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Dating, Chinese and Western civilizations and cultures
1) Need to write an essay in 5,000 words [excluding bibliography] on dating with regard to the comparative studies of Chinese and Western civilizations and cultures since 1400 A.D. 2)Discuss the role cultural difference plays in determining the relationships between China and the West and make reference to some examples selected either from current affairs..
The State of Nation-building in the New South Africa
The State of Nation-building in the New South Africa NEVILLE ALEXANDER’s passage pp83-86 The purpose of this assignment is to teach you how to critically read an article, and to engage with and reflect on it in an academic manner by answering the assigned questions in short paragraphs. Answer the following five questions in short paragraphs of not more than 100..
Thirld World Liberation Front 50th Anniversary Event essay
write about your experience at a community event (event link below) that is related to the themes of this class, Ethnic Studies. Your cultural event essay should be between one to two pages (approx. 300-600 words) and describe in sufficient detail the event or program you attended as well as its connection to the course. Event that you will write about: The Presentation..
“Help shape our future strategies around Diversity and Inclusion”
I am to develop and submit an entry for our Diversity Statement of Belief. Keep Statement should be kept to a maximum of 100 words. A positive message and highlight of what we want to achieve with our Statement of Diversity. This is a competition tho
Cold War Politics And Ideology On A Global Scale And In Brazil Specifically
You had been help me to finish a paper. And now, my professor required add 1-2 pages. Can you help me? Have you ever read the book or? Can u just write something relate with the book is fine. Just the main idea that relate with the book is fine. Thank you.
CT3 - Critical Thinking - Terrorism and perspective-taking
The goal of CT3 is that you practice the next components of critical thinking: * analyzing assumptions and biases * avoiding emotional reasoning * avoiding oversimplification You will be matched with another student with a different country/nation-state. You will each have researched a current or previous terrorist group (counter-hegemonic group) and..
female depiction of tradition and modernity in asian cinema
thesis :Female characters in Chinese cinema have often appeared as figures through which tensions between tradition and modernity have been dramatized and considered. Discuss this claim in relation to the main female characters in TWO of the following films: Two Stage Sisters and Red Sorghum. In your answer, discuss how the nature and depiction of the tension..
Impact of Construction on a Culture's Historical Development
Write an essay of at least two pages in length of text on a topic which examines critically how construction has affected a particular culture. The paper should discuss how construction has affected a culture’s development by examining a nation’s history via a contemporary context.
How are understandings of masculinity and femininity tied to cultural notions or models of parenthood?
Here are the full topic: How are understandings of masculinity and femininity tied to cultural notions or models of parenthood? How have these understandings changed over the past few decades? What strategies do male and female parents use to negotiate these understandings amid pressures for change? Explain with 2-3 empirical examples from your reading..
Stereotypical Representations of Racially Marked Female Bodies
Choose a popular culture medium (hip-hop music, or any music video and genre, film, (fashion) magazines, Netflix TV series, etc). Focus on how racially marked female bodies are represented. You do not need to focus on representations of black female bodies; rather you are encouraged to look for stereotypes of other racially marked female bodies (such as Hispanic,..
Body Ritual of the Nacirema, discuss cultural relativism and ethnocentrism
Hey, I need a paper written about the Nacirema people. In detail, after reading Body Ritual of the Nacirema, discuss cultural relativism and ethnocentrism. How can the lessons of Miner and Bogardus (Social Distance Scale) help us understand cultures in today's world? Are they still useful tools? Why or why not? Due before 10am central time. Roughly 4-5 pages...
High-risk nutritional behaviors associated with different cultures
2000 words Examine the high-risk nutritional behaviors associated with different cultures. Identify the historical perspectives, belief systems, and other factors associated with these high-risk nutritional behaviors for each culture. Write a 2000 word paper on your findings in which you accomplish the following: Summarize the high risk-nutritional..
Dimension Of Culture 2 Midterm Paper: Analyzing Strategies for Justice
In “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” Martin Luther King Jr. states: “any law that degrades human personality is unjust” and that it is, therefore, our moral obligation to resist unjust legal systems. King’s “Letter” is among the most widely taught pieces of argumentative writing due to its sophisticated use of persuasive strategies. Drawing evidence and analysis..
The United States and Japan: Culture and Policy Research Paper
a 1,400- to 1,750-word research paper based on the video and your own research that addresses the following: International environmental law Cultural discrepancies that hinder global management The role of international organizations for oceanic resource stability between both Japan and the United States Use the following questions to guide your research..
Japan (shakuhachi and noise musics) and the culture of the Kaluli
In our second and third course units we have encountered a range of ideas and discourses which shape the meanings, definitions, and experience of music and sound in both Japan (shakuhachi and noise musics) and the culture of the Kaluli. These include, among others, those related to: - Tradition/ modernity - underground/ popular/ national / transnational -..
Evaluate the major effects that prohibition had for the American wine industry
The paper must be a formal research paper of at least 3 pages (not counting the title and reference pages). The final paper/project writing format must follow the APA (American Psychological Association) writing style. Please follow the formatting as outlined on the Owl Purdue Online Writing Lab:
analyze the racial and ethnic features of your identity.
Directions and criteria for Paper One: Develop a fully articulated outline (not less than 1.5 double-spaced pages), works cited page (minimum of three citations) and write an essay (2.5 to 4 pages in length) responding to the following instructions: Type an essay about yourself including the following: analyze the racial and ethnic features of your identity...
Should the fast food industry be regulated in a similar manner to the tobacco industry? Explain your .
The paper must be a formal research paper of at least 3 pages (not counting the title and reference pages). The final paper/project writing format must follow the APA(American Psychological Association) writing style. Please follow the formatting as outlined on the Owl Purdue Online Writing Lab:
American identity in the 1700s and what changed since then
Describe American Identity as it was during the 1700s, and explain how American Identity changed and/or remained the same since then. Provide at least 2 examples of elements of American identity that have either changed or remained the same in your opinion Include at least one quote from primary sources (like the Letter from the American Farmer that we read)..
How Multi-Cultural Cuisines Affect the Identity and Places
Discuss how the related cultural artifacts evolve and are affected by their context or location while examining the role of media, networks and institutions in shaping identity within and across cultures. Cite concrete examples from your readings and additional sources. CriticalThinking_IntraculturalRubricUNIV_2001.docx Parameters: Your essay..
Select a topic from the list and make the title of the assign
STEP 1: TOPIC SELECTION Select a topic from the list below and include this topic on your title page. Ancient Male Rulers Select any two (2) of these rulers: Ramses II, Shihuangdi, Constantine, Ashoka, Pericles, or Charlemagne. Select rulers from different cultures. Ancient Female Rulers Compare the Tang Empress Wu Zetian (also known as Empress Wu or as Wu Zhao;..
Challenges a Widely Accepted Element of Pop Culture
Outline (using either Bullet Points or Bubble Mapping) an essay that you are writing that "Challenges a Widely Accepted Element of Pop Culture". This is a complex idea, but after watching some Wisecrack, it should become clearer. Is Star Wars racist? Is Commander Shepard being indoctrinated by the Reapers? What's in Jules's suitcase? Do what you can with as..
Please give a title that conceptualize your paper.
Form & Format: This is to be an essay of 4 double-spaced pages. Use only Times New Roman size 12 font with 1-inch margins This is an analysis paper and should not include your opinions or impressions (and as such should not include personal pronouns such as “I”). The purpose is to find the common themes and to make meaningful connections and distinctions between..
Compare and contrast China and Japan from the fifteenth to eighteenth centuries.
Writing Assignment for Unit One • Include your name, student number, course number, course title and unit number with your writing assignment. • Begin each writing assignment by identifying the question number you are answering followed by the actual question itself (in bold type). • Use a standard essay format for responses to all questions (i.e., an introduction,..
the main events that happened in the UK (you have to choose a year)
British culture Cultural portfolio 1. You need to outline and explain what you consider to be most significant ‘big’ events that had an impact on the wider cultural context that took place during your selected year . 2. You need to draw out other key cultural things that also took place during that year, MUST include about all of these topics: sport, movies, literature,..
ONLY 210 WORDS, Personal statement for applying University
ONLY NEED TO ADD 210 WORDS to the one which I've been working on. It is Personal statement for applying University. i will give you a direction and my formal Personal statement and you should make relation between my personal experience and the modules of university.
research essay on Photography and the Changing City
The final essay will develop out of the essay proposal provided. Please consider the following expectations when writing and editing your paper. They will form the rubric through which I mark the essay: Final Essay Expectations: Focus: Clear research question and thesis —thesis is developed over the course of the paper with significant contributions from..
Is globalization contributing to the demise of the world’s cultural diversity?
The subject is globalization. i would like to include Cultural hybridization as part as the answer. Also i would like a writer that is based or similar with the UK system. I have attached the introduction from my teacher. Please look over it. thank you
Expression of Individuality: Renaissance vs Modern
Write a paper on different ways of expressing individuality in the Renaissance versus today. Include material from attached files. You may choose up to 6 people to discuss as examples. Your own thoughts on individuality are essential to this paper. Include works cited at the end, citations in MLA format...
John Locke: The Second Treatise of Government and A letter Concerning Toleration
Option #1 - Locke Prompt: IT'S ONLY THE LOCKE'S ARGUMENT NOT YOUR OWN THOUGHT!!!!! 1. Explain Locke’s argument regarding the State of Nature, State of War and how humanity came to form societies and governments. 2. What was so revolutionary about The Second Treatise on Government? ( use the book THE SECOND TREATISE OF GOVERNMENT AND A LETTER CONCERNING TOLERATION..
Racism Against Muslims In The United States of America
Research Paper Students will submit their research paper in three phases. Papers must meet proper academic integrity and written in MLA format. Plagiarism results in an immediate F for the paper and disciplinary action. A minimum of five sources must be used, and cited properly. The papers will be submitted in three parts: 1) Annotated Bibliography Students..
Policy makers and CEOs: Read "The Belly of the Atlantic"
write on topic 4, focus on the book "The Belly of the Atlantic" and how policy makers in the US government and CEOs should read to book and consider the hardships immigrants face when trying to come into America and make a life for themselves and their families. Focus on how many policy makers and CEOs are not immigrants and should read the book to empathize with hardworking..
Gender and Diversity Management will prepare a final paper including to answer the following questions
1. What is your personal definition for diversity? 2. What are the origins for issues of diversity within organizations today? (Provide samples and support perspectives for at least two group characteristics such as race, religion, national origin/ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, religion, age, or social identity and describe context where stigma,..
Findings of Failure in The Communist Ideology from The Analysis of The Film Fresa y Chocolate
The assignment should address the following thesis: "This essay will address the failure of the communist ideology in accepting and providing quality life to people like Diego in the film Strawberry and Chocolate; all through studying the regimes of truth found in a communist society". Also, the essay should follow the prompt attached...
How does modern capitalism change people’s understanding on love? Please illustrate your ideas with examples.
The format of answer sheet: 2 pages, Double space, Times new roman, Font size- 12, Margins: 1 inch (top, bottom) 1.25 inch (left and right) Readings: Fromm, Eric. (2006) The Art of Loving. New York, NY: Harper Perennial. 1-98. Giddens, Anthony. (1993) The Transformation of Intimacy: Sexuality, Love, and Eroticism in Modern Societies. Cambridge: Polity Press...
Living with a Stutter a theorhetical essay on what its like to have Stutter
Living with a Stutter Anthony K. Chavez Texas State University Comm 1310 My name is Tommy Taylor I have lived with a stutter for what has been 18 years now. As an adult I often struggle to find acceptance, and as a child I struggled to even be understood. I started college here at Texas State this year and I love the diverse campus and what it has to offer. However, it is..
Reflection 2: Finding Religion Within Popular Culture
There are two parts to this reflection that you need to do for full credit. Part 1) Looking at religion from this perspective, how is the fake "Church of No-Shopping" as seen in our video clip ("What Would Jesus Buy?") actually authentically "religious"? The "church of no shopping" is the pseudo church that is being talked about in the clip that is trying to target..
critical analysis of the theme of Arrow of God by Chinua Achebe
write a critical analysis essay on the theme of "Arrow of God" by Chinua Achebe Theme=Preservation of culture and faith it must have some sort of evidence in each paragraph either a direct quote from the book or from a scholarly paper with in-text citations and a work cited all in MLA
Apply theories (Marx & Frankfurt School) of political economy to music
we discussed the Marxist argument that whomever controls the base (means of production) controls the superstructure (the content of cultural objects and commodities). We also talked about the Frankfurt School argument that culture industries ideologically “inoculate” consumers through homogeneity and predictability. Write an essay in which you discuss..
Novel 'Carrie' and short story 'the yellow wall paper'
This is the prompt: Using the novel 'Carrie' by Stephen King and the short story 'the yellow Wall paper', write a comparative analytical essay examining the effects of traditional gender roles in the two texts. You must use at least two of secondary sources from the Book Signs of the Life as evidence in your essay. Work cited page required. In text citation required..
How Communication, Power and Privilege are Related
This assignment has 3 parts: Part 1: Write a paper about How Communication, Power, and Privilege are Related, 300-500 words, regular format, provide works cited (references). Include topics about the following: a. Multicultural communication at work b. How stereotypes about leadership hold women back c. How you speak shows where you rank Please refer to..
HIST 262: relationship between Europeans and Mongols (1200s) and Europeans and Ethiopians (1300s-1400s)
Using ONLY the Salvadore article and the assigned chapter from Marco Polo’s The Travels (NOT the film) answer the following question: Were the relations between Europeans and Mongols (1200s) and Europeans and Ethiopians (1300s- 1400s) characterized by Othering? By Orientalism? By racism? None of the above? Why? IMPORTANT: regardless of your answer, you..
5 examples of African Americans portraying negative stereotypes
Find 5 examples of African Americans portraying negative stereotypes. This can come from any form of media (e.g. lyrics to songs, t.v. commercials, newspapers, magazine ads, t.v. shows, etc.). In a 1 page summary, list the examples (and when possible, bring in a copy of the examples) and describe why you believe they reflect negative stereotypes and how it might..
French Impressionism was not about pretty ladies with lace dresses, and sun umbrellas. Do you agree?
Paper requirements: 6-7 pages long [6 pages minimum; 7-8 pages maximum] + bibliography ; 1” margins; TimesNewRoman; 12” font ; double-spaced ; page numbered Bibliography: minimum of 7 references (at least 3 of them must be either a book or from a peer-reviewed journal or academic reference)
Separation of Church and State in the Constitution
Read the question and that you answer all elements of the question. The length of the exam is five pages long, double-spaced, with a 12 font (preferable Times New Roman). Please make sure you indicate which question you are answering. Important: this paper it has to be completed from the resource that I will provide. Question #3: In the US, there is an explicit separation..
Negotiating Cultural Differences in Working with Clients
critically reflect upon what you have learned in the course, and how this information might shape the ways in which you interact with other cultures and groups in your personal and professional life. If you plan on being a health care practitioner, tell me how these topics have (or have not) shifted your perspectives on practitioner-client interactions. What..
Qualities of the Hero: Comparing Gilgamesh and Odysseus only paying 4 dollars a page
1. Establish a clear thesis about your topic as part of the introductory paragraph (often the thesis is the last thing one determines after doing the basic research and outline; however it will be placed in the first paragraph of your paper). 2. This is a comparative essay. Comparison approached properly will require some critical thinking on your part. Use a..
Diversity Topics Assignment Options: Discrimination, Ethnicity, and Religion
Research one incident of a hate crime committed against a religious or ethnic group in your community or in the nation. It is suggested you begin by researching local or national news websites for recent incidents reported by the media. Write a 350- to 700-word paper describing the incident and that investigates the group further. Include responses to the following..
Cultural and Diversity Studies "Personal Reflection"
CULTURAL STUDIES & DIVERSITY 152.2.2: Cultural Worldviews - The graduate analyzes multiple perspectives and worldviews from a culturally inclusive point of view. 152.2.3: Personal Identity - The graduate analyzes various cultural and social influences on the development of personal identity. 152.2.4: Obstacles to Diversity - The graduate integrates..
How to Incorporating Cultural Sensitivity When Interacting With International Clients
a) explain what cultural sensitivity is, what is it you mean by the cultural sensitivity b) Why is it important to be culturally sensitive to international clients c) provide example(s) d) Acknowledge sources, using in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized...
Discussion (week #3)&Second; Critical Essay Assignment
1We need write one Discussion (week #3) which requirements is in week#3 Discussion Topic that attached below, One page. within 24 hours 2 We need write a Second Critical Essay Assignment which attached below and with lecture lesson , three pages within 36 hours
According to Martin & Nakayama in Experiencing Intercultural Communication, there are six reasons or imperatives for studying intercultural communication. Discuss two of these imperatives and justify their importance. In addition, identify two other imperatives not discussed in the textbook that you consider important. Be analytical and creative..
Andromache in Euripides' Trojan Women and Virgil's Aeneid
i need this paper done by 8:00 PM TODAY!!! the topic is --- Compare the character of Andromache in Euripidis' Trojan Women to her appearance in Virgil's Aeneid. How is she the same and how is she different? What cultural values for the Greeks and Romans does she represent in each work? There should also be at least 2 quotes from th books...
Blog on Gender Discrimination/ inequality in the workplace, socially and economically, etc.
I need 300 words on Gender discrimination / inequality in the workplace, socially, and economically. "Please remember to document your sources, your opinion is fine but remember to support it with sources. In other words why and how did you arrive at your current viewpoint; please do not state that is how my parents, husband, friends, etc. believe. Please include..
Critical Reaction #2
Write an academic essay (750-1000 words, excluding works cited) on ONE of the following topics: Use MLA style for all citations and Works Cited page must be MLA style 1. Like water for Chocolate can be said to double back against its own feminist pretensions, resulting in what is ultimately a conservative text. Explain the ways that the film can be read as a “feminist”..
Harakiri: Subverting and/or Affirming the Samurai Tradition
please select Topic 1 and method 1 use provided reading materials only the thesis must be the last sentence of the first paragraph. this is a 5 paragraph essay. intro + 3 body paragraphs + conclusion you must have a decent thesis statement for this assignment to be accepted..
Personal History & Perception
Katie Courics interview with Condoleeza Rice former Secretary of State childhood experiances affected her perception of intercultural event in today's world. SUPPORT YOUR STATEMENTS using quotes and paraphrased statements APA format.
Ethnic Background Family
I'm adopted. Its an online course. Assignment : Study on the ethnic background of both parents' families: Students report this to be a very profound assignment helping them to understand their past and to consciously shape their future. This can be a wonderful opportunity to talk with family members you may not have contacted in a long time. Write about their..
culture practices
write a one-page paper fully describing a certain cultural practice in your community
Brave New World
Describe what the book is about, what are the major themes, and what are the major questions it forces you to ask? Book link:
Internet research of three cultures
Details: Do an Internet search for timely and relevant journal articles related to deaf culture. Identify aspects of the culture that are surprising to you or that you did not know. Reflect on what you can learn from or about people who think differently than you because of their histories. Next, do an Internet search on "whiteness" and consider the validity of..
Cultural studies
This is a discussion board post: Do companies today take culture, as defined in Unit 1, into proper account and balance it along with other aspects of productivity? Why or why not? Provide two specific instances from your experience and from academic literature to support your response. Be sure to include APA-formatted references in your response for sources..
Media and Identity
The paper should be a 1000 word (minimum) essay. The essay must include internal, parenthetical citations (in text) in the current MLA format and a corresponding Works Cited page. Choose one specific piece of media (a TV show, ad, film, web site, magazine, video game, news source, etc) then discuss and analyze how it shapes our identities. That is, how does it..
Hello. There are two different essays here dealing with the same overall topic. Please write each one in a separate file. Minimum 2 pages each, double spaced, 12 font, times new roman. Please address all aspects of the question. Essay 1: How did the Spanish change Mesoamerican society in the colonial period? What social, political, and religious institutions..
Food and Identity
Explain how food gives us our identities. The essay must include internal, parenthetical citations (in text) in the current MLA format and a corresponding Works Cited page.  
Social isolation of human interactions
The readings from this unit highlight many different behaviors and cultural trends that can disrupt relationship-building. Using support from at least two texts (textbook and/or online), analyze two such disruptions that you believe significantly impact our ability to connect with others. 
chinese culture
3 aspects need to be considered: Chinese food. Wedding in china. Traditional Chinese music and instruments
1) Choose a current controversial topic that you feel strongly about. Briefly explain both sides of the controversy, and then describe your position on the issue and the reasons for that position. Which of the cultures you belong to have shaped your perspective on the issue and how? What would it take for you to change your position? Two to three pages in length,..
Demographics essay
Details: After reviewing the assigned readings for this topic, research other timely sites that give thorough demographic or census information. Choose an area that interests you, maybe the city or zip code where you live, and research the demographics of the area using relevant and timely sources. Identify the varieties of national heritage, language spoken..
Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment
Follow all instructions listed in the attachment except for the fact of writing the experience as to why the incomplete was received so you will be writing roughly a 6-8 page paper with a 13 power point slide to go with it.
diversity project
I need a 3-page essay on an Cultural Identity activity we did in class. Each of us was given a new identity. My was a Lesbian. I was pleased with my new identity, I have 4 questions that need to be answered.
song critique
listen to these two songs which are critiques of the "educational system." 1 1/2-2 page response. Dead Prez's "They Schools" and Pink Floyd's "Brick in the wall" Do you agree with the messages and critiques in the song? Why or why not?..
documentary review
review this documentary
Poem Review
review this short documentary and the poem attached
Puerto Rico the modern colony
read chapter 4 from Harvest of Empire on Puerto Rico Watch this short documentary The Empire Files: Puerto Rico's Debt to its Oppressors (there are two links because part I and part II are broken up. They are less than 15 minutes each.) Once..
media analysis
In a 2 - 3 page paper, analyze the portrayal of worldviews by evaluating the dialog and actions of the characters. Your paper will be evaluated based upon your ability to identify the worldview(s) depicted in the characters. In a 2 - 3 page paper, analyze the portrayal of worldviews by evaluating the dialog and actions of the characters. Your paper will be evaluated..
Middle East
Explain how the key historical-political factors of the following shaped the Greater Middle East/Gulf - Muhammad's Islamic Religion - Arab unity under three empires from 700 to 1918AD - Arab divisiveness and political rivalry under national governments since the 1930's - The Super Powers influence in the region during the Cold War - The 50-year-long Arab-Israeli..
see instructions below
3 double-spaced pages, not including cover page and reference page List and research the political history of Japan and it's religious history from the last twenty years Write an essay in which you include the following: Analyze the ways in which government and religion interact with each other. What influence does one have over the other? Please provide two..
article about research methodologies
Leedy Ch 6 of this week describes 4 research methodologies: Observation Studies, Correlational Research, Developmental Design, and Survey Research Your assignment is to find first: an article (that fulfills the requirements of any of the 4 research methods described in Leedy Ch 6) and, second: create a critical easy (please type your critical essay in a word..
Comparing Sculptures of Ancient India and Greece
Comparing Sculptures of Ancient India and Greece. Write an essay comparing the way gods and humans were depicted in sculpture in ancient India and Greece, and identify the cultural values and ideals that these art works reflect in each case. Your paper should: a) Using specific examples, compare the way gods and people were depicted in the sculptures of ancient..
Multicultural Ethics Quiz
What is the most significant challenge the world will be facing in the next ten years, and what are the complex ethical issues that will be raised by that challenge? One clue as to where we may be headed can be found in the materials we covered these past four weeks. Follow the possible trajectory of the issues you explored and then spend a little time researching your..
Multicultural Ehics
Instructions:Using all your readings and video clips for this week, analyze the differences and similarities between the various cultures mentioned (e.g. Canada, Belgium or more broadly Europe and Asia) with regards to euthanasia and assisted suicide. Which view or views come closest to your own moral and ethical viewpoint on the subject? Did your views..
Assimillating the Cultures of America
Choose a theoretical perspective (assimilation or pluralism) and write a 1500-2000 word essay on the strengths and challenges of this perspective. This assignment should incorporate class reading materials, discussion questions and associated materials from the lecturette(s) as well as 4 other peer reviewed sources. The final exam should be double spaced..
Civil Rights Movement
Write a 3 page essay on Black Power: what was it; how did it grew out of SNCC’s voting rights movement in the South; how it responded to the intractability of racism; and how it initiated a change in how Americans viewed their country. (Do NOT discuss the Black Panther Party) 3 PAGES, MLA FORMAT, DOUBLE SPACED, CITE ANY INFO USED..
Problems of absorbing various cultures into a society means that western countries cant accept more immigrants
The full title of assignment is: The problems of absorbing different cultures into one society mean that western countries cannot accept more immigrants. Do you agree? All of these sources should be used. -Banton, M (1977) The Idea of Race. London: Tavistock Publications Baumann, G. (1999) The Multicultural Riddle, London: Routledge Borjas, G (2001) Heaven’s..
Discuss family structure in your consultant’s culture (China).
1) What does a ‘normal’ family look like? Which family members typically live under the same roof? See if you can find what ideal relationships are like within a family (husband-wife, parent-child, brother-sister, older siblingyounger sibling, etc.). Are these ideals normally achieved or not? If your consultant is willing to share, learn about your language..
Cultural Identity Paper
This is a cultural identity paper and I'm Chinese, paper required me this use my identity to write this paper.
Thinking About Diversity and Inclusion
Apply critical-thinking skills to answer the following questions in a 700-word paper, based on this week's readings. What are the dimensions of cultural diversity? Identify and briefly explain the dimensions by referencing the text. With what ethnic, cultural, or other groups do you identify? Describe what members of your social circle have in common. What..
Judaism exam
I need this back in 18 hours. The book needed is What do Jews believe by David. Ariel ( only book that can be use for resource and citation). How will I get the book to you? Length: 5 pages, typed, double-spaced, 12-pt. font, one-inch margins. Use Apa citation and put page number on each citation. Topic: Write a well-organized and properly documented essay to answer..
Purpose: You will be using a lot of skills we have addressed to effectively develop a reading response the articles we have read in class regarding immigration. Assignment: You should first annotate the text in a way that will help you write the summary of the article, as well as the response. Then, develop a summary for the articles. Finally, develop a reader response..
book homegoing
The purpose of this interpretive essay is to help you achieve the following course learning goals: By the end of the course, students will be able to: Articulate several major themes in ethnic American literatures; Describe the historical, social, and cultural contexts of several works of ethnic American literatures; Write and speak engagingly and accurately..
Essay Question
Instructions for Writing the Essay Question (see checklist at the end of this document): (You will lose points if you fail to follow these instructions) 1. Choose one question to answer from the options provided below. 2. The essay must be word-processed, double-spaced, paginated, no less than 750 words and no more than 850 words. 3. You must have a separate title..
The Journey Of Man
basically watch this video: and respond in 1-2 pages
intercultural encounter that experienced personally
Read the attachment carefully then chat me if you think you can get good score.
Do not write title of my assignment. Please read my instruction document
Topic: In class, we talked at length and read about the social construction of gender. How is gender constructed, and how, throughout U.S. history, have gender stereotypes and expectations been used to perpetuate inequality and deny people their civil rights?
Compare and contrast
Write three pages on:"what forces shaped the immigration of Chinese and Japanese Americans? Compare and contrast these patterns with those of Hispanic immigration and immigration from Europe between 1820 and 1920. What are the key differences and similarities? "
Exploring Ancient Mysteries
Choose one (1) of the topics below and develop a three to four (3-4) paragraph essay (of at least 250-500 words) which adequately address the topic you have chosen. Topic Choices There have been many theories regarding how the pyramids at Giza were constructed. Most experts agree that they were constructed as burial monuments for pharaohs, but “how” these ancient..
You Choose
Textbook: Richard T. Schaefer (2015) Racial and Ethnic Groups 14th Edition, New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc Explain "White privilege." Apply "Whiteness" to German, Irish, Italian, and Polish Americans. *Write a 2-page essay. Use MLA format (1" borders all around; 12 pt Times New Roman font; double-spaced) - no works cited page required for this assignment...
reflection paper,
For your final reflection paper, consider and answer the following questions: What kind of decision maker do you tend to be (optimist, pessimist, opportunist)? Do you notice that you gravitate to one of these? How does this influence how you communicate about decisions, particularly in groups? What from the last three weeks of class can help you to better communicate..
Read the CRTC notes first and then follow the outline. The ″Issue″ is in Cultural protection perspective opinion essay. First paragraph you gotta state a thesis of whether you support the issue or not then back it up with 3 body paragraphs and end with a concluding paragraph so five paragraphs in total..
Please choose one of the following topics and prepare a three-page (minimum) report in proper MLA format. ONLY ONE PERSON PER TOPIC, PLEASE. A report gives factual information—it does not require a thesis to be proven or opinions to be discussed. For this assignment only, Google at least 3 websites for information. Be sure to cite your sources and use quotation..
Fiscal Policy Assignment
Your assignment for this module is write a short paper (1-2 pages) on fiscal policy in which you: 1.summarize a specific fiscal policy engaged in by the US federal government, 2.identify the goal of that fiscal policy (example, President X stated that the goal of this tax cut was Y), and 3.discuss the likely impact of this fiscal policy...
How does Princess Mononoke represent an alternative view of “Japanese Religion”?
Prompt: Resources:
Blog post
Write a 500 word blog Response to that attached document. Analyze the document. This is not a summary. I this assignment completed in the next 16 hours.
The stereotypical roles that young women in poor neighborhoods are forced into.
Describe into which stereotypical roles the women in Esperanza’s neighborhood and in "Girl" by Jamaica Kincaid seemed to be placed. Stories by Sandra Cisneros and Jamaica Kincaid. Describe also the conditioning that seems evident in all the characters in the neighborhood which creates the perpetual cycle of these stereotypical roles. Include some specific..
Alternative paths and Modern Search
These should incorporate your previous thoughts as well as your thoughts after completing the readings and talking with your classmates. Once you have done so, it should be fairly easy for you to react to the learnings. Some weeks, you might say these readings did not make you see religion differently, but I suspect many will help you evolve a new or growing opinion..
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