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history assignment
You have learned how newspapers and magazines can carry bias, now you will find an example. You will conduct Internet research to find an image, from either a newspaper or a magazine, that contains bias on a topic that interests you. One option may be to locate a political advertisement or political cartoon. After selecting an image, you will write a paragraph..
Year Up program personal statement
-Double spaced -2-3 pages -12 pt. in paragraph form Essay Question: Why do you want to join Year Up and why do you believe you are a good candidate for Year Up? Briefly describe your experience and learning, including learning outside the classroom, such as employment, family, volunteer work etc. Explain your reasons for further study, and personal and career..
No Sweat - Ruby GaryFalakis
APA 6th edition with in text citations. Read assignment carefully.
you are going to select an issue that you feel strongly about
For the third essay, you are going to select an issue that you feel strongly about and explain why you feel strongly about the issue. This essay will, later on, be used in your larger research paper. The assignment will include an MLA outline (1 page), the essay itself (Max. 2 pages) and an MLA works cited (1 page). The assignment should not exceed four pages...
Argumentative Essay - A Clockwork Orange and Chemical Castration
Hey if y'all have read this book then I assure you you'll understand this. I can give more information about it once you message me. A rough draft is due tomorrow at 9 am and a final draft due Friday at 9 am. I need something to turn in tomorrow, an A quality paper. 8-10 dollars a page. With the infromation I will attach and worksheets, it'll help so much when you write this...
What impact do lower fuel costs and other changes have on an airline’s net income?
The Prompt Respond to the following questions in the discussion forum for this module located in the "Discussion Board" link in the "Communication" area of the course. What impact do lower fuel costs and other changes have on an airline’s net income? American Airlines Group ( AAL ), the world’s biggest airline, has been reporting record profits in recent quarters...
Compare and contrast a Marxist and feminist view of the family
Essay questions: Compare and contrast a Marxist and feminist view of the family 2500 words Of concern in much sociological and political discussion in recent decades has been the question of inequality in society. The extent, distribution, causes and effects of a variety of forms of disadvantage has stimulated lively and wide ranging debate on a range of social..
Examine and describe the concepts of Organizational Theory and scientific management.
Essay Objective: Examine and describe the concepts of Organizational Theory and scientific management. Introduction: A working knowledge of organizational theory is a foundational element of a manager’s effectiveness in business. Organizational theory is the study of how organizations function and how they affect and are affected by the environment..
Assignment 4.2: Motivation and Motivation Strategies
Review the major theories of motivation in this lesson and in at least two articles. For example, you might read these articles: Theories of Human Motivation Employee Motivation Step 2: Answer the questions. Answer the following questions: What is motivating you to attend school? What motivates you generally? Consider the arousal, incentive, and self-determination..
Discuss and evaluate the claim that the only way to encourage international corporations
Checked your essay several times for accuracy Used Times New Roman or Arial font type, size 12 Double spaced between lines. Justified the text. Numbered all pages. Used a header on each page of your assignment with your ID number and module code.
Examine Key Elements of Information Technology and How They Affect Global Sustainability
Examine Key Elements of Information Technology and How They Affect Global Sustainability Write a one to two-page paper that compares and contrasts key elements of information technology and examines how they affect global sustainability. Include information on environmental sustainability and at least two other factors impacting information technology..
Video Reflection - How are Charter Schools Funded?
Watch the video: * provide a summary of the video AND a scholarly discussion about the issues surrounding the government's role in school funding. *Current APA * 4-5 pages excluding the title, abstract and references page. * MINIMUM of five peer-reviewed scholarly sources that have been published within the last five years...
Organizational Assessment, Diagnosis, and Intervention
Final Summary Paper: Organizational Assessment, Diagnosis, and Intervention. One 1500-1800 word APA formatted essay using at least 4 references where an organizational problem is assessed, diagnosed, and an intervention is proposed considering the Followership theory. paper outline: Introduction Problem Assessment (Section 1) Problem Diagnosis..
Public Health for high-income, middle income and low-income Countries
Choose one nation each from the categories: high-income, middle income and low-income. Identify at least five health indicators for each. Write an analysis of your data. Must Include minimum 1 graph (2 page) and be APA 6th edition. 3rd page must contain citations/reference
Critical evaluation of international marketing strategies of brands Samsung and Nokia in different countries
The student should write in general about both Brands. And should use journal articles, books and newspapers etc as references for the answering the question.They should include Introduction, main body and conclusion and references. The word limit for the assignment is 3000 words and students should use font size 12, Arial, 1.5 line spacing. Following is..
Read Instructions carefully. I do not want the genric bids you people are sending
Benchmark - Patient's Spiritual Needs: Case Analysis
In addition to the topic study materials, use the chart you completed and questions you answered in the Topic 3 about "Case Study: Healing and Autonomy" as the basis for your responses in this assignment. Answer the following questions about a patient's spiritual needs in light of the Christian worldview. In 200-250 words, respond to the following: Should the..
Assignment 2.2: Liberty Challenged in Nineteenth Century America Final Paper
You have already developed a thesis statement and an outline in which you explored the peculiar institution known as slavery. Now you will develop the final paper in which you explore your main points in detail. Introduce your paper with your previously crafted thesis statement. Describe two (2) outcomes of the 3/5ths Compromise, Missouri Compromise of 1820,..
Discussion- Ready Player One -Two Assignment Options (Choose One)
For Ready Player One-- You may post a regular discussion board posting (with an academic citation) OR try your hand at writing Fan Fiction. (There are many websites explaining how to write in this format.) Either choice for the discussion post is fine but choose only one option. Alternative to Regular Discussion Post—400 words minimum required- Writing FanFiction-..
Ethical Boundaries and Practices Paper. 1,000 words divided into 2 sections.
Directions: In order to write a paper of 750-1,000 words on professional ethical boundaries and practices, complete the steps below: Write from the perspective that you are a mental health professional in the field. Provide a thoughtful response to each of the following two sections, including specific, concrete examples to illustrate your ideas. Your final..
American popular culture and connecting it to the american dream, capitialism, or democracy
Semiotic Analysis of a trending American popular culture phenonmenon of ones choice. Pick something to which you have already access in order to do your analysis. Select any kind of current American text that you believe makes thoughtful and unqiue whether its positive or crucial, connecting it to American Dream democracy or capitalism..
Life at The Intersectionality of Race, Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation, and Many More
The essay has to talk about these things: In what ways do race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class, age, and disability intersect? How do multiple intersections lead to inequality and poverty? In what ways do social institutions help/hinder structural inequality?
Assignment 2: Overview of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
Most states regulate their health departments by city or county. Search for health department regulations for food service facilities that are closely related to the location where you reside. Focus on possible challenges to the restaurant industry, such as health department regulations and requirements, social concerns, competitive issues, and / or..
Describe Mintzberg’s contribution to understanding organizational design.
Explain how his ideas apply to different kinds of organization. Text must be double spaced in a clear font such as Arial, font size 12 Each short essay should be clearly written in an appropriately academic style Each short essay should include a full list of references for all articles, books and other sources (e.g. Internet sites) that have been cited in the body..
- Research Framework and Methodology (10%): Using Chapter One from EIIW, explain your theory of the concept of
- Research Framework and Methodology (10%): Using Chapter One from EIIW, explain your theory of the concept of “literacy.” What is literacy? How do you know a “literacy event” when you see it? How will you go about looking for literacy in its “natural habitat” or in context? Think of this essay as the framework you are creating for your study. (3-5 pages)..
Establishing Virtual Communities of Practice and Building Virtual Communities of Practice
Two parts In Chapter 3 of Professional Learning Communities at Work and Virtual Collaboration: On the Tipping Point of Transformation, the authors discuss 10 dimensions of establishing and shaping virtual collaborative teams. The 10 dimensions include: * Identification of open or closed membership. * Determination of the type of connection to be utilized:..
Performance Improvement Project - Select a healthcare organization issue needing improvement
Performance Improvement Project - Select a healthcare organization issue needing improvement. Identify several sources (at least 4) to help guide your work in this research paper. You will submit your abstract at the end of Week One, and develop the remainder of the paper in preparation for submission at the end of Week 4. The components of your research paper..
Describe the rise of Feudalism and its function in Medieval Europe
-NEED COMPLETED BY 8AM ON 2-20-17!! -Write a single spaced, MLA format, NO PLAGIARISM, 2-3 page essay describing the rise of Feudalism and its function in Medieval Europe. Try to give as many details as possible please, but the main questions that absolutely HAVE to be answered in full detail are: 1.)How did feudalism come in to being? 2.) How did it work? 3.)What..
Power of Relationships, Natural Helpers and Social Capital
analyze the readings and please try to identify common themes across several readings rather than analyzing readings separately, one by one.  you need to do the synthesis of the readings (i.e. determine overlapping themes) and then reflect on those themes. At the end of the essay, please ask a question according to your reading ? Remember APA Style format...
LLC or C-corporation - Which one an entrepreneur should choose?
It is a good idea for entrepreneurs to incorporate their business as an LLC or C-corporation to minimize liability and divide up equity among the members. Research the items below and prepare a paper on what is needed to set up a corporate structure for your business. What steps do you need to take to set up an LLC or a C-corporation in your state? How much will it cost..
Explain how traditional Confucian thinking in China reacted to the introduction...
Explain how traditional Confucian thinking in China reacted to the introduction of a specific foreign ideology. Choose one of the following: Buddhism, Christianity, or Communism. Be sure to explain how different aspects of Chinese society adapted to this new challenge.
Would you take the Huntington's disease test if one of your parents have it? Why or why not?
Hi! this is link for a documentary film about Huntington's disease..can you watch it and then write an essay? I wrote summary and now i need 3 body pharagraps and conculsion
Dating, Chinese and Western civilizations and cultures
1) Need to write an essay in 5,000 words [excluding bibliography] on dating with regard to the comparative studies of Chinese and Western civilizations and cultures since 1400 A.D. 2)Discuss the role cultural difference plays in determining the relationships between China and the West and make reference to some examples selected either from current affairs..
The pollution in New York City is some of the worst in the US country
This assignment requires you to begin researching your problem. In this paper, you will develop your ability to access, evaluate, and use credible information by identifying and summarizing highly credible sources. Guidelines In approximately 2-3 typed pages (not including the title page) using APA format, you should write an introduction, a thesis statement,..
Discussion: Application of Health Care Quality Concepts
In order to apply health care quality concepts to a health care issue or a facility using the measurement-related concept of structure, process, or outcome, it is necessary to understand that the three complement each other. In other words, one is not more important than the other. Criteria and standards are essential to evaluating the three. A criterion is..
visit the website for Commisceo Global, Take any two of the Cultural Awareness Quizzes at the following link: 1- A summary of your results, and your reactions to them. 2- What do you think your scores tell you about your cultural awareness? 3- How would knowing this information affect you as a manager?
Article about SSE (social solidarity economy) in China
Write an essay type article on SSE and the social development in China: The progress China has made with a social economy and the problems that exist in the system / economy. Thirty-year of economic transformation has changed China and turned it into one of the major players in the global capitalist economy. However, its economic growth has generated rising problems..
The global population has increased from 2 to 7 billion in the last 80 years. In the next 40 years it is predicted to rise to 9 billion, WHAT ARE THE CHALLENGES AND WHAT MEASURES CAN BE MOST EFFECTIVE IN FEEDING SUCH A RAPIDLY EXPANDING POPULATION?
What has been my personal experience as a group member
This essay needs to be done on a personal level extensive creative content needed 3 files uploaded are as follows ; 1 st are my current information content to be explained in a more detailed and personal matter 2nd doc1 - this is my friends essay which had a good pass ratio and serves as an information example that I need to base my personal essay 3rd Doc2 - is my actual..
Building Execution into the Change Management Plan
Scenario: You own a fairly successful eatery and microbrewery with cafe tables that seat 1,000 customers at any one time and serve several types of ethnic food in a large barn-like space in Chicago, Illinois. The restaurant has 15,000 square feet with 25-foot ceilings. After several years in business, and increasing competition, you have decided that you are..
Cyberlaw, hate speech, revenge porn, cyber harassment
Are phenomena like hate speech, revenge porn and cyber harassment special to the Internet or merely new versions of old problems? Depending on your answer, do you think current UK legal framework deals adequately with this problem, or do we need new solutions which may or may not be found in the law?..
View the video, write a response explaining the trait theories. Write a paper on your findings.
View the video, Deconstructing Individual Trait Theories of Crime; write a response explaining the trait theories. Write a paper on your findings.
Assignment 3.2: Classical versus Operant Conditioning
This writing assignment compares classical and operant conditioning. Deliverables A 500 word document (12-point font) comparing classical and operant conditioning Assignment Details Perform the following tasks: Step 1: Read about classical and operant conditioning. Review the material in this lesson and in other resources, if you choose, on classical..
water pollution, drinking water sources, and drinking water treatment processes.
water pollution, drinking water sources, and drinking water treatment processes. For your essay, make certain to address the following components: the impact of soil erosion on water quality in receiving waters, the dissolved oxygen profile downstream of a wastewater discharge, eutrophication of lakes, sources of groundwater pollution, drinking water..
What made Leonardo Divinci an extraordinary person?
I realized that Divinci was more than an artist. He was an architect, inventor amongst other things I read that that on of his sketches was used as as a perscur for and invention 500 years later invention ( I don’t remember what) I have attached apps per indid for the professor on Richard Wright to give you the format And attached the assignment and what I have so far..
Discuss/criticallyevaluate the different theologies/practices of healing within the Pentecostal/Charismatic
Hello there! please please please i only need 45-55% pass rate. UK pass rate is 40%. Discuss and critically evaluate the different theologies and practices of healing within the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement Discuss and critically evaluate the different theologies and practices of healing within the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement..
Assignment 3.1: America as a Monarchy/Dictatorship
Write one two page paper describing how the modern-day United States would be politically and socially different under a monarchy and under a dictatorship. What aspects of everyday life would change? What would be the same? Apply information and terminology from the lesson to imagine what this country would be like under those political systems...
what is the most important thing someone thinking of studying in another country should know ?
make a thesis in the introduction I'm not good at English so no hard vocabulary used talk about people in the USA and how the culture is so different than the other countries I want the paper tonight at or before 9PM please
Leading Organizational Change to Sustain Competitive Advantage
Market-leading organizations habitually innovate, adjust quickly to new business conditions, and seize emerging opportunities before their competitors do. The critical question though, is not whether to change in response to their swiftly changing environment, but how to manage that change effectively. The main discussion in this Assignment is to critically..
‘The notion of conduct helps us to understand the relationship between the individual and the social.
‘The notion of conduct helps us to understand the relationship between the individual and the social in significant ways.’ Evaluate this statement illustrating your answer drawing on three examples from the module material on Conduct. Word limit: 1800 words
Reflective Journal about international business decision
Reflect on the current international business environment and what you see as the greatest moral challenges business is facing today (you can select a particular country or region or industry if you wish as long as it is not the industry you analysed with your group). How has what you have learned in this class equipped you to deal with these issues? In other words,..
Comparing Elements of Short Stories in two stories: Love in L.A. and No One's a Mystery
A student in an Introduction to Literature class was asked to compare two short stories: Love in L.A. and No One's a Mystery. Mostly talk about how the author used the elements of a short story please (special attention to characterisation and conflict).
Read the APA's amicus brief for Perry v. New Hampshire According to the APA, what factors influence the reliability of eyewitness testimony? -- What specific circumstances of the Perry case might have affected the witness's reliability? Describe the circumstances and explain how they affect reliability. -- What methods might the police..
Write an argumentative essay of no less than 750 words, in which you explain why you think early American settlers were persuaded by Edwards's sermon, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God." Provide specific evidence from the text to support your argument. Use MLA guidelines for in-text citations and a works cited page. Click here to view the MLA Style Guide...
Discuss and evaluate the claim that affiliate marketing (the process of earning a commission by promoting othe
1. Read critically and evaluate viewpoints/research presented in written texts and make notes for a variety of spoken and written discourse purposes, for example, presentations, discussions, essays, reports. 2. Understand spoken input involving more than information, evaluate viewpoints/research and take notes for a variety of spoken and written discourse..
Harvard Business Review: The Case of the Pricing Predicament #1
Read the case study: The Case of the Pricing Predicament. Write a paper using Occidental Aerospace and Standard Machine Corporation as your examples, and explain pricing objectives. Discuss price elasticity Discuss the total cost of this transaction Finally, explain which of the three choices presented by Scott Palmer you would choose and why. Your paper..
Investigating and Addressing Integration Issues/Pedagogical Knowledge and Technology Integration
Two parts Discuss how you will address issues such as cost and funding; perspectives of stakeholders involved in the design and implementation of the plan; training and professional development needs; short- and long-term outcomes; connection to curricular and academic goals and desired outcomes; and ease of use and implementation. In the article "ICT:..
Assignment 2.2: Interaction of the Rich, the Poor, and the In-Between
A two-page (500-word) paper Assignment Details Perform the following tasks: Step 1: Write a paper Within the context of social structure, describe how class, status, and roles affect interactions between members and between others in a different class, status or role in the United States. What are the similarities between how they interact ? What are the differences?..
write a Critical Response based on story(birthmark)
Critical response will focus on “The Birth-mark” Choose one point that written by an author in the story, demonstrate agreement or disagreement, with evidence from the story only (NO outside research). use 2 – 3 quotations (direct or paraphrased) from the source. The length of the paper should be between 800 and 1000 words. Write this paper in the first person..
The Role of Transmedia Storytelling in building fandom and its impact on generating revenue for celebrities
Academic Writing 2400 words 15 references (5 from websites and 10 from journal articles, newspaper,etc.) Structure essay: intro, background, body, discussion (analysis), conclusion, references. Maximum 5-7% plagiarism. Harvard style referencing.
Early Italian Renaissance vs High Renaissance styles
Many art historians consider the High Renaissance style a culmination of the goals of the Early Renaissance. What were those goals and how did High Renaissance artists bring them into fruition? Address these issues in a composition in your own words and paste it into a discussion post as well as upload the file to (see announcement with information..
Case Study on Biomedical Ethics in the Christian Narrative
This assignment will incorporate a common practical tool in helping clinicians begin to ethically analyze a case. Organizing the data in this way will help you apply the four principles of principlism. Based on the "Case Study: Healing and Autonomy" and other required topic study materials, you will complete the "Applying the Four Principles: Case Study"..
Second Reflective Journal (250 words): A Conceptual Framework
Nga Pou e Wha A Conceptual Framework The re-development of the course created the need for a new conceptual framework that would underpin the ideologies for this new approach and course. A Conceptual Framework is a model that incorporates the 3 dimensions identified in the TEC learning progressions; 1. Know the learner 2. Know the course demands 3. Know what..
Where We Stand: Finance. a scholarly discussion on the best way to fund schools.
Instructions: Watch the video: Provide a brief summary of the video along with a scholarly discussion on the best way to fund schools. Submission Instructions: * current APA and 3-5 pages in length, excluding the title, abstract and references page. *minimum of five peer-reviewed scholarly sources that have been published within..
1-What dimensions of culture do you see?  Use the chart from the textbook and explain your conclusions using examples from the video. 2-Do you think the organization has a strong or weak culture?  Explain why, and how you think this might help or hurt the organization. 3-What evidence do you see that Zappos has an innovative culture? Detail this evidence using..
Inclusion personalised learning plan and literature review in educational field
This assignment is about the INCLUSION topic in EDUCATION field. The essay should provide a personalised learning plan for supporting the participation and progress of a student with a disability with professional responsibilities under policy and legislation. Also, It also needs to demonstrate a literature review to support the learning plan that is grounded..
comparative analysis of two or more of theses theories:Typology, Phenomenology and Diagrammatic Architecture.
Comparative analysis of two or more of theses theories:Typology, Phenomenology and Diagrammatic Architecture. Choose specific works or movements that influenced and allowed the theories to flourish. Instructions: You may want to compare all three or just two of the theories. Remember to provide in text citation. Here are some questions that may be answered..
Porter's Five Forces Framework concept/tool is the most useful Malaysia's insurance industry. Justify.
Essay required at least 10 citation with havard referencing style. use font size 12, Arial. the bigger the better for ease of reading. Use 1.5 or 2.0 spacing. MBA level essay. This is a strategic management subject. Use Malaysia insurance industry to describe why Porter's Five Forces Framework concept/idea/tools is the best practice. Justify. Essay need to..
Analytical paragraph on Greasy Lake by Coraghessan Boyle
I want an analytical paragraph which must consist of three parts; the claim, the evidence and the analysis. This paragraph should be of 200-220 words. i am attaching all the required instructions for this paragraph. I am attaching the paragraph on which i want the analytical paragraph. please make sure the it meets all the requirements. thank you..
What are the critical components for, and obstacles for, implementing therapeutic engagements skills
Add your front sheet with module assignment and student details What are the critical components for, and obstacles to, implementing therapeutic engagement skills? Where possible, illustrate this with examples from your placement. • You may focus the assignment so that it is personal to your own area of work or you may take a more generic view, this is entirely..
To what extent does Shostakovich draw on musical tradition in his chamber music?
To what extent does Shostakovich draw on musical tradition in his chamber music? Your answer must be supported by a discussion of two or three appropriate pieces of chamber music by Shostakovich that you have studied in the module materials (please see attached file). GUIDANCE NOTE This question is aimed at the learning outcome for Music and develops skills..
There is a paradox when it comes to emotional, or traumatic, memories.
There is a paradox when it comes to emotional, or traumatic, memories. On the one hand there are people who can completely forget traumatic or highly emotional memories, and on the other there are people who cannot stop remembering them. How can the research we’ve covered on the affects of emotion on memory and trauma make sense of this paradox..
Management Essay- Ethical Decision Making and Hiring
Explain the differences, importance, and purpose of both the code of conduct and the code of ethics. Secondly, tell me about some of the factors that you would use to make ethical hiring decisions in an organization. Why would these be important to include in the hiring process (Example of things that you might include: Legal Ground Rules or other items in our reading..
write an essay showing research of Government policy and Welfare State relating to social care.
Make sure your discussions are supported by research from a variety of sources. (1) Describe and explain Social Democracy and NeoLiberalism ideology and its influence on current Government Social Policy. (20 Discuss how current and emerging government strategies, policy and practice impacts on your organisation. LO1 Describe and explain contemporary..
What are some of the key insights derived from understanding health, illness and disability.
Title: What are some of the key insights derived from understanding health, illness and disability from a sociological perspective? Answer with reference to one or more health conditions. Demonstrate awareness of relevant theoretical perspectives in support of your answer (e.g., symbolic interactionism, postmodernism, Marxism). ➢ In the introduction..
“Why do some people develop mental illness while others do not?”
Drawing on your understanding of the material with multimedia map. an analysis of the factors that may influence the different susceptibility and resistance of individuals to developing mental illness. You should also clearly indicate how these factors interact with and influence each other. structure, clarity and coherence of your essay is utmost. 1000..
f industrialization and incorporation in the US between 1870 and 1920.
In the late-19th and early-20th centuries, industrialization transformed the US. What was once a land of isolated rural settlements with a few commercial cities became an urban industrial nation composed of large factories and increasingly complex firms by the early-20th century. Discuss the process of industrialization and incorporation in the US between..
Do you think that the producer’s behavior in Bachelor TV show is morally permissible?
In 2017, CNN obtained a copy of the contact signed by contestants in the Bachelor (a reality TV show). The contract stipulates that contests agree that producers are not liable for any injuries that occur during filming, including emotional distress, contracting an STD, and being subjected to “unlawful/unwelcome contact among participants.” Recently,..
Chinua Achebe’s works were highly influenced by his early life.
• Discuss the creation of the literary work • Interpret relevant aspects of the work in light of the writer’s biography • Develop the student writer’s own specific, arguable thesis throughout the essay • Utilize effective specific textual evidence • Cite all evidence with academic integrity in MLA format, including a correct Works Cited page • Demonstrate..
The State of Nation-building in the New South Africa
The State of Nation-building in the New South Africa NEVILLE ALEXANDER’s passage pp83-86 The purpose of this assignment is to teach you how to critically read an article, and to engage with and reflect on it in an academic manner by answering the assigned questions in short paragraphs. Answer the following five questions in short paragraphs of not more than 100..
the decline of the american dream in the great Gatsby and The big short
For this essay, I'd like you to craft a thesis that makes a comparison of a shared theme in The Great Gatsby and one (just one!) of these two stories. Use concrete textual analysis of characters, events, and motifs to support your overall claim. You are encouraged but not required to use outside sources, whether it be literary or film criticism or articles about..
Step 1: Topic Proposal and Annotated Bibliography
The purpose of this assignment is to identify an academic line inquiry suitable for a 7 - 10 page paper. You will extensively research your topic and arrive at a complex, arguable claim. You will present this claim in your introduction, then go on to explore this claim from various angles and prove it through reliable research...
NEED IT IN 6 HOURS (SUPER EASY) 3-paragraph essay on Mill
READ the attached file. Following the example on pp. 48-49 of The Critical Thinking Initiative Handbook for Students, and using our numerous close analyses of Mill we did over a two-week period, write a 3-paragraph paper on something you have a question about or problem with in Mill. The structure of the 3-paragraph essay, as you can easily see for yourself by..
design a small country that fosters the greatest happiness for the greatnest number of people
Your body paragraphs will zoom in on five or more national interests. Examples include: class, race, ideologies (belief systems, religions, and so on), urban design, architecture, transportation, renewable resources, leadership / system of government, arts (painting, literature, music, film), military, cuisine, physical / mental health of citizens,..
REVISE paper on culture and identity. Culture of American Work
Document attached has the full paper. You will see that there are highlight things. Yellow is for the professors words--comments she inserted, or words she added/changed. Turquoise is for the original words: the things she is referring to. Sometimes she highlights words in turquoise without comments; that means there is some problem with those words--an..
Reflective essay on learning gained from participation in the module
How teams work and how your team has responded to the challenges of the project. • How future work employment opportunities may have been influenced by the project. You may wish to critique; • the research methodology used for the project • the consultancy process related to relevant literature • how you have learnt, and your appreciation of learning to learn..
Exploring Ideas about Art and Aesthetics (3 pages)
In this assignment you will have the opportunity for personal reflection on art and aesthetics, based on selections from a range of philosophical and cultural approaches that are provided in course documents. Goals for this assignment include exposure to a range of ideas about art and aesthetics, and an opportunity to reflect on some of those ideas in terms..
women are overlooked in the workplace (toulmin argument)
talk about : women are overlooked in the workplace because they are looked upon by their physical appearance and vulnerability; are adhering to the feminine norms, trying to maintain work/life balance and the need to uphold the traditional gender roles 1200 words 5 minimum citations
Access, cost, and quality for Advance Practice Nurse
Discuss the access, cost, and quality of quality environments, as well as recent quality initiatives (See Chapter 24 and Table 24.1). Student is to reflect on the relationship between quality measures and evaluation and role development. In addition, describe this relationship and note how the role of the advanced practice nurse might change without effective..
Artistic influence on fashion styles from period of during and after world war 2
Write an expository essay describing artistic influences on fashion styles from period of during and after World War 2, provide written descriptive examples (no images) on specific fashion styles during tht period Handwritten essay on A4 size writing paper minimum 1500 words.
Corpus Analysis Portfolio – Visualizing Language: Application and Comparison
Read Visual Corpus Linguistics With Many Eyes (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Experiment with the tools, Wordle (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., Voyant (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.(Please see Voyant Instructions below), Word Tree (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.,..
Source Book Assignment for Foundation Modern World
Read the following Readings and write reflections and summary for each ones. -Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen‖ (1789) -Abbé Sieyes – ―What is the Third Estate‖ (1789) -Maximilien Robespierre – ―Justification of the Use of Terror‖ (1794)
Technology and Relationships in a Classroom for Elementary Students with Special Needs
I will upload my paper for you to put the result and discussion inside the report. Below is an example about the two subjects . -Results The results section comes right after the Method section (it does not begin on a new page). The information in this section includes the numerical/statistical presentation of the study's results. It should begin with a description..
comparing the essays “The Pippiest Place on Earth” by Sam Anderson, and “The Paid Piper” by Grant Stoddard
From these essays, discuss the ways they do (or do not) educate, or conform to, your developing understanding of the nature of travel writing. Consider such questions as these (they are suggested issues to consider; you may shape your essay around different themes): How do (or don’t) the essays qualify to be considered “travel writing”? How do the authors see..
Exploring a specific new media technology/platform/practice
Students are required to submit a 2000 word essay on a topic of their choosing exploring a specific new media technology/platform/practice. Students should select a new media technology/platform/practice and construct an academic argument around it. It needs to be a specific argument, that tells the reader something about the relationship between this..
The Great Depression (please read carefully instructions )
Please remember, this MUST be written in an essay format. If this is not written in an essay format, the grade of your paper will be lowered a whole letter grade. You MUST cite where the information you are discussing has come from AND you MUST source, “AMERICAN YAWP” and “The American YAWP Reader.” You are required to include at MINIMUM one primary source and a MINIMUM..
Write about HOFSTEDE 3 dimensions of CANADA (Masculinity , Uncertainty Avoidance, and Long Term Orientation) and how they affect the business world in canada. I HAVE PROVIDED AN EXAMPLE PAPER OF WHAT IT SHOULD LOOK LIKE.
Explore how Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “The Handsomest Drowned Man”
This is a community college level English Literature class essay, The attachment is the guideline and the material. I am goind to write option one - "Explore how Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “The Handsomest Drowned Man” (a) incorporates elements of magical realism and (b) represents an origin myth for this small town."..
how the role of the nurse has evolved through the years.
As the nursing profession has changed over the decades, it is important to reflect on how those changes have affected the day-to-day activities of the nurse.Discussion Board Rubric Expectation Weight % Score Earned Comments Support From Literature: Support from current literature (less than 5 years old) is present and includes a minimum of one scholarly..
Think about a decision you've recently made where you had to choose from several different options
Write a description of this decision using the steps in the decision making process as your guide. Be sure to list each step and what you did for it. Describe whether you relied on external or internal sources of information to help you make the decision. Reflect on your decision making process - what did you learn? Was this a good decision, or a bad one? What happened..
Theories and Techniques of Counseling Therapy Application Paper
this paper is to demonstrate my understanding of counseling theories through self-exploration and application of CBT therapy. Choose a specific recent disturbing situation and complete an “ABC” framework. Write out the specifics for each part of this exercise and include in your paper. APA format
What were the reasons for the parent company of Greenland Group to invest in Australia?        
After familiar with the given research question and the 3 minutes vide, you need to write around 650 words report. Because this is a part of group work, you do not need to write introduction paragraph and conclusion paragraph Company you need to write: Greenland Group (also called Greenland Holdings Corporation Limited) The Research Question: How does Greenland..
The United States’ Position in Supporting the United Nations
THE ESSAY NEED TO BE IN THE ROGERIAN MODEL The essay must use the MLA template provided and be uploaded in one of the correct file formats or it will not be accepted. Evaluation of a National Argument 4-5 page (MLA) 200 points In the first essay, you were asked to analyze and update an argument on globalization from your textbook. For this next assignment we are taking..
separation of power and on delegation doctrine in administrative law
I want you to discuss the limit on powers of the government branches. what are the limits on president when appointing or removing an officer. what are the limits on the president executive orders. how may that President craft their executive orders to avoid judicial review what are the limit on Congress power such as legislative veto and why they cannot appoint..
UK government has announced that it is planning to increase regulations on businesses to combat climate change
Choose a particular political stance from which to base your argument in (Socialism, Conservatism, Liberalism or a particular view within one of the ideologies, for example a New Right Conservative or a Modern Liberal). Write in the first person. Include persuasive language techniques. An engaging opening. Articulate the reasons why that political stance..
Does education's role in providing social capital work for members of marginalized communities?
MLA version . 5 body paragraph essay each paragraph must start with good topic and clim and I upload 2 source must use quote from their each source for one paragraph and your won experience. Does education's role in providing social capital work for members of marginalized communities? why or why not ?..
Thirld World Liberation Front 50th Anniversary Event essay
write about your experience at a community event (event link below) that is related to the themes of this class, Ethnic Studies. Your cultural event essay should be between one to two pages (approx. 300-600 words) and describe in sufficient detail the event or program you attended as well as its connection to the course. Event that you will write about: The Presentation..
ESSAY QUESTION - HOW DOES NOSTALGIA AFFECT BOTH NATIONS AND PEOPLE IN THE NOVEL? " Must have Quotes from book. " Four-to-five typed, double-spaced pages (1000-1250 words). Last name and page number should appear in upper-right hand corner of all pages except the first. " One-inch margins and 12-point, Times New Roman font. " Use MLA documentation for citations..
Schools do not have funding or enough staff to secure mentors. Evaluate 2 strategies to increase mentorship.
"Mentors are an important part of teacher development. However some districts do not have adequate funding or enough staff to secure mentors. Evaluate two strategies to increase mentorship." The essay should consist of 4 paragraphs with about 7 sentences each one. The introduction should also have a thesis statement. The 2 detail paragraphs should discuss..
observing and describing verbal and nonverbal communication
Write an extremely detailed description of each conversation describe the participants and the setting and include your ideas what you think is going on and what you think you know about the participants .try to describe everything you heard or saw to support any conclusions you draw.
Analysis Assessing the linkages between Marketing and Management Sustainability
use Toyota as case study Background to the company: Examine the key strategies for the company you have chosen. Demonstration of the Body of Knowledge: With reference to a minimum of 15 academic journal articles identify the key principles of sustainable marketing and management practices. Explanation of the theory - the concept of sustainability: Explain..
Assignment 3: Fraud Schemes and Fraud Investigations
Write a four to five (4-5) page paper in which you: Based on your research, assume that you are fraud investigator assigned to coordinate an investigation of the fraudster. Determine how you would implement this investigation without the fraudster’s knowledge. Provide support for your rationale. Assuming you are the fraud investigator on this case, assess..
The Relationship Between Feminism and Anthropology
I need that from where you take information to do my research I put it and also what page you took that information from or if it is a book or web site, what parafo was that tomato and what page and line. my teacher is very complicated and look at all of that and I need a very clean and clear copy of the information and that everything is understood...
Social Psychological Foundations of Stereotype Formation
I need the article to be summarized in no more than 120 words and no less than 100 words. The article is attached. If you give me a good summary and if the professor liked it, I will choose you for critiquing the same article later.
District schools find it difficult to maintain the pace with technology.
Title : " District schools find it difficult to maintain the pace with technology. discuss two strategies to ease the gap between the state of the art technology and what is available in the classroom." 4 paragraphs, around 450 words, introduction with thesis, 1 paragraph for each strategy with supporting details and tangible examples at school, and one paragraph..
Referring to research... (instructions in main box below)
Referring to research, outline what is meant by bullying and bullying behaviour. Explain the interventions available to reduce bullying behaviour and why they tend to be of limited success. N.B. If you do not answer the question properly and if you do not adhere to the references provided, I will not be accepting the essay. Also, if I check it and see it's plagiarised..
Discuss the role and impact of play in child development
N.B. If you do not answer the question properly and if you do not adhere to the references provided, I will not be accepting the essay. Also, if I check it and see it's plagiarised I will also not be accepting it. Please use following references: An Introduction to Developmental Psychology (Slater & Bremmer, 2003; & Slater & Bremmer, 2017). Lillard, A. S., Lerner,..
“Before we measure something we must ask whether we understand what it is we are trying to measure.”
A strong essay will use the key themes addressed in the second part of the module to develop the analysis, namely: Knowledge Management/Environment Communities of Practice/Interest The Challenge of Performance Measurement Intellectual Capital and Social Networks Organisational examples from the tutorial sessions should be used to illustrate the themes..
critique my year of saying yes Ted {Shonda Rhimes}
Outside Speaker Critique Instructor Name Course Hour word count Date Your Final exam is a paper that demonstrates your ability as a constructive listener. Write a 2-page essay critiquing a public speech. Make sure to follow APA/MLA guidelines because formatting issues like using times new roman 12pnt font, works cited page, double space, one-inch margins,..
One day there may be a drug to turbocharge the brain. Who should get it.
Use the procedure in essay paper.introduction,title of the article, the writer name and for an d so this paper u gonna quotes from the text or the article, . Introduce the quotes, incite the quotes, interpret the quotes, etc. all quotes from and everything from the article attached in the file...
Critical Thinking Assignment #1 - Informal Presidential Power
Make sure your total assignment answer is at least a minimum of one and a half pages in length (not the answer to each sub question, however) A minimum one and a half pages paper is a 'C' level paper--an 'A' requires a minimum of two pages, double-spaced. Be sure you save a back up copy and submit your work either rtf or word doc format. Appropriate research and citation..
Art exhibition of a museum. digital upload. must have experience with art history
Read the attached file labeled art paper study bay final for directions. The are some power points to see what eras we are working with i uploaded and will send the rest when hired. This has to be in depth paper with art vocabulary and visual analysis and familiar with the pacific eras. I had another writter tell me they knew what they were doing just for a one page small..
(critical Approach Essay)IFS Analysis of August Strindberg's Miss Julie Here are some documents you need to read, including the play Miss Julie and the instruction of Internal Family system(IFS) .There are some example I posted and there is a critical approach format of this essay, please follow it, thank you..
how does study of lobbying help in the understanding of European Integration ? provides examples to support.
i)  Structure – Begin your essay with a thesis statement – one or two sentences that condense the argument or analysis to follow. (e.g. Lobbying created benefits for businesses for X reasons, specifically ... Or e.g. In retrospect, it was not in the best interest for Eastern European member states to join the EU because ...). The thesis statement is then followed..
Communicating Epidemiological Research to the Public
Creating a Press Release With the rise of the Internet and social media, information can be disseminated to the public more quickly and efficiently than ever. Increased access to public health information gives individuals the potential to be far better informed than their counterparts in previous generations. What happens, though, when inaccurate information..
Short Paper 4: Relationship & Community (Individual)
Short Paper Prompt 4 Note: For this paper you are allowed to write about the Relational and/or Communitarian Ethicist(s) of your choice whom we encounter in this Unit. According to a Relational and/or Communitarian Ethics, how are we to approach life? What we are to do, and how we are to be? What is our purpose or fulfillment, morally speaking? What is the source..
If most people can drive without understanding how an automobile works, why need to know how a computer works?
"If most people can drive without understanding how an automobile works, why should anyone need to know how a computer works?" Strong thesis statement. Identifies key concepts and related terms that describe the information.
Tourism Sustainability Assessment - Final Paper for Tourism Management
Conduct an in-depth analysis of the tourism development strategies for any destination of your choice. You will research this destination and type up the analysis of your findings. Your paper should be at least three single-spaced pages and contain the required information: 1. General overview of the destination you chose; Include why you chose it and a basic..
should companies be allowed to profit from a donors body?
Should companies be allowed to profit from a donor’s body products, whether it is DNA, tissue, cells, etc? Some points to consider: 1. Who owns cells and why ownership of cells or body products is complex and problematic 2. Benefits and drawbacks surrounding commercialization of body products 3. Whether Henrietta Lacks’ family should have shared in the immense..
(power, agency, scale, history) framework can help to explain Detroit’s path to development.
These notes are designed to assist you in preparing and structuring your study and writing process for this TMA. It is recommended that you read these notes carefully and follow the suggestions outlined below to give yourself the best chance of addressing the questions explicitly and systematically
Global Healthcare Comparison Matrix and Narrative Statement
To Prepare: Review the World Health Organization’s (WHO) global health agenda and select one global health issue to focus on for this Assignment. Select at least one additional country to compare to the U.S. for this Assignment. Reflect on how the global health issue you selected is approached in the U.S. and in the additional country you selected. Review and..
Illegal Immigration in the United States and its effects on the labor market
Guidelines The purpose of this exercise is for you to produce a well-argued research paper related to a current issue using at least five scholarly sources (this is the minimum; you can always add more sources if you wish, including non-scholarly ones). Make sure your essay is logically structured and that the evidence you present supports your thesis statement...
essay over some issue of public policy in the United States, Texas or the World
content quality, creativity/style of presentation, and research ability Opinion/Editorial Essay/Research Essay: Students may opt to write a five page paper (double spaced) over a policy topic. The essay should be informative and state your opionion about an issue. Students must include a properly formatted works cited with parenthetical citations or..
pathogens (bacteria) and their links to malignancy
Discuss pathogens (bacteria) and their links to malignancy, such as cervical cancer and the papilloma virus, or any other you want to write about. (Minimum 500 words) Papers must be in APA format.In essence all you need is a title page, body of content, and a reference page formatted in APA.
Why did the French cultivate such positive relations with Indians?
Please read : Faust, "Culture, Conflict, and Community" Article and answer the question: -Why did the French cultivate such positive relations with Indians? Please follow instructions in the attachment.
Critically analyse the article attached title ''Women and creative industries.
. Individual Assignment: Critical reflection Critical reflection for this piece is an individual work: it gives you the opportunity to display your personal capacity to critically reflect on a topic from an academic perspective. To do so, pick one article in the sample of articles provided on Blackboard. Then write a critical reflection about the chosen paper...
How can we adopt Regulation Approach's framework to analyse the Financialization?
This is a reflection paper for Political Economy of Organizing. I need words 2.200 to 2.300 by May 12th. I will attach the documents to be used as reference. Plagiarism is critical and as it is for PhD lesson, context and quality is important. The theoretical framework outlined during this course stated that, a model of capitalist development permits a relatively..
Critically analyse of Air France 447 in relation to situational awareness.
no introduction or conclusion, this is just one part from a group assignment. Providing an insight into the accident from a human factors point of view • Linking the accident with the human factors topics of situational awareness • Link to other literature (reference appropriately) • Critically examine literature while linking it to the chosen accident..
meaning of water imagery in Never Let Me Go by kazuo Ishiguro
A close reading of a longer, more complex literary text. The challenge of Essay 3 will be to develop an appropriate scope of inquiry. Strong arguments or claims will be cognizant of the text as a whole yet grounded in judiciously chosen components of it. You will be expected to engage with a critical discussion associated with your text. You can agree, disagree,..
Assignment 2: Motivation and Performance Management
Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you: Compare the difference between job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Determine which is more strongly related to performance for your selected company. Apply motivational theory and performance management principles to evaluate the company as a potential employer. Use at least three (3) quality..
Risk Management in International Banking, Insurance and Finance
This This report is about the problem between banks and risks.I chose for this report is HSBC bank and the risk of research is the market.Write company background as little as possible in the article. This assignment is the second assignment of this course, so please don't worry about the information given to you that may be the first assignment...
Labor Economics Summary of Article Assignment one page
Write a short summary of no more than one page of the article with appropriate referencing. This is a subject relating to Labor Economics and forms 5% of the overall grading. Marking Rubrics is extremely important. Please see the attached..
pathogens (bacteria) and their links to malignancy
Discuss pathogens (bacteria) and their links to malignancy, such as cervical cancer and the papilloma virus, or any other you want to write about. (Minimum 500 words) Papers must be in APA format. In essence all you need is a title page, body of content, and a reference page formatted in APA.
“Help shape our future strategies around Diversity and Inclusion”
I am to develop and submit an entry for our Diversity Statement of Belief. Keep Statement should be kept to a maximum of 100 words. A positive message and highlight of what we want to achieve with our Statement of Diversity. This is a competition tho
Challenges and benefits of making decisions as an educator in a morally ambiguous situation.
Title: "Some educators have to make decisions about morally ambiguous situations. Provide some of the challenges and benefits of making decisions as an educator in a morally ambiguous situation." It is important to discuss in the introduction what a "morally ambiguous situation" means in the field of education...
Great Depression and Great Recession of 2008, Similarities
must be at least 2-3 pages and Consider the causes of the Great Depression. Are there any similarities between this phenomenon and the Great Recession that President Obama's administration faced style.
MY QUESTION: Critically consider whether England and Wales should follow the example of the New Zealand Prosti
MY QUESTION: Critically consider whether England and Wales should follow the example of the New Zealand Prostitution reform Act 2003 and decriminalise prostitution. all the information will be in the word document attached. Please follow ATTACHED instructions exactly. Iam in the UK so everything has to be uk based generally. my first language isn't english..
Cultural & Social Diversity in Health Care (in Hong Kong)
- Compares 2 culturally diverse groups in Hong Kong. -Focus on selected disease / health / healthcare issue / risk factors (the ISSUEs) experienced by both target groups. –Both groups should be residing in Hong Kong. -Why these 2 groups are susceptible to / influenced the ISSUEs? -What historical and or social events that are directly related /relevant to the..
Financial Management in Health Care/ class 1 week 1
Assignment Details There are several advantages and disadvantages of various revenue sources as payment for services rendered in health care (e.g., managed care, prospective, retrospective). What do you believe are the primary advantages and disadvantages of having multiple revenue sources for health care services offered by an organization for planning..
exact topic is attached below in "instruction" column (education philosophy)
topic: address an educational issue or a longstanding educational topic in Hong Kong context. students should be alert to reasons, values n beliefs held by stakeholders. Also possible concern of justice, fairness and equity with APA citation in-text and end of text requirement: need to be an essay stick tight to the topic and backed up with support sources -report..
How oversea student affect employment market in Australia
This Essay is an Argumentative Essay. I have picked the topic which is " How oversea student affect the employment market in Australia". You need to think about the overseas student is a positive/negative impact on the employment market in Australia. You should stand on the one side to write this Essay and find powerful evidences to support your viewpoint. please..
Ethics, Performance Measures, and the Balanced Scorecard
Details: Part 1 Your boss recently attended an accounting seminar at which the balanced scorecard was discussed. He has asked you (or your group) to prepare a presentation for the next manager’s meeting about the balanced scorecard and how EEC might adopt it. In your presentation, you (or your group) should complete the following: Define the elements that might..
why you selected pharmacy as a career and how the degree relates to your immediate and long term goals
Please be aware that your admission essay may be subject to submission for textual similarity review to iThenticate/Turnitin for Admissions for the detection of plagiarism duplication and other potential violations of the applicant code of conduct. All submitted essays and other materials will be included as source documents in the Ithenticate/Turnitin..
Fashion Period Report: Post WWII Society and Fashion
Assignment 1: Fashion Period Report: Post WWII Society and Fashion For this assignment, write a (minimum) 600-word essay that explores the period after World War II, 1945–1960. Society in the post-war era was characterized by conformity to new trends. Women's roles largely returned to home making and a population boom ensued. This period was also marked by..
Discuss the way in which violence challenges living political ideas
4000 word essay. I will send you the student notes and guidance, as well as the study materials. Please note: no external sources should be used, simply utilise the material I provide. Please follow the instructions and any other way of applying this essay will result in a fail.
Nursing competencies, professional responsibilities and boundaries
1075 word essay (including the introduction and conclusion) details outlined in the attached file, this is part two of the current essay you are working on, are you able to incorporate in the intro and conclusion part 1 and 2, the whole essay is 1500 words
Give arguments for proposition that cloning is “playing God”.
short-essay of 500-750 words in length State your thesis, the answer you want to defend using at least three well-supported reasons embodying logic, reason, and research. Give possible objections to your arguments, answer these objections and restate your conclusion. It will also need more the two Work Cites..
Reflective Essay about my group creating a business project.
-Further instruction will be given once hired. -Writers must have a Turnitin account (to check similarity) -Writers are verified from studybay -Writers are minimum 50 assignment done -High quality assignment content - (+/-) Feedback is given to writer once this grades are given -references are in Harvard style..
“Are Your Clothes Part of the Global Commodity Chain?”
Using your cell phone or a digital camera take pictures of three stores which illustrate the concept of globalization or a commodity chain. Then using the information, you collected for this assignment, explain those images. Finally, your write up should have an 8 sentence introduction, one 4 sentence caption per image and a 40-5 sentence conclusion. Remember..
The Revolutionary American Colonial Perspective on the British Monarchy
The British King and bureaucracy (the Crown) thought the colonists were acting like spoiled children. The colonists thought the British were overbearing, taxing unfairly, and ignoring their grievances. For this assignment, take the perspective of American colonists and write a paper explaining why the British colonies in North America revolted against..
How Nestle handled its Maggi noodle debacle in india.
Choose a company (any company except for the one chosen for your group project) (Nestle). Write a Persuasive Essay about why you are ‘for’ or ‘against’ the way the organization handled a recent crisis that negatively impacted society in some way. Be sure to first explain how they responded to the crisis and then argue your position. Outline: ➢ Introduction and..
three problems that Arab Israeli students face in studying English
i have written an introduction to my essay, i just need someone to compete it it is about Arab-Israeli having problems studying English and that is due to differences between the two languages, and problems related to the English spelling/ sound system; thirdly, problems related to the insufficient proficiency of English. i want a body and conclusion 5 sources..
Threat Analysis to U.S. National Security Interests
Provide a threat analysis from a nation state or transnational threat identified in the 2019 Worldwide Threat Assessment. The paper should identify at least one key threat to U.S. national security interests. The research paper should be no less than 2500 words, and Include a title page and works cited page. Research Paper Element Description Background Provide..
Signature Assignment: HR Strategic Planning Proposal
Scenario: ABC Company, a midsize organization founded in 2010, is a health care company specializing in hospital products. ABC employs approximately 600 employees. The company is currently doing business in the Midwestern states. The new president, Jason Fenwick, is eager to take the organization to the next level of performance. Jason’s plan is to grow..
Drawing upon relevant examples,explain culture influences the way businesses operate in different countries
• Word limit: 2000 words (excluding executive summary) • Use secondary data from books and papers to tackle theoretical issues relevant to the aforementioned topic • Please note carefully that if you copy text from such sources you must correctly reference the source • Check the ‘LBS referencing guide’ on Blackboard for details • Please use an executive summary..
What is Neoliberalism, and how does it operate ideologically?
The aim of the extended essay is to engage in depth with one of the central questions addressed during weeks 4-10 of the course, and/or to think across several such themes. The extended essay should demonstrate an understanding of the theoretical debates concerning the given question, and the capacity to deploy one or more of these theoretical approaches in..
Subsidies for firms that invest in clean technologies
Write a 4–5-page paper (including the title page and reference list), that accomplishes all of the following: Explains the policy Gives an example where it has been used Explains why it is has improved the problem it was meant to correct Explains how economic principles are used in the design of the policy 1) The paper should be well organized, with an introduction..
A Comparison of Three Perspectives on the Evolution of Technology
Essay should have 5 paragraph. paragraph 1 an overview of what u have to say in comparing and contrasting the perspectives of Gerhard Lenski, Leslie White, and Alvin Toffler with respect to the evolution of technology. paragraph 2 describe the perpectives of Gerhard Lenski. paragraph 3 perspective of Leslie White. paragraph 4 describe and discuss the perpectives..
Nurse Leadership and Management Discussion Question
Module One Discussion Question: Answer the following questions honestly - this is a safe space to reflect and learn about topics we cover! Some students like to type their discussion post first in a Word document to check grammar, spelling and word count. Then they copy and paste it into the textbox. If you do this, you will need to use ‘ctrl v’ to paste it. From your..
Essentials of Nursing Research Discussion Question
Go to the NINR website: and identify the four current priorities for nursing research under NURSING RESEARCH DEVELOPS KNOWLEDGE TO…. Do you agree with the priorities or would you recommend addition or elimination of some of the priorities? Describe how these research initiatives can be translated into evidence-based practice..
the unique characteristics of the hospitality and tourism product
1. The answers should be numbered accordingly and consist of 2400 words (a deviation of +/- 10% is acceptable). 2. Evidence of further reading and research should be apparent. Papers will be marked according to the extent to which they display appropriate in-depth understanding of theoretical concepts in relation to the case study. 3. Appropriate complementary..
history of united states stance on foreign policy
Discuss the history and major foreign policy position of the united states, begin with the doctrine of isolationism, research nd further develop this and discuss the monroe doctrine, the spanish american war, all world wars and various issues related to the cold war, such as deterrence, MAD and detente. do not go beyond 1991 and collapse of the soviet union...
What were the features of the Neolithic Revolution?
Please utilize the following links or any other source except online encyclopediae.|CX3045300813&v=2.1&u=umd_umuc&it=r&p=GVRL&sw=w&asid=6447ec95dbc52a9133415d84dbfa0c83
Is it right to act in one’s own best interest, or to obey the state? In other words, was Socrates right to obe
Write a 2500-word critical position essay on one of the topics given below. Your assignment should be double spaced. Make certain that your documentation is complete and that you take every effort to acknowledge intellectual indebtedness. It is worth 40 per cent of your final grade for this course.
Research Division 2 or Section III and Research Division 3 or Section IV
Assignment 1 Draft - Research Division 2 or Section III of the Research Paper (Essay 5) - Body Paragraphs 3 and 4 Directions: Create a new file in Microsoft Word that includes only the body paragraphs for Research Division 2 or section III of the Essay 5 outline. (Body paragraphs 3 and 4 of Essay 5). Ensure that the document is in MLA format with a heading and a title..
Cold War Politics And Ideology On A Global Scale And In Brazil Specifically
You had been help me to finish a paper. And now, my professor required add 1-2 pages. Can you help me? Have you ever read the book or? Can u just write something relate with the book is fine. Just the main idea that relate with the book is fine. Thank you.
Methods Essay on Police in the Hallways by Kathleen Nolan and Privilege by Shamus Khan
Write a five to eight page essay discussing the research methods used by Nolan and Khan. Describe and compare the two authors’ methods using terminology from the readings and lectures. Identify the different communities in both books. Discuss why a researcher might choose to use those approaches for their topics. Consider what other methods might have been..
The Courtship of Mr. Lyons and Beauty and the beast.
Hello please write a essay that compares the 2 topics and**** then take a position stating who is the better role model for the children reading or watching and explain why. **** Movie- Beauty and the beast by Disney Reading- The Courtship of Mr Lyon by Angela Carter
Response Papers (Two Response Papers for my Politics Class)
Write two critical response papers (each one is 400 words), in response to: 1- Craig Calhoun's article (What Threatens Capitalism Now?), 2- First Chapter of the book (Capitalism, Fred L. Block) and it's called "The Capitalist Illusion". Please take a look at my previous response paper, I don't want these two response papers to be just a summary. We are not meant..
Beyond Birth: A Child's Cells May Help or Harm the Mother Long after Delivery
You are expected to submit a 250-word essay that directly addresses ALL of the outlined objectives of the rubric. You must paste or type your response directly into the text box. You must not exceed 250 words. What is michrochimerism? How do microchimeric cells escape the surveillance of the immune system? What is the proposed role of cells in autoimmune disease?..
Discussion: Performance and Post-Purchase Evaluations
Performance and post-purchase evaluations provide important marketing data for health care organizations. Many consumers evaluate health care products for their own purposes, but when they share this information with the providing organizations, they offer insights into whether products are meeting consumer needs and expectations. For this Discussion,..
The Role of the Arts and Media in Buliding Community Health
Synthesize and say why you agree to certain concepts and why not agree. APA Style format. at the end of this , a question that summed up things , please look the other one you did. Part 6 (Overview, Chapters 15 and 16) in Community Organizing and Community Building for Health and Welfare (Third Edition) edited by Meredith Minkler, Rutgers University Press, July..
encryption technology(Information Systems Security)
What are some of the latest advances in encryption technologies? Conduct some independent research on encryption using scholarly resources, then write a two- to three-page APA paper that describes at least two new advances in encryption technology, addressing the following questions: When should this encryption technology be used? Who are the users of..
Is violence a necessary condition for political change?
2000 word essay. An important and essential part of this essay is to download or source information from the book- Hannah Arendt on violence 1970. This essay will result in a fail otherwise and the feedback I provide will be 0. You have to also ensure you read the student notes and gudiance I provide. And also source information from the other study materials I provide,..
Statement of need/interest for conference scholarship
In 350 words or less, please provide a statement of need/interest. This is for the 2017 ISTAART Student Volunteer Program at AAIC 2017 ISTAART offers a Student Volunteer Program at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference® 2017 (AAIC®). Accepted applicants receive travel and registration assistance in exchange for volunteer time at the conference...
Description of The agile or hybrid method used to create the product.
A full description of the agile or hybrid method used to create the product. Approaches which combine the agile frameworks (such as Scrum,kanban) and methodologies discussed in class and / or integrate them with traditional predictive approaches are welcome! Be sure to identify at least a few agile techniques you will use...
Assignment 2: Cybercrimes and Computer Security Systems
Assignment 2: Cybercrimes and Computer Security Systems Due Week 4 and worth 280 points With the advent of computers, cybercrime and Internet frauds are increasing in frequency and in size. The trend is likely to continue. Cybercrimes are described as activities in which a computer or network of computers are an integral part of a crime. For this assignment,..
Risk Management in International Banking, Insurance and Finance
In a Group of 3, select a UK-domiciled bank of your choice (e.g. HSBC Holdings, Lloyds Banking Group or Barclays). Each individual group member must then analyse the bank’s risk assessment and capital management activities for one of the following risk categories: market, credit or operational risk, ensuring that no more than one individual covers any given..
Leader's Influence on Subordinate Behavior (Active Listening)
From module entry module 8 answer the following question regarding Active Listening -- Based on what you learned from this module, which one concept is most important to you and why? How will you apply this concept to your development? -- Ensure you properly apply the concept. FORMAT: For each module entry: - Use Microsoft Word or PDF format for your entry - Include..
Change in politics from Jefferson to Jackson and how they impacted the United States.
Double spaced, 12 pt font, Times New Roman, normal margins. Heading - name - United States History I, Date: May 1st. 6-7 pages. A work cited/biography page - does not count as one of the written pages. I may have canceled this by accident before. I need this by the 30th if possible. Thank you so much!..
Are you more or less hopeful about the environmental future today compared to when in January 2019?
Please discuss two issues you are more hopeful about. You should be detailed in your response and include some evidence. write at least 2 pages with at least one paragraph discussing each issue.  You should include a conclusion where you provide an overall assessment for a positive or negative future...
smart ageing technologies for specific problem / disease for the elderly
assignment should include: Critical appraisal on the strengths and limitations of the smart ageing technologies displayed in PolyU Smart Ageing Hub for the specific health issue(s) you mention in the first assignment You should first select a specific problem / disease for the elderly (introduction). You should identify and evaluate type(s) of smart ageing..
CT3 - Critical Thinking - Terrorism and perspective-taking
The goal of CT3 is that you practice the next components of critical thinking: * analyzing assumptions and biases * avoiding emotional reasoning * avoiding oversimplification You will be matched with another student with a different country/nation-state. You will each have researched a current or previous terrorist group (counter-hegemonic group) and..
How do Junot Diaz’s characters speak to issues of morality?
Background: We have spent quite a bit of time reading, discussing, and analyzing Diaz’s stories, as well as considering ideas about what it means to be a good, bad, ethical, unethical person; that is to say, questions of morality. Assignment: In a 5-7 page literary analysis paper, in MLA format, double-spaced with a list of Works Cited, please answer the following..
IB Economics - Macroeconomics IA (Internal Assessment)
I need someone who KNOWS what IB Economics is and KNOWS what an Internal Assessment (IA) is. I need an ~5-page paper (UNDER 800 WORDS) essay INCLUDING ECONOMIC THEORY AND GRAPHS. I NEED THE PAPER IN LESS THAN 5 HOURS!
I have a comparative essay I need to changed a little bit to make argumentative essay and it is research paper
and need it the second paragraph talking about the price with gas and how much I will buy a car and motorcycle after that i want riding is fun the third thing up to you what I wrote the pro told me it is comparative and it argu but the same and I need it in 6 hours and a half
the era of women’s suffrage or the second era of feminism
3 pages long, due tomorrow before 5, must use atleast 2 scholarly sources and must include works cited and the main question the essay is based on is “In your perspective, which one of the afore-mentioned women’s movements has left a more significant legacy for contemporary women? Why?”
Critically evaluate the impact of a new development in relation to: Service delivery, Staff, Service users
The bthe business consequences of excessive working by employees
This is a team work and you just need to write one part of the essay (so no introduction paragraph, no conclusion paragraph). In this essay, I will describe issue for you (see Word for detail), and you need to write "How to improve the issue". You need to mention some Law and regulation. You need to mention if there is a real business that already improve the situation,..
Corporate Social Responsibility and Modern Slavery
Outline Marking Scheme and Assessment 2000 words • Clear Presentation • An appropriate and coherent structure • Good use of headings, language, grammar and sentence structure • Use of paragraphs for ease of reading and comprehension (10 marks) • Introduction clearly identifying the nature of the issue/problem, the context within which the specific issue..
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