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How Nanotechnology use in molecular biology, environmental issues.Biotechnology with specific examples.
*1)" It's due 8am Monday morning central daylight time". 2) I need a copy of all the articles that is used for there references page.5 PEER REVIEW articles reference also cited in the text. (2) peer refereed scientific journal articles in support of topic. I need the actual copy of the article used. 3) APA Style format well written article 4) 7 to 8 page with proper..
Letter of Recommendation with letterhead for PhD Microbiology
Recommendation should be based on the academic performances and personal qualities like analytical. leadership and communication skills. My intellectual capacity and substantiate the motivation for the course applied for..
Research Proposal on "Examination of antimicrobial action of Bacillus sonorensis against salmonella sp." for PhD Microbiology
This proposal should include 1. Title and Abstract 2. Literature Review 3. Research aim and objectives 4. Research methodology 5. Impact of research topic 6. References References should be numbered in the text, and complete references (i.e. authors, date,title, journal and page numbers. Include page numbers.Highlight the keywords...
summarize for introduction's article in biology w (half page)
i have an article about the neurobiology about the the changes in the human brain due to the alzheimer's disease, you need to read it and just write an introduction for the presentation about it (about half to one page)
10 questions, biology 211 dna sequencing lab (need big time research)
there are 10 question about DNA sequencing lab that i have to research and find the answers, they are very hard and time consuming and I DO NOT ACCEPT made up answers and bad work, they are harshly graded by my teacher, it will take time
Hepatitis C and the correlation with sodium resulting in ascites
I need a the paper to be a thesis paper. May I have... Title: Apa Level Heading one Referring to five articles... APA Level Heading Two APA Level Heading Three (if neccessary) One article is the research project (the main focused article with study population, methods, and results. Also a discussion about the research project about the main focused article. This..
Write-up on The Value of the World's Ecosystem Services
After reading The Value of the world's ecosystem services and natural capitalLinks to an external site., please answer the following questions by either typing your answers in the text box or uploading your answers on a MS Word document. This assignment is due by 11:59pm 7/7. 
Flag this Question Question 1 5 pts The function of DAX1 is to: facilitate development of normal ovaries. work with SRY to produce testes in XY males. trigger development of breasts. trigger the disappearance of Wolffian ducts.   Flag this Question Question 2 5 pts The absence of Mullerian ducts in an adult with female genitals: Question options: is only observed..
Part One: Why do you think so many Americans are averse to a belief in evolution? Where do you stand on the issue? Part Two: When we think about recognizing and explaining social change, a good place to start is to analyze major events that have changed and will continue to change. For instance, from the population facts video this week, it is clear that our population..
journal assignment
here are 3 documents that i have to evaluate as part of the lab
Lab Report
instructions & notes to use on assignment is in attached.
Topic: Different colors of light have different effects on transpiration rate
Biology 1300
Recreate the following below in a word document. I'm not looking for research, just comprehension. Provide each question with its point value and type in your answer/mini essay below. It will be graded on accuracy and the quality of your answers. If you use more than the textbook, PLEASE cite your outside sources. Here is the textbook, you can find it online for..
I need Abstract for my research . The fundamental aim of my research is to determine whether there is any appreciable difference in the soil microorganism community between reclaimed soil(OMALLY) and undisturbed soil(Monhan) in southeast Kansas . Please Check and use the information on the attachment..
Anatomy Assignment
Address each question listed in the Signature Assignment document as it relates to the case study given. Read through the case study in the Signature Assignment document below. Answer each question (1–6) using complete sentences and a minimum of five (5) academic references. Use APA format in-text citations in your answers. Include a reference page in APA..
Summerize the article
write a one-page single-spaced summary of the article Things to include: 1. Concept of Article (Why intresting, what other studies were done, what is the concept of study) 2. Introduction 3. Explore concept in detail, little method description 4.Analysing 5. result, conclution
Coursework Individual Poster - Klebsiella pneumoniae
Individual Poster You are required to produce an individual poster, presented in a scientific style which will require “in-depth” study of a topic in human microbial pathogenicity or epidemiology. You are allocated a specific human microbial pathogen and YOU must select your specific topic in virulence or epidemiology. The poster content is to be based on..
Extended Abstract
--> Finding four unknown bacteria in pond/lake water. As of today, we have performed Gram staining and microscopy, MacConkey, PEA, Lactose broth and Casein tests to identify the unknown bacteria characteristics. For this assignment you will write an extended (word count: 500-600 max) form of an abstract that will include the following sections as discussed..
Viral Disease Awareness Campaign Poster project
https://wellcomecollection.org/articles/Wh7FdCkAACsAoMiW --> must read this link Use the ideas and information of this campaign for your own awareness campaign poster project. You may choose HIV or Ebola or Zika to design an awareness poster for the communities these viral diseases are most prevalent. Remember to keep community economics, health services..
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