Non-word Assignments on Psychology examples

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Week 5 - Quiz Points 5 Questions 5 Time Limit 60 Minutes Allowed Attempts 2
Assist in taking a quiz, five multiple choice quiz Anxiety and Drug Use in Special Groups Prior to accessing this quiz, read the required chapters from the text and review the required articles for this week. This quiz assesses your understanding of the topics covered in Week Five, which include anxiety, bipolar disorder, and special groups. This quiz consists..
Professional Applications of Learning Theory in Real Life Situations
Environmental and Evolutionary Psychology Handout Watch the “Robert Heath: Experimental Psychosurgery on African-American” and “Application of Heath’s Research” videos available on the student website. Prepare a 4 page handout for your classmates, demonstrating how Gero Miesenboeck has expanded on Heath’s research to apply classical conditioning..
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