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“Research report: Monitoring the press: How are Canadian newspapers performing their democratic functions?”
you are asked to select one daily newspaper in Canada and monitor its content for a week on any preferred platform - print, desktop/laptop, phone or tablet. The question guiding your monitoring is: “How is the newspaper supporting the democratic process in the country?”
analyze the image of Chinese women in foreign movies
The theme of this article is to analyze the image of Chinese women in foreign film and television movies. Your job is to analyze the role and image of Chinese female actor Jing Tian in《Pacific Rim Uprising》. Requirements: 1/ Analyze one media artifact.《Pacific Rim Uprising》(2018) 2/ Your analysis must include 1) a description of the media artifact (200-400..
Discussion Question #6: Journalism social media strategies
Discussion Question #6: Journalism social media strategies 1. Pick a journalism news organization that you think has an excellent social media strategy. 2. What social media platforms is the site on? 3. What tactics is that organization using on social media that you admire? 4. What could it do better? Remember to mention another element of their social media..
Reaction to an Article relates to Challenges of Newspapers
Google and view the video "Journalism in Crisis" and download a newspaper or magazine article that discusses the challenges that the newspapers faces today and in future. Write a reaction to what you learned on the subject. Make sure the article released date needs to be after 2016, can't be before that time..
Player Costs and Acquisition Philosophy for the Atlanta Braves Franchise
This is due in 30 hours. Thursday 11/30 by 10 am. The franchise that you will write about is the Atlanta Braves. One of the thing that you can write about is t how they are rebuilding the team getting new player and trading all players You will present these analyses in a three-page maximum paper with a Works Cited page in MLA format . You will need to examine your franchise..
Ethnography of how people engage with each other at a bar
Short Writing Assignment 7 Due: Ethnography Write a short (3 page minimum) Ethnography of a bar, write about observing how people intaract with each other. Many couples were on their phone and not engaging in conversations. Tables with groups were talking more. Many people were on their phone but the ones that were on their phone more were females. Please use..
Short essay on Determinants of happiness in undergraduate univesity students
Must write a (300-600) word essay using the attached question 2 requirements. I have also attached the ramage article and star criteria and the PDF that the essay is being written on. Due by Wed at 8 oclock.
Transcribe and code a qualitative research interview
Transcribe and code a qualitative research interview Pre-write a series of interview questions for a 10 minute (20 questions) interview. The interview should be as if you are interviewing a photographer for an article about the fashion photography industry , you will ask the question and then answer them. Then you will transcribe the interview Be sure to ask..
The future of journalism and how it will influence society (open to negotiation)
to show how citizen jounalism in social media has chnaged the way people consume media. For instance, during man-made disasters or natural distasters, people turn to social media to get latest updates from people who are on-site, as opposed to waiting for the mainstream news channels to collect and organize information before releasing them to the public...
Topic: Write 700 words issues of 'ETHICS in FINANCE and ACCOUNTING" local and global issues.
Write a 700 word opinion editorial that critically analyses the challenges with realising aspirations of the common good in your professional community which is (Accounting), locally and globally. Write 3 to 4 sentences each paragraph. Required text referencing and reference list. General Instructions: • Create an evocative and engaging Op-Ed that explains..
“Alt-Right: Are Racists Mentally Ill? and “Life Boat Ethics”
assignment is to read the PDF article posted on BlackBoard titled “Alt-Right: Are Racists Mentally Ill? and “Life Boat Ethics” by Garret Hardin” that can be found on pgs. 583-592 from our textbook and write a one-page summary of both readings. Remember to type your work and make sure the proper headings used...
To Be Fit or Obsessed to Be Fit: Which is the Question? The Effects of Fitness Smart Watches on Health Aide and Exercise Addiction
This is a revision of a paper that was initially written. This is for editing and writing what the corrections says. The Professor has made his corrections and I need to make the changes. I have attached the original paper - as well as what the corrections the Professor is looking for in 6 jpgs. Thank you. This is due Friday or Saturday if possible. Thank you..
After reading Nietzsche's Morality as Anti-Nature Your assignment is to create, after giving it some thoug
After reading Nietzsche's Morality as Anti-Nature Your assignment is to create, after giving it some thought, 3-5 essential questions on the reading. What is an essential question? An essential question is – well, essential: important, vital, at the heart of the matter – the essence of the issue. Think of questions in your life that fit this definition – but..
Can you write a research method paper using the reference list you did previously
11. Perform a brief ideological criticism of some media artifact. Choose anything you would like to examine. It could be a TV show, movie, song, advertisement; any media content of interest to you. Explain how you see ideology in it, why ideological assumptions you think are there, and make sure to cite Berger to explain how ideology is present in the thing you’re..
How have NBC and ABC reported the Racial Issue Discussions from the last 6 US Presidential Election debates?
Hello. I'm working on a group project in Communication studies and I am tasked with investigating how the two mainstream media in the US (NBC and ABC News) reported the racial issue discussions from the last six US Presidential Election Debates (year 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016). I would like to invest in specific the following points: • What roles do..
Feature Article on Upcoming Atlanta Hip Hop Artists
I NEED THIS IN FOUR HOURS IT WOULD NOT LET ME CHOOSE TODAY AS A DEADLINE DATE BUT I MUST HAVE THIS BY 11:30 PM, today 10/2/2017 See attached file for assignment requirements I do not have the interviews, so you could fictionally create the interviews. I live in Atlanta, GA in the United States and needs to be written as such. AP style - Associated Press Style Writing..
Are newspapers Still Necessary to Keep Americans United?
After reading the attached chapter, write an essay of 700 words about news and the American Revolution, as well as the history of newspaper. Part 1 (350 words) based on the chapter: Answer the following question: Is "the newspaper ... still necessary," in Alexis de Tocqueville's words, "to keep" Americans "united"? Explain this statement. Support your opinion..
Validity and Reliability of the Turkish Version of the Smartphone Addiction Scale in a Younger Population
For the journal article, write a one-page summary of the article. This should be typed in MLA formatting with the article properly referenced in MLA formatting. Upload your summary to the assignment link. See the grading rubric below.
Propaganda tactics and its uses in Trump's 2016 Presidential Campaign
This paper will be utilized for one of my Mass Comm courses. It is based not from the perspective of a political scientist, but a communications studies background. The main point is to highlight propaganda tactics that have been distributed through the mass media due to political warfare and celebrities affairs, and compare them to that of Trump's campaign...
US Debt and Dollar Currency Collapsed in the United States, and end the federal reserve system?
Hi everyone I have a persuasive speech about US Dollar Debt and Currency crisis going to collapsed, end the federal reserve system. I want to persuade my audience to prepare them for the big financial crisis that is going to hit on the United States, and why should we need to end the federal reserve system and how to make a plan when the Debt and Dollar Currency collapsed...
Do self-disclosure and intimacy affect your weight management in a relationship
Please read carefully. I've already done my paper completely. I'm looking for help with grammar, flow, and transitions from one section to the other. Also i'm open to suggestions as long as it helps. My teacher failed the last paper i got, so i'm really looking for someone who can help, not just take my money. If you think the topic would be better with one or the other,..
Presentation20min--Copyright Issues in Network-Supported Streaming Media Businesses
Need to do a presentation on thursday. I will need the writer to work together with me and keep updated the slides and speech. personal contact is preferred too. The presentation is 20 mins long with the topic of "Copyright Issues in Network-Supported Streaming Media Businesses", all the researches and recourses need to be found by our own also the presentation..
Reaction Paper (Toxic Sludge is Good For You: Lies, Damn Lies, and the Public Relations Industry)
Reaction Paper: Three full pages reflecting your views, your analyses of (Toxic Sludge is Good For You: Lies, Damn Lies, and the Public Relations Industry). The object is to express what you think---your personal opinion---about what the authors or authors have to say. *****ONLY USE THE BOOK AS YOUR SOURCE**** ***NO OUTSIDE SOURCES ONLY THE BOOK****..
Assertiveness and Appropriate Confirmation
Can anyone knock this out in an hour? I have the scenarios at the bottom of the instructions. Description: This exercise presents scenarios and asks students to think of responses that illustrate assertiveness and appropriate confirmation. 2-page paper 12-point font APA style Objectives: Identify the principles of verbal communication. Define and distinguish..
Question of Fact speech
I need a 5-minute persuasive speech for 'question of fact'. I don't care the topic since it's crunch time.
news article
a profile of a person or group group involved in environmental or safe energy issues or an exploration of an issue in environmental or energy controversy. 3 pages long written in the form of a internet article or newspaper. must be done tonight.
Family Dynamics
This week's lesson discussed family dynamics as they relate to interpersonal communication and presented guidelines for communicating in families. The family life cycle was a specific focus of your learning. Complete the following: Talk with two people who are parents. Ask the following questions of each parent: What change was least expected after your..
apology of socrates
this essay is an expository essay about the apology of socrates. it needs to be between 3-4 pages. mla form with a resonable amount of quotes from within the speech and outside sources outside sources
Please carefully read the attached file, use UK English not US English, use no more than 1000 words, add related images to the article, make a reference page at the end make sure no more than two pages long and no plagiarism.
Feature Writing
Assignment: Feature Writing Country Based: Australia Medium: Newspaper named “Weekend Herald Sun” You are a member of the communications team at Public Transport Victoria. PTV is producing a supplement in the Weekend Herald Sun (Name of Newspaper) on Favorite Melbourne Hideaways. You have to write 650 words on an unusual favorite park, or garden, or church..
News Analysis
Conduct an analysis of your articles. Your analysis must include the following: What is the factual claim being made in the articles? What are the competing interpretive claims in the articles? Were claims-makers quoted or included in the articles? If so, who are they and what are their qualifications? What evidence is included in each article to support their..
opinion piece on trump and the muslim ban
i am supporting the idea that the ban is not an act of racism and that trump is looking out for the interest of the american people
"Current Event"
Current Event Conflict Essay Identify a conflict currently being discussed in the public media. It may be a court case, a political position, or an issue of public policy. In a 1-2 page essay, answer the following: Write a summary of the conflict and the orientations of those involved. Based on what you've learned about interpersonal communication, discuss..
Position Paper
Write a position paper from the viewpoint of one proponent and then another position paper from the alternate side.   . That the Sunday penalty rate at 1.75 multiple of weekday salary should be the equivalent of the Saturday rate of 1.5. Prepare the position paper from the employers and then the unions perspective. Chose a relevant organisation from..
Journal article critique
n at least a 800-words, critique a journal article in your field that is at least 10 pages long based on the principles described in your readings and in class. Address the questions below, and provide the last name of the author/organization's name, year, and page or paragraph numbers to indicate where you found the information (this is the in-text citation)...
Book report on Rachel Carsons silent springs
it must be 3 full pages, and you must have read the book, there needs to be proper citations.
Genetic Genocide and Public Funds
3/10/2017 - The article will center around the selective captive breeding of the canisrufus canid. Specifically, the use of a controversial adaptive field practices to locate, identify and remove non-genetic conforming canids during denning season. The piece should accurately report on the captive breeding practices and the number of non-conforming..
A parody with reflection
It is a fake article of parody which is basically making fun of a product or a famous company. With a reflection paragraph.
Mini Paper 1 - An Experiment in Understanding
Must follow assignment sheet exactly and be able to pass a turnitin report
Rape case coverage by media
I need strong abstract for rape case coverage by media in three countries india pakistan and australia with 3 specific cases from india case of Asifa Bano, from pakistan case of zainab ansari and in australia case from sydney father raped young daughter. So i want to do comparison how the media in three countries cover these cases like do they follow ethical journalism..
analytical report comparing two or more reports on a war of your choice
write an analytical report (essay) comparing two or more reports on a war of your choice. You can use a historical or current war. You can use something like Youtube or other news websites to access footages. Your analysis should focus on: the main elements of the report; the role of the reporter and the audience aimed at...
critical appraisal
A review or critical appraisal of a photographic work or set of works as for publication. Students will learn about numerous models of writing that accompany photography and will be able to put their knowledge into practice via the assessment. By writing about the work of others, they will gain an insight into their own photographic practice. The assessment..
Journalism: Its Scope and Use
Choose a chapter of the book titled, "Mightier than the sword" by Rodger Streitmatter's and write an essay of approximately 1000-1250 words (4 pages). Your task in this essay is to find at least two long or three short sources, and write about how these sources give more depth to your understanding of history and journalism. You may choose either primary or secondary..
Review the Chapter on Media Law and also apply the journalism Code of Ethics to address all three of the separate ethical dilemmas below. Your response to these scenarios should be thorough, clear, well-written and, most importantly, decisive. Remember what the Media Law group addressed in its presentation and what laws and ethics protect and guide journalists...
Silent Spring
Reaction papers each four full pages reflecting your views, your analyses of silent spring. opinion on what authors have to say.
journal applied reading response
The papers will focus on written responses to specific topics in our readings during a specific time period. This assignment should provide evidence that you are reading the assigned material as you cite, connect, refer to the readings. You may laser focus on one topic that really speaks to you or cover a couple of topics in more depth, however given the parameters..
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