Literature / Movie review on Cultural Studies examples

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brief review of film "Sugar cane Alley" directed by Euzhan Palcy
These reviews should assess the quality of the work being reviewed, and the thoughtful thematic content of the film or cultural event. Use published film reviews as models for your short paper. I'm going to attach a sample essay. It received 9 out of 10 for having too long summary and too little of my own opinion. remember that I have to review the movie "Sugar cane..
Gender Identity/Sexuality in Multicultural Counseling
The final paper must be 10–12 pages (not including the title page, abstract page, or reference pages). The paper must include a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed and academic journal resources. Academic journals can be easily accessed through Liberty University’s online library. A librarian is available to assist online students. The articles should be dated..
Anthropological view of Avatar
blockbuster movie: James Cameron’s Avatar What themes can you pick up on in this film that we have discussed in past readings ( Horace Miner’s Nacirema article, Talal Asad’s “The Colonial Encounter”, Bronislaw Malinowski’s “Subject, Method, Scope of this Inquiry)? In many ways, this movie functions as a metaphor for anthropology itself. The Scientist (funded..
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