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ENG 102-watch Say Her Name: The Life and Death of Sandra Bland.
Watch the documental of Say Her Name: The Life and Death of Sandra Bland, Write a two-page response using all of the following key terms (the key terms. (institutional racism, anti-black violence, white supremacy, dehumanization, Black Lives Matter, etc).This is a crucial documentary about the life of a vital, intelligent, African American woman whose brutal..
Literary Analysis Essay—“Things They Carried” and Letters Home from Vietnam
REQUIRED *READ ATTACHED FILES* Prompt: Discuss three themes, the message each theme conveys about the Vietnam War, and how the literature supports the theme and message. You may also use the and the “Ia Drang Valley” video as an example, but the two main pieces of literature you are to analyze are “Things They Carried” and Letters Home. Ia Drang Valley video:
American Literature Argumentative Essay on the Book: Puddn'head Wilson, by Mark Twain
Prompt: In the book Pudd'nhead Wilson, by Mark Twain, define an issue or theme that interests or infuriates or perplexes you about the text and write an argument in which you defend a thesis about the texts comment on the issue. Explore the importance of the issue or theme to the work as a whole. Assignment Directions: The argument should only be based on the book..
Reflection of Godfather Death by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.
The following are some suggestions on what you might include in your reflection: • What are your reactions to the book so far and why? • Has the author kept you interested in the story? Can you find any examples of *figurative language (e.g. similes, metaphors) that spark your imagination and interest? • Does any particular character engage your sympathy? Do you..
Literary Analysis of The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gillman
Craft a literary analysis of the yellow wallpaper. In a logically organized. The thesis for this essay is: While on the surface, the story appears to be about a women suffering from mental health challenges and her road to recovery, the story actually explores themes of oppression and gender inequality. Structure of the essay: I’d like to explore the significance..
“The main theme of The Bronze Horseman is the clash of the individual and the state.” Discuss.
Basic rules for the essay: tell the reader what your argument is going to be, provide this argument, conclude by repeating why (in the light of the evidence you've provided) your argument is significant and convincing. HOWEVER: Don't forget that the works we are studying sometimes don't provide "easy answers" to questions, and you should not be afraid to show..
Literary analysis/Interpretation due 6/27/18 due at 11 am
MLA format, 4 sources, Works Cited page 1,000-1,200 words not including the Works Cited Writing about Literature 1. Not a summary of the story 2. Literary Interpretation/Analysis: to provide insight and understanding of a key idea, character, or symbol. FOCUS ON ONLY ONE IDEA 1.Support the thesis and points with: A.Details from the story. Add the page number..
Liu Heng’s “Dogshit Food” and Yan Lianke’s Serve the People
What is the relationship between food and/or sex in texts such as Liu Heng’s “Dogshit Food” and Yan Lianke’s Serve the People? What do food and/or sex mean in these texts - basic need for survival or something else? With the focus on food and/or sex, what other aspects of life in China during the Mao era have the texts chosen to comment on ?..
Advanced English Essay- YA Lit- Required Reading (3 novels) and English-paper writing skills
3 Novels (if you have read them, please let me know & briefly prove you have read them/understand the concepts and sci-fi/fantasy conventions used within): Ender's Game, Zahrah the Windseeker, Feed The Young Adult Library Services Association discusses Young Adult Literature and its “current condition and the value to its intended readership.” It recognizes..
St.Petersburg presence in Notes from the Underground
This paper is about Dostoevsky's Notes from the Underground. The prompt is the following: The city of St.Petersburg is an important presence throughout the novel.Select one passage and explain how St.Petersburg affects the Underground man.How does the city function as a character in the text? Make sure to support any claims with evidence from the text.(MLA..
Comparing Two Video Versions-The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
Your job is to answer this questions for The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I'll give you a sample answer to this after we have a chat in order page. You have 7-hour due to complete this. It is a really urgent one. Thank you. ///We have watched the new 2006 live action version of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe together in class. For our Media unit, it's important..
DISCUSSION:Unit 4 - Literature of the Enlightenment
Select one reading from each list below, and—in a two to three paragraph response—compare and contrast the way that they present the basic ideas of the Enlightenment: Social Awareness, Individual Liberty and Accountability, and the role of Reason versus Emotions. LIST 1 LIST 2 Tartuffe Gulliver's Travels Candide Oroonoko or The Royal Slave LIST 2 Discourse..
Can Cervical Adjustment and Activator Chiropractic Care Improve Low Back Pain
Literature Review: Due March 09. 2018 Friday at 11am. 1. Use Peer Reviewed research articles relevant to topic and no more than 7 years old. 2. Total of 10 pages and the Cover page and Reference page are not included into the total number count 3. Format: INTRODUCTION, METHODS, RESULTS, DISCUSSION, CONCLUSION, REFERENCES 4. Published articles minimum 5 researched..
Reading Comprehension Passages for The Book of Ruth and The Medea
Directions: Choose two of the following passages, one from each section. Write a well-developed paragraph for each passage you’ve selected. Your paragraphs should: • Explain what is happening in the passage. • Quote at least three important phrases from the passage and explain why you think they're important, how they help readers to understand the passage,..
Response: Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time: An Indigenous LGBT Sci-Fi Anthology
Course Name: English 493 Speculative Fiction 1: Science Fiction Response Paper to text: Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time: An Indigenous LGBT Sci-Fi Anthology - Hope Nicholson The Paper Required to be sent to me by Thursday January 18th at or before 12PM noon. Please see attachment for further information..
Answering essay questions in 4-5 very detailed answer for paired poems
I need to turn this in by 11:59 12/26/2017 Answer each question with 4-5 detailed sentences. Emphasis on details please. 1.In the " The Nymph's Reply," and "The Passionate Sheperd to His Love," discuss the theme of reality versus non-reality as it relates to the young nymph and the shepherd boy. 2.In "The Road Not Taken," and "The Lover Not Taken,"discuss how the..
Spanish literature>> only writter familiar with spanish literature
Please answer questions below. 1. How do you understand the different attitudes in women in "The Red Stockings ” and Clarisa (From “Clarisa” of Isabel Allende) towards sex and their relationships with men. Explain women situations as the head of their houses. 2. From the story “Lazarillo de Tormes”, explain the parallel among the first episode, the stone bull..
Literary Interpretation on poem America BY TONY HOAGLAND
Lit! really should’ve been called “Interpretation”, or maybe even “Literary Interpretation”. But to call it that would belie its true purpose and value, and it would have probably caused you all kinds of anxious hand-wringing and despair as it marched toward us on the calendar. Literary interpretation has that kind of power over people. And those very words..
literature essay about 'Black Boy' by Richard Wright
read the book and develop the draft (mainly body paragraphs numbered 1-9) attached below. The draft has already over 4,000 words but need more than 2,000. Only secondly sources from the internet are allowed but use them at most 20 percent of the whole essay. note; you need to find the book to the book and develop the draft (mainly body paragraphs numbered..
write according to reading requirement(a literature article)
can focus on the satire of this reading: how the woman character in the text different from traditional Chinese women. The character is opposite from what a good woman should be like in ancient China.
write a paper according to reading requirement(A 9 page Ancient Japanese literrature article)
It is just a draft so it doesn't have to be perfect.(intentionally make some grammar mistakes/lack of point/bad fluency is fine) because Ill send it back for correction later on according to instructor/classmates comments. Can focus on criticism, details of flower blooming man, the samurai's hypocritical and thought of the author.(last 2 pages) Since its..
3-5 page paper according to reading requirement. Finished 2 page draft. Need revise/adding more information.
3 files(draft, reading, rubric). Finished 2 pages already but need for correction(grammar, fluency) and adding more thought or reference. May need to add comparison betwwen typical servant(find more reference) and the character Crimson. Cite everything in Chicago style. Final version has to be at least 3 pages. Some part will have to rewrite/delete or add..
The functionality of setting in Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka
Check the related material attached. When you open the guide, read all the related material to the Written Assignment. (the criteria, the choice of topic etc. read the part, descriptions as well) There is a sample called English WA
when the emperor was divine- Single scene analysis
Single scene analysis. Focus on one passage (one page or up to five pages) from Julie Otsuka's When the Emperor Was Divine and examine its significance for the narrative as a whole, and also its significance in terms of sociohistorical relevance. Use specific examples from the text to support your argument. Make sure you cite the book at the end of your paper under..
What You Pawn, I Will Redeem  (Links to an external site.) Links to an external site. " (Sherman Alexie, 2003)
“What You Pawn, I Will Redeem” (Sherman Alexie, 2003) 
 Guiding Questions: 1. How does the grandmother’s property at the pawn shop help to define the narrator’s desires and feeling of obligation to recover it? Why is it so important? 2. How does the character accomplish his objective, and how is this surprising considering all of the unfortunate events and bad..
An exploration of Tennessee Williams' use of Isolation and Loneliness
The essay is based on three books: Streetcar Named Desire, A Cat On A Hot TIn Roof and A Glass Menagerie. The Characters talked about would be Blanche DuBois, Amanda Wingfield, Laura Wingfield and Maggie Pollitt. It's an comparative essay where the characters are each analysed, and then compared with each other...
2 Mini Essays on The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Kite Runner
Each essay should be 1.5 pages long (5 paragraphs each). You must discuss themes in the story and how the author achieves these through setting, characters, plot, etc. I also need this done by 6 am tmr morning
The Nanjing Massacre and it’s place in society of Japan
(1) demonstrate a working knowledge of the cultural history of imperial and post-colonial Japan, including familiarity with important trends, movements, writers/artists, and individual works. (2) apply key concepts in imperial and post-colonial studies, in order to extend these analytical frameworks beyond Japan to global, comparative challenges...
This is two assignments (pre writing and the actual paper)
Assignment 1: As prewriting in preparation for your literary analysis, choose three questions to ask yourself about “Enemies and Friends” or “The Necklace” that involve a literary element. You may make all three questions about the same story, or about different stories. For instance, you might choose to ask yourself a question about characterization in..
Thoreau Essay
Many readers take issue with some of Thoreau's suggestions, which are sometimes purposely outrageous to provoke thought. Consider at least one of Thoreau's suggestions for living found in your readings. Examine the suggestion, pointing out some problems with applying it to real life. Respond to the following question in an essay (200-300 words): What is..
Half of a yellow sun
Hello so this essay should be about the book Half of a yellow sun. This essay needs to have structure and not be all over the place. This essay needs an introduction with a strong thesis and supporting body paragraphs and then a conclusion. For the thesis, I need something about how the author wish for the novel is to show the readers those outside of nigeria the impact..
A Noiseless Patient Spider
In the preceding Walt Whitman lyric "A Noiseless Patient Spider," he sees a connection between the spider and the human soul. Using language from the poem as your examples, reveal how the poem identifies that connection. Consider the speaker, the choice of subject matter, the diction, the metaphors, and the image. What insight into the human soul do you gain..
colonist Japan
WRITE a two page summery of the story and write an a analysis of the story in the next two pages. The story is Kannani (1934) by Yuasa, Katsuei in English. Yuasa, Katsuei (2005-05-26). Kannani and Document of Flames: Two Japanese Colonial Novels (p. 37). Duke University Press.
araby story
Literary Response assignment
The goal of this assignment is to allow students to respond to and discuss the concepts and narratives we have studied this term outside of the critical and analytical methods we have been applying in class. The assignments asks students to produce a creative work of their own that engages with the concepts we have been discussing in class or to report on a contemporary..
Comparative Literature Theme Paper
My teacher wants the paper to be in 3rd person. I would like my paper to be focused on Margie Piercy's, "Barbie Doll" and Jane Martin's "Beauty". The title page and cite page wont count in the 3-5 pages already written. I would like to have 4 pages just to be sure she doesn't try and take points off. Again thank you so much!..
Reflection paper for the poetry class
•Elizabeth Barrett Browing: "How do I love Thee? Let me count the ways" •Robert Browning: " My last duchness •Alfred, Lord Tennyson: " The day of Shalott •Edgar Allen Poe: "The Raven" , "Annabel Lee" I am looking for the expert who can complete my assignment within 5hours from now. I only need one reflection paper, and you can choose one of the poem . The important..
Session Posts
Write 250 word What you need to do for this discussion post is compare one of the poems assigned for this week to the lyrics of a pop song or the verse in a greeting card (you can go to the Hallmark cards webpage to find plenty of examples). What are the key differences between the two? Why is the poem in the textbook a work of art, while the pop song lyrics or verse in the greeting..
Analysis of a Character
Should have read the poem "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight". Question- "Does Gawain deserves his redemption?" I wanted to tell, yes he deserve it, but should include the points that support my view from the poem and defend the other side.
Minimum Wage in America
7-10 sources including one primary source Cover page Abstract Reference page Must be strictly in 3rd person APA Format Informative, NOT argumentative. Provide 3-4 research questions. Include one form of primary research (interview, survey, observational). Include one visual representation of research (chart, graph, or table). Answer your research..
BOOK response 1
READ: The Spirit catches you and you fall down by Anne Fadiman Dr. Neil Ernst said, "I felt it was important for these Hmongs to understand that there were certain elements of medicine that we understood better than they did and that there were certain rules they had to follow with their kids' lives. I wanted the word to get out in the community that if they deviated..
Response paper
choose a specific quote to narrow your focus. Keep it manageable (~1-5 sentences in length). What strikes you about that quote? How do you interpret it? What questions or ideas does it elicit for you? Why might the quote produce that reaction from you as a reader? Can you connect the quote to other works of literature, media, current events, etc.?
Reviews on American Gods and Fences
1.After reading the two linked reviews (American Gods and Fences) how would you describe the purpose, audience, and tone of each review? What did you like or dislike about the way each review was written? 2.How is writing in the humanities different from writing in other types of disciplines such as natural or social sciences? 3.How might the study of literature..
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Response to the ending of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. One page double spaced. Idea - centered, NOT a summary, please do not offer historical information about the reading. Instead, offer a critique of the reading, suggest questions or issues you think are important to discuss, and or identify and briefly analyze a passage you think is vital. An idea of how..
Narrative Perspective and Identity
Assignment uploaded along with PDF file of book. (How i found America)
A Room with a view, based on E.M. Foster 1908 novel , view film on netflix 2013
* The creative writing prompts in the weekly writing assignments would not be appropriate for this essay assignment. Topic 3: Choose one of the films listed below and write an essay on the associated topic. These films are often available from Netflix, Amazon, or your local library. Make sure you are viewing a film based on the novel, A Room with a View, based on..
Literature Writing Assignment MLA format
Writing Assignments Write a 2-page paper on a poem(s) of your choice: Choose one of the following formats: 1. Focus on theme, expression, reader response, analysis, or a combination of any of these. Many poems are written in times of personal crisis. How could poetry help you deal with a meaningful concern in your life? Explain your thoughts on this, giving examples...
Poetry Journal Assignment
Langston Hughes, "The Negro Speaks of Rivers", Langston Hughes, "Theme for English B" Langston Hughes, "Harlem" John Keats, "Ode on a Grecian Urn" William Blake, "The Lamb" I would like my paper to be on these poems.
Alice Walker's "Everyday Use"
Write a 1200 word essay (IN 24 HOURS) using 3 topic sentences and numerous in-text citations using approved primary and 3 additional approved secondary sources. MLA format with works cited. This is the approved thesis: Mrs. Johnson's perspective changes from the beginning of the story to the end, at first favoring Dee and eventually favoring Maggie instead...
Rome And Juliet ( Forbidden Love)
A big part of "Romeo and Juliet"'s appeal is that is involves two people loving each other against the expectations of their particular society. How does the play inform our understanding of the wish for 'love to conquer all" despite societal norms being (350 words)
Someone Like The Red Sea Bride
Midterm Essay Quiz Due Jul 13 at 11:59pm Points 100 Questions 1 Available until Jul 20 at 11:59pm Time Limit 120 Minutes Allowed Attempts 2 Instructions Midterm Prompt: Compare and/or contrast the character of Grandmother Zainab from The Red Sea Bride by Sylvia Fowler with someone else in your life. Grandmother Zainab is introduced in the chapter titled “The..
Janice Mirikitani, "Suicide note"
attached are my two outlines. the title of my assignment is the poem i have to review.
Discussion-Monster and Out of the Dust(Read directions for this discussion posting)
Discussion-Monster and Out of the Dust(Read directions for this discussion posting) 1 1 unread reply. 1 1 reply. These novels are two very different genres but both include perspective writing (first person point of view). Write one paragraph on what young adult readers could relate to (or not) in Monster. Write one paragraph on what young adult readers could..
A common misconception about Latino students and families--is that we do not value education or we don't take school serious enough. That type of thinking is actually antithetical to the perspective here in class. Zambrana utilizes an "intersectional lens" when she examines issues impacting Latinos and Latino families in particular. After viewing Lost..
Zambrana 4, Lost in Translation, First to Worst
A common misconception about Latino students and families--is that we do not value education or we don't take school serious enough. That type of thinking is actually antithetical to the perspective here in class. Zambrana utilizes an "intersectional lens" when she examines issues impacting Latinos and Latino families in particular. After viewing Lost..
literary Reflection Essay
Choose a work assigned in this course that appeals to you from an emotional or aesthetic perspective. Oedipus, Don Quiote, or Achilles Read the work several times (maybe read parts of it aloud) making note of the features that seem particularly beautiful, inspiring, emotional, meaningful, or true. Consider the following questions: How does the work help us..
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