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Comparison of the mobile payment in China and Hong Kong
1. The History of Mobile Payment / what is / how does it work 1.1 Alipay 1.2 Wechat pay 1.3 Others 2. The development of mobile payment 2.1 China 2.2 Hong Kong 3 Factors affecting the mobile payments 3.1 Banking system 3.2 Government policy 3.3 Social practice
Assesing the International Marketing Strategies&Financing ways for Citrus Exporting Firms in Turkey
Just I need a Questionnaire helping to determine the Companies' market entry strategies, how they determine Product, place, promotion, price etc.. when the companies(small bussiness or large bussines) to prepare theirselfs the entry market. How can find-reach finance. This will be apply face to face with 100 pcs company marketing manager or staff. 70-80..
Estimating the relationship between environmental degradation and economic growth
Estimating the relationship between environmental degradation and economic growth: A study of pollution as a result of economic growth in China his research aims to explore whether there is a significant relationship between economic growth and the rural/ urban environments of China. It will also aim to research the following questions; how is the overall..
Effects of financial development on economic growth in the UK
The dissertation should be an academic 8000-word report detailing the objectives, literature review, methodology, analysis, findings, and conclusions of the research. There is a completed and proposal for the dissertation to be based on. The topic matter is how the growth of the banking sector and financial markets affects economic growth in the UK. References..
How can Oman increase its share of air cargo traffic?
The main aim of this project is to find creative and new ways to use air traffic service in order to attract more air cargo traffic. Write a 5 pages single spaced dissertation about How can Oman increase its share of air cargo traffic?. Your reader should be able to read the Report and have a clear understanding of the topic of your report. Your Dissertation should..
the influence of Chinese real property to Chinese economy
4 to 5 pages including tables, graphs and references
Financial assessment of Apple
I need a good writer please My outline is as follows: 1. The background of Apple 2. Executive summary 3.introduction 4. Vision and mission of Apple 5. Strategic analysis of Apple Swot analysis Pestel Analysis Internal and external Analysis of Apple 6. FInancial performance of Apple
Government subsidies in the Coal mining industry in South Africa
and their effects on captive markets such as Eskom, in South Africa, as well as other government agreements in place to protect these subisidies
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