war's end? 2. What major factors characterized the "Roaring Twenties?" In other words,..
Discussion on Material from readings of Week 1 and Week 2
What was the new Indian reservation policy? Where did it fail and where did it succeed? Describe fully at least three (3) incidents in which Native Americans resisted the Federal forces who were charged with enforcing government policies. 2. What was Jim Crow? How does Jim Crow relate disfranchisement of southern blacks during the 1890s? What measures did whites..
The American West and Age of Enterprise And Industrialism, Politics
Your initial response to the question should be between 250 - 300 words long. Include references and citations where necessary to ensure proper credit and documentation of your sources. You are welcome to include references in addition to the course textbook, just ensure that you use proper documentation. Each of your responses to 3 of your classmates should..
THIS IS WHAT THE ASSIGNMENT ASKS FOR.... A GOOD PERSONAL RESPONSE: Thoughtful response to the readings include questions of all kinds. (I don't understand X, because...., When the author says Y, what does she mean, because on page 38, she said...., in my church, we think of Idea X as THIS (explain), but in the past people thought of it as X, Can anyone explain more..
1900: The Age of Hope and the Age of 'Isms' (1 reply))
Professor Frohock and class Imperialism is when a powerful nation exploits less powerful colonies. The control is established by force using military and politics. The military is used to make sure order is kept and there is no push back. Once the colonies are conquered and controlled the land may be used for its resources or the people of the colonies may be used..
THINKING LIKE A HISTORIAN: Debating Thomas Jefferson and Slavery
Read the first set of Secondary Sources and answer the questions that follow.  Then, read the second set of Primary Sources and answer the questions that follow.Answers are to be in complete sentences and written in a manner demonstrating college-level communication skills.  Answers that consist of two or three sentences are not indicative of excellent work..
THINKING LIKE A HISTORIAN: Debating Separate Spheres
After reading Secondary Sources 1 and 2, answer the 4 short answer questions.  Then read Primary Sources 1-3 and answer the 5 short answer questions. Since these are questions there is not a certain number of words or pages that you have to type.
Discussion: Historical Lenses
In this discussion, you will consider how historical lenses can affect the study of a historical topic. Select one of the secondary source articles from your research. After reading that article, write a discussion post about which of the following lenses you believe the article is using: social, political, economic, or other. Use at least two quotes from your..
The 9/11 Terrorist Attacks
If you had been in charge of intelligence at the time, how would you have prevented the 9/11 attacks? Is it possible that all intelligence agencies could cooperate to stop the attacks? Is surveillance enough or should immigration standards be tightened? Why or why not? Please provide details. Make sure the writing assignment is one page in length, double spaced...
2000 Election Controversy in the USA
What was the primary reason behind the controversy? How would you press the case for your side had you been in charge of the Gore or Bush campaign? How do you think this problem could be solved in the future? Why? Please provide details. Make sure the writing assignment is one page in length, double spaced...
Impeachment of Bill Clinton
Detail whether you think the case was fair and how you would handle the case as either the defense or prosecutor? Is the sexual misconduct of public officials a matter of public concern or is it irrelevant? Why? Please provide details. Make sure the writing assignment is one page in length, double spaced...
Branch Davidian Cult
The Branch Davidian cult was known for its confrontation with law enforcement in Waco, Texas during the early 1990's. Do you think the Branch Davidian cult was justified in its actions or was law enforcement correct in engaging in suppression efforts? Why? If you were in charge of law enforcement during the confrontation at Waco, Texas, how would you have handled..
Princess Diana and Prince Charles
The marriage between Princess Diana and Prince Charles was noted for its scandalous character during the 1980's, changing perceptions of British royalty in the minds of US citizens. Was Princess Diana more responsible than Prince Charles for the scandalous character of the royal marriage? Why or why not? Do you think this particular marriage increased US..
Jonestown Massacre
The Jonestown Massacre was a cult related mass suicide taking place during the 1970s, revealing the darker side of fringe social groups taking root in US society. How do you think Jim Jones was able to manipulate so many individuals and eventually lead them to commit mass suicide? Do you think such groups are inevitable in a free society or are there ways to reduce..
JFK Assassination
The JFK Assassination took place during the early 1960s and represents one of the most controversial assassinations in US history. What assassination theory appears to hold the most weight, given the evidence? Why? If you were in charge of JFK's security team, how would you have taken steps to prevent this event? Make sure the writing assignment is one page in..
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