Dissertation on History examples

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Macro environmental shift of baghdad under the abbasids
I need you to go over my entire dissertation and change it, so it makes more sense and is more in line with my topic of discussion. I will attach my dissertation abstract which has all of the instructions on what you need to do , I will also attach my literature review (please read it as it is a good starting point to get an idea of what I want)..
Historical study about Taiwanese Historical Perception
Hello Writers. I am looking for someone who can proofread my M.A. dissertation at reasonable price. I will submit this as one of required documents for my PhD application. which is very important. My thesis was once already checked by a native english speaker, so it will not burden you so much. I just need professional check, such as use of words, correction of the..
how do second generation survivors testimonies fit into the genre of Holocaust memoirs?
This essay is due on the 8th of May at 11am. There are specific sources that I have to use so I will need to give the writer the titles of them. I will need to be in contact with the writer as well. This is my final dissertation paper for my BA degree and is worth 60%. As I am studying at the national university of Ireland Galway in Ireland certain sources may not be used because..
how slave feel about their work, their religion and their family?
work should focus on evidence and sources from the Peculiar Institution book
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