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Does the rise in terrorism affect immigration in the UK?
I have a full draft of my dissertation done 10k words written,however I dont feel 100%. I will upload it to the chosen writer to see the arguments and work to finalise it for me. Edit, change, add structure. I need quite a lot of changes. I have set a plan for how I want the dissertation to go now. I will upload and discuss that with the selected writer...
The Importance of Social Media Channels in Determining Consumers’ Travel Destination Choice:
The Importance of Social Media Channels in Determining Consumers’ Travel Destination Choice: Exploring the Effects of Instagram on Consumers’ Travel Behavior and the Benefits of Using User-Generated Content in Online Marketing in Tourism and Travel Industry in the United Arab Emirates. It is a dissertation for MBA. Need to do quantitative analysis so survey..
An investigation on Factors that Influence Consumers’ Purchase Intention in Online Shopping
I have already written a 2,000 words outline. The dissertation is a 10,000 words assignment so please finish the remaining 8,000 words. Please follow the core jornal structure to write as this is our tutor’s order. I also adopt some framework from the 2nd core journal. Please use SPSS to do the data analysis..
the effect of exchange rates on international trade and foreign direct investments in Indonesia
1 abstract 2 table of content 3 introduction (500 words) - BACKGROUND - what is exchange rates ? - why exchange rates have impact on international trade and foreign direct investment in Indonesia? - why exchange rates is important ? - objectives -RESEARCH QUESTIONS 1) What the factors can affect the exchange rates? 2) How the exchange rates influences international..
The Impact of Youth Statistics on the Perception of Crime
I need someone with Youth Crime Knowledge and good with statistics to help me re-structure my dissertation, add excellent improvements. Proof-read and edit my work according following my request and guidelines. Times New Roman, Size 12 Harvard style 9000 words (about 5000 done) but will include all the notes for you to view...
I was told to add to my literature review, in addition to connecting systems thinking approach to year round student success on the SAT.Connecting Theoretical Framework (Systems Thinking Approach) as it relates to understand my data results in future chapters. Include that both schools from NJ and NC used for this research , were based on similar student bodies..
B17L from Vaccinia virus (genome of strain western reserve)
This is about recombinant DNA for smallpox virus vaccine. And my gene of interest for insert gene is B17L (from strain Western reserve) into CoA51 for vector. (E.coli). I put introduction with what I want to include, and methodology for this lab. Also other example of dissertation with another topic.Thank you..
What are the socioeconomic factors of adult obesity? (education and income)
please critique the attached research papers and discuss them Findings section Critique the papers and identify themes and what the authors is trying to say (evidence based). Discussion section Compare the papers and how they answer the question or title of the assignment.
What are the difficulties and benefits of new technologies adoption in Hong Kong construction industry?
This research is aim to find out the current new technologies with big data’s adoption situation in the Hong Kong construction industry and bring out the value of new technologies and how can it be promoted. To investigate the trends of big data techniques in the construction research community, which eventually will impact construction practice. This research..
Does Social Media influencer affect consumer purchasing decisions? A study on YouTube endorsement in beauty in
hi i've actually done a few section i only need you to help me do my finding and discussion and adjust the methodology and the lit review. my lecturer suggest me to use qualitative analysis instead of quantitative.
Effect of educational session on Saudi women' knowledge and attitude about fertility period
-literature review -15 to 20 pages -Including physiology and anatomy of menstruation and process of fertility, knowledge and attitude of saudi women related to fertility time, factors affecting fertility period and methods to dedict fertility period to avoid pregnancy or seeking pregnancy, related researches done within 6 years about fertility period..
Comparison of the mobile payment in China and Hong Kong
1. The History of Mobile Payment / what is / how does it work 1.1 Alipay 1.2 Wechat pay 1.3 Others 2. The development of mobile payment 2.1 China 2.2 Hong Kong 3 Factors affecting the mobile payments 3.1 Banking system 3.2 Government policy 3.3 Social practice
What are the Barriers to a Successful rebranding outcome?
This is my masters of Management Dissertation, as clearly stated above I’ll like seeks to investigate the effects of name change from Carlson Rezidor Hotel group to Radisson Hotel Group on the brand equity and Customer attitudes. Font Size 9, Font Verdana , interline 1.5, referencing APA-style^2. Thé secondary research Questions should be very clear. All..
Theoretical Framework of Using Comics in Teaching Mathematics
To create a theoretical framework in using comics in teaching specifically mathematics or it can be in science education, but it would be better if it is in mathematics education :) Attached here is the research proposal that i have made last year and now I want to make it as my full Dissertation. the theoretical framework will be in the introduction part under the..
Staff retention in the Healthcare Industry in U.K.
Hi, I need a dissertation on this subject that has to follow all the stages of a dissertation divided into titles and subtitles for a clear exposure - according to the booklet - and with a clear exposure of the motivation for which this topic was chosen, the importance and motivation of the choice on a personal level, that is what they required. The concentration..
The technological impact on healthcare workers in U.K.
Hi, I need a dissertation on this subject that has to follow all the stages of a dissertation divided into titles and subtitles for a clear exposure - according to the booklet - and with a clear exposure of the motivation for which this topic was chosen, the importance and motivation of the choice on a personal level, that is what they required. The concentration..
Capstone/Prospectus/ Effective Strategies to Sustain Small Businesses in Remote Rural Areas
DBA / Capstone I need the Problem Statement, Purpose Statement, and the Nature of the Study. This will be a Qualitative, Case study Effective Strategies to Sustain Small Businesses in Remote Rural Areas I will send you the rubric guidelines I need someone that has written a doctor capstone
Factors affecting energy consumption of Hong Kong consumers
To complete the Results Analysis Chapter in quantitative research method by using SPSS. - Four hypothesis have been formulated, however, the use of SPSS with proper testing is need. - A Cronbach's Alpha test is also needed - Basic questionnaire answers has been input, yet, there may be situation that the writer need to modify the questionnaires answer/ data..
The Benefits of Digital Technology advancement in the Architectural Industry
need the essay reviewed and please make corrections supplied in feedback Title?? This is an impressive submission: you have clearly worked hard to produce this and it will be a substantial underpinning for your essay. What’s missing here is your title! It’s possible to work out roughly what it might be but without it, it’s hard to evaluate your plan etc. “If there..
hydroelectric energy and its integration and management in smart grids
The dissertation must be typewritten double-spaced on A4 sized paper. The script must be on one side of the paper only, with a margin of 3 cm on the left-hand side. The pages should be numbered consecutively. A title page, a content list, a list of illustrations and a brief summary (not exceeding 200 words) should precede the dissertation...
The Evolution and Effects of Brand Personality on Consumers' Brand selection in the fashion Industry.
1) narrow down the topic to a thesis style type of question 2) professional writing of the thesis ( unique , cited , following the requirements that will be provided ) 3) a research has already been done on the topic that would be on ur disposal to use ( 1700 word ) its up to you how to use it . 4) coherent 5) well designed arguments and defense..
The effects of hate crime on ‘Afro Caribbean’ individuals in the UK
Dissertation- introduction Contextual Methodology Data Chapter Conclusion • Formulate a clear question that your dissertation sets out to answer, or an argument that your dissertation sets out to make • Review literature in the field relating to your question • Engage in independent research in addressing the question • Justify your chosen methodology..
A new definition of the urban alley & infill space in Hong Kong
Need APA Style 6th edition * Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Due to land shortages, only a short distance between buildings has been allowed since the 1960s. The narrow space between these buildings is called the alley. Hong Kong has more than 1,400 rear lanes. With a total length of about 76km, it is an essential part of the urban..
How does Rhianna construct a cultural image of a contemporary business woman through her Instagram output?
Dissertation question: How does Rhianna construct a cultural image of a contemporary businesswoman through her Instagram output? Looking for someone to write my Dissertation please about Rihanna only message me if you know about Rihanna I will not pick those that don't know about Rihanna thanks.
Assessing the Impact of Ergonomic Interventions on Organizational Productivity
To paraphrase the attached sample dissertation with no plagiarism and insert as many citations or references relevant to the topic. The writer must ensure the use of simple comprehensible sentences, words and contextualise to the topic. Writer to provide plagiarism report.
Sports Participation & The Barriers That Affect It
This assignment requires you to conduct and write about a research project based on a topic of your choice. Your topic should be related to your studies and agreed with your supervisor. There should be an attempt to answer the research question posed (by the student). It should incorporate an in-depth critical review of the related academic literature and recommendations..
Attendees’ Perceived Risks and Intentions when attending Music Concerts
I have developed my own topics and some key parts like introduction, questionnaires. There are some key journals and readings you have to read and understand before working on this. I will provide you some of it. It may difficult to work on, cuz it has developed some ideas and you require to build up more and it should be related correctly. I want somebody that are..
how does parental substance misuse have an effect on child development?
To conduct a critically evaluative literature review within an (agreed) area of social work that highlights the contemporary considerations in respect of social work practice. My dissertation topic is: How does parental substance misuse have an effect on child development. You may touch on all child developments briefly but please primarily focus on emotional..
How does Rhianna construct a cultural image of a contemporary businesswoman through her Instagram output?
The dissertation must be not less than 11,000 words, and not more than 13,000 words in length, including quotations. My dissertation question is: How does Rhianna construct a cultural image of a contemporary businesswoman through her Instagram output?
Efficiency and scope of Treasury Management System for Treasurers & Companies
Please refer al the master thesis guidelines from the attached document and follow each instructions thoroughly. Timelines should not be missed. Relevant data & sources. Best examples from the corporate sectors with their treasury functions High quality work and easy to understand.
How does Brexit impact the UK and EU finance industry?
Carry out project activities and produce a draft first chapter and a literature review. This will form the initial chapters of your project report. summary of the aims and the main outcomes Summary of conclusions Introduction The research problem or issue and the purpose of the study Background to the study and why it is important or of interest Structure of the..
challenges and opportunities of P2P lending in China
amendment of the Dissertation (which was finished by a writer here, but the work was not pass) according to the marker feedback, the report of approximately 15000 words, containing a literature review, methodology, data analysis and recommendations. The issue of how recommendations for change could be implemented given the studies undertaken and will be..
Subconscious mind and its influence on the way photographers represent themselves through self-portraits.
I am attaching my dissertation with the feedback for the first chapter. I need the 1st chapter to be improved as said on the feedback. (I have written a paragraph about my own photographic work so this part can be left out if preferred) At the bottom in red it's the 2nd chapter which has not been viewed by a teacher and need to be finished off. I already have over 3 thousand..
The Impact of Social Media and Customer Relationship Management in Building Competition in Tourism: India
Need to conduct Literature Review, Empirical Findings and Analysis (approximately 10,000 words) - Literature Review - Research Gap - Empirical Findings (conduct secondary research data analysis) - Research Analysis (secondary analysis) - Conclusion
Conflict Resolution Strategy as a tool for performance enhancement in Project Management.
The reason is to identify conflicts in the organization, causes and the impacts in productivity. To show how conflict resolution as a significant tool boosts performance in Project management. To apply the principles of conflict resolution and strategy to measure success and timely completion of a project. Effective conflict resolution strategy will foster..
Cervical cancer screening and prevention in sub-Saharan region
YOUR DISSERTATION SHOULD HAVE THE FOLLOWING STRUCTURE: -ABSTRACT: Has to be around 200 words, and in essence it is the summary of your Introduction and Conclusion. As it is rational this is the last thing we write when the whole Dissertation is complete. - CONTENT -ACKNOWLEDGEMENT -DISSERATION -INTRODUCTION -CHAPTER ONE: LITRATURE REVIEW I -CHAPTER TWO:..
Ethical considerations of CSR (Sporting Brands Goods Manufacturing) - An Asian Perspective
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to study the sporting goods/sports brands (clothing and footwear) industry through the prism of the CSR. First of all, it investigates the ways in which companies of this sector deal with the ETHICAL & Social responsibility issues that are specifically important to the characteristics of the sporting goods Manufacturing..
developmental concepts of parenting style, social class and cultural variations
this is 2 page APA essay(journal) with 3 references and due by 12/16/16 Utilizing the developmental concepts of parenting style, social class and cultural variations, and sibling relationships, reflect on your own family experiences or those of another person (either real or fictional). Apply one to two key concepts from each area to your own experience or..
achievement gap in math at k-12 between minority students in us and asian students
Propose a response for issue (Title) from the perspective of an educational leader responsible to act on this issue. 1. Employ a sophisticated understanding of Social Justice theories to identify and propose responses to educational inequities. 2. Evaluate principles of leadership for Social Justice. 3. Analyze how institutional systems facilitate and..
literary analysis of the poem "Kinky" by Denise Duhamel.
write a literary analysis of the poem "Kinky" by Denise Duhamel. Use "Framework for a Literary Analysis" on page 215 figure 11.1 to guide you. This is an informal writing, but pose an interesting question: that will make the writing more enjoyable.
Relationship between Corporate Social Responsiblity and Corporate Financial Performance
Based on existing file , write 4 parts of the dissertation 1. Abstract Research Design Discussion Conclusion 2. Use Secondary Research only 3. Use case study method in the research 4. Harvard Referencing Style 5. Your works should pass turnitin system
Add a section to Literature review and expand on other subtitles
Need to fill in the gaps of Theoretical foundations and Review of Literature section in addition to adding a sub-section/topic. Follow the criteria table requirements and address various corrections. Address all points that are least 1 or 1.5 points in each of the criteria tables. Each section needs an additional 2 to 3 references 2014 to current only with APA..
how advancement in computer aided design has improved the work of architects over the years
6000 word essay based on question how advancement in computer aided design has improved the work of architects over the years info and module guide attached must be full hardvard refrenced and contain bibliopgraphy Introduction to the module This module gives you the opportunity to conduct in-depth research that relates to your studio practice and builds..
Literature Review: Product Sourcing Agents for Global Supply Chain
I need to complete a case study project to fulfill graduate requirement of my Master of Science program. My company is a sourcing agent in Hong Kong, it is the sourcing branch of a German department store. The business of it is to source products for its headquarter. For example, we will get the fashion design sketch from designers in German Headquarter then the..
I'm looking to examine first 10 pages of work for quality of work. Upon satisfaction of work, I intend to order a complete dissertation of 80-100 pages.... If you are confident in the topic and believe you can complete all of it. please submit an offer....
Postmodernist Design influences in Contemporary interiors
it has to have the chicago style referencing as well as containing 6 book references, quotes, 5 online journals, articles and looking at 5 - 10 case studies. it has to contain arguments and the focus is on mendini and the sociology and theories regarding postmodernism in interior design and architecture..
Mobile technology,a potent panacea for transforming lives in Africa, the Kenyan M-Pesa story.
10-15 Oct 18 but preferably earlier than later. Please see structure and formatting below Introduction Literature Review Case Study Discussion Conclusion Bibliography Appendices Formatting Typed in Arial 11pt. A4-size page layout. 1.5 lines spacing. 2.54cm margins. ID number in the header of every page. Page numbers (bottom centre). There must be a 1-page..
Case Study Review and Dissertation Quality Response
Advise manager on future strategy options for company in review. Your answer should take into account: - The basis of strategy (using Porter’s generic strategies or Bowman’s strategy clock) – Directions and options for possible development using Ansoff’s matrix - and discussion of internal development, mergers and acquisitions and alliances. In your summary,..
The most effective major of performance, how managers can evaluate the employees?
Academic Level: MBA Academic Level: MBA Deadline of Submission: September 20, 2018 (within 1 week period) Number of Pages: Between 50-60 pages Kindly follow the format as the university standard, Chapter I to Chapter V (attached file for your kind reference).
Analysis of public housing estates improvemnt in HK
Hello. I have completed the first 5000 words (LR part) (see attachment), but my dissertation supervisor said need to more focus on building life cycle, so please help to 1. modification of first 5000 words (LR) 2. completed continued 5000 words (research, interview, finding etc.)
A comparative financial performance analysis of Airbus SE and Boeing Co.
1. This research is about the comparative financial analysis of the financial statements between two aviation industry companies: Airbus and Boeing. 2. The requirements of the paper is to complete the: a) Literature review ( 2000 words) b) Methodology (1000 words) 3. For the Literature review section: a) Please include a minimum of 7 relevant journals for..
What needs to be done to engage students from the University Hertfordshire with visual arts?
Hi, I am currently doing my masters in marketing, I did my undergraduate in fine arts, writing has always been a weakness for me. I need some guidance in completing my dissertation. I have started my literature review and also have a clear vision of where I would like to go with this project. 15,000 words...
The study of Implementation of a Behavioral Based Safety programme into a large organization
I need a dissertation writing on the Study of implementation of a behavioral safety program within a large organization. The organization isn't very mature in terms of having a Safety culture and is located in the Middle East, so there are varying levels of understanding and perceptions of Safety. The study is to be based round a baseline survey which was distributed..
The lived experience of a domestic violence survivor
This is a report type dissertation. A previous writer let me down massively producing a real poor quality paper which was also late! I am now in desperate need for a writer to rectify all the issues, who is able to understand a qualitative and IPA approach of writing. Must be able to work alongside the work I have produced already, and be able to immediately understand..
The Importance of Literacy for Boys and Girls in Primary Schools
I have a nearly completed dissertation and have received several revisions to make from my supervisor. I would need the writer to simulate data to match the findings I have already written up in order to present in the Results section; for example, I already have my focus group and interview findings written however I have lost my work and need example transcripts..
Develop qualitative Methodology and Design for a Fictitious Study
DEVELOP A QUALITATIVE METHODOLOGY AND DESIGN FOR A FICTITIOUS STUDY WEEK 6 ASSIGNMENT Instructions For this assignment, begin by selecting a topic you might want to explore for your dissertation. Then, address the following in your written response: • Develop a one sentence statement of the problem (“The problem is…”). • Develop a one sentence purpose of the..
DEVELOP A QUALITATIVE METHODOLOGY AND DESIGN FOR A FICTITIOUS STUDY WEEK 6 ASSIGNMENT Instructions For this assignment, begin by selecting a topic you might want to explore for your dissertation. Then, address the following in your written response: • Develop a one sentence statement of the problem (“The problem is…”). • Develop a one sentence purpose of the..
Public&Private Sector Advantages of the GST at State and National Level Compared toPrevious Tax Regime India
Introduction The Introduction chapter should be 1,500 words in length approximately. It sets the scene for the entire thesis, and introduces the topic. In this chapter, the student should outline the focus of the project, and the origins of the research question. The Critical Literature Review should be 3,500 words in length approximately.conduct the literature..
challenges and opportunities of P2P lending in China
one written report of approximately 15000 words, containing a literature review, methodology, data analysis and recommendations. The issue of how recommendations for change could be implemented given the studies undertaken and will be based on prior experience of the organisation or business sector which has been investigated. Within the recommendations..
research paper ; design flexibility in affordable housing
Dissertation Paper Part 1 (Final Draft of Proposal) This research paper is a case study review of affordable housing building in kuala lumpur. Criticising the design flexibility of the affordable housing typology of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Contents structure including 1. Abstract - 300 words 2. Introduction/Background - 800 words 3. Aim & Objectives - answering..
Interpreting Franz Schubert’s Piano Sonata in A Major D959
Draft Outline of Chapters Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Historical Context of Schubert and his Piano Music Style 2.1 Historical Context of Schubert 2.2 Schubert’s Musical Style 2.3 Schubert’s Piano Solo Work 2.4 Background of Schubert’s Piano Sonata in A Major D959 Chapter 3: Melodic, Harmonic, Formal aspects and Contrast of Schubert’s Piano Sonata..
The correlation between nutrition, physical and mental wellbeing, (full title in instruction)
Title : The correlation between nutrition, physical and mental wellbeing, as well as employee productivity in male employees in their early adulthood (18 -40 y.o.) General aim: To assess the impact of nutrition on the physical and mental wellbeing of male employees in their early adulthood (18-40 y.o.) while comparing the evidence and examples of workplace..
An Investigation into Fathers Involvement in their Children's Education at an Early Years Level
I have attached my ethics application form which details the proposal for the disssertation. I have also included an old dissertation as a guide because it deals with the same topic but it deals with the academic achievement of children when their fathers are and are not involved. However this dissertation since it deals with children in the early years it cannot..
The impacts of the “foundational Nazi theories” on the violence dynamics
1. Preliminary pages are numbered in lower-case roman numerals at the bottom centre of each page; 2. Page numbers begin with 1 at the first page of the Introduction, and pages are numbered henceforth sequentially to the very last page; 3. Page numbers should appear at the top-right hand corner on each page except for the first page of each chapter where they appear..
Assesing the International Marketing Strategies&Financing ways for Citrus Exporting Firms in Turkey
Just I need a Questionnaire helping to determine the Companies' market entry strategies, how they determine Product, place, promotion, price etc.. when the companies(small bussiness or large bussines) to prepare theirselfs the entry market. How can find-reach finance. This will be apply face to face with 100 pcs company marketing manager or staff. 70-80..
Interface management and Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) project
Full title: Challenges and Influences of interface management in Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) projects. 1. Please refer to the attached pdf for more details. 2. References: a. You must provide a full bibliographic reference for all of the sources cited in your submission at the end of your coursework (not just the URL/weblink) using the Harvard..
How Law Enforcement Personnel Perpetuate Institutional Racism Against African Americans
I have already constructed a full dissertation however the topic was too broad. I changed the topic and a lot of things needs to be changed and rearranged. This is just a rough draft and not a full dissertation. Make sure that all the points are hit from the prospectus.
Macro environmental shift of baghdad under the abbasids
I need you to go over my entire dissertation and change it, so it makes more sense and is more in line with my topic of discussion. I will attach my dissertation abstract which has all of the instructions on what you need to do , I will also attach my literature review (please read it as it is a good starting point to get an idea of what I want)..
how do supermarket strategies affect consumer behavior
Focus is on fatty foods, especially around checkouts and how supermarkets use psychological pricing to tempt consumers. As well as the fact all the confectionary and snacks are at eye level of children an how they can pick it up and put it on the till without the knowledge of their careers etc Secondary research. It requires harvard referencing. Batchelors level..
Factors that effect consumer behaviour and it’s impact on business development: Sainsbury’s UK Case study
I have 8000 word research paper based on - RESEARCH METHODS - The paper should be complete with harvard references and content page. The assignment brief is attached with 2x articles for literature review, if price is agreed I will send completed: - research proposal report - research methods presentation - research questionairre Mandatory to follow listed..
is bamboo scaffolding a safe and effective working platform
intro is done need proofreading.done with literature review need proofreading and restructuring. methodology is done as well need proofreading. Need help for 2 objectives in chapter 4 and whole chapter 5 around 3000 words in total. The file attached had explained all the details under every subheadings. Interview questions and answers will be attached later..
Factor affecting labour productivity of skilled and unskilled labourers on-site in UK construction industry
reword the chapters already completed, critical analysis of literature review, further develop the abstract, analysis of the results in chapter 4 from questionnaire. summary of the chapter whilst highlighting the key findings from the questionnaire using RII formula. compare and contrast factors affecting labour productivity for skilled and unskilled..
Can human evolution coexist with the abrahamic religions
FULL QUESTION-Can human evolution coexist with abrahamic religion, how has it impacted religion since the appearance of pre modern human and Neanderthal remains and skulls were found. does the hindu and buddhist belief of reincarnation work for apes to? Is there evidence that it can and an argument of why it can not co exist together and perhaps why it can. (Ive..
Can human evolution coexist with religion ? if not why
Full question- can human evolution co exist with religion and how has it impacted religion since the appearence of pre human and neanderthal skulls were found (looking at abrahamic regligion in particular) referenced harvard style. Final year dissertation so top quality is a must .Please accept 60 dollars for 10 pages. I will pay you 100 for another 15 pages..
How PayPal’s Strategic to Become the One of The Largest Payment Methods Compare to Other Payment Methods?
-Read the topic (a proposal of 2500 words will be given once the order is confirmed). -Writers must have a Turnitin account (to check similarity) -Writers are verified from studybay -Writers are minimum 30 assignment done -High quality assignment content - (+/-) Feedback is given to writer once this grades are given -references are in Harvard style..
How do online sex offenders target and groom children and what measures are put in place to protect them
The dissertation has been written. However it needs some improvements. i am looking for someone who can work very quickly on this assignment and have it back to me as early as 12 hours time. i believe it needs a good few hours of work done on it adding to the body of the introduction, discussion and also elaborating on the analysis thesis and also conclusion. PLEASE..
“War is Peace, Freedom is slavery & Ignorance is Strength”. How the Power of words act as mind control
Due 23rd April, 4000words. Title is based on George Orwell's 1984. Full title is in word document. The thesis has to be original and well written university level British English, not too embellished with fancy wording. Find a way to incorporate Junot Diaz 'The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao'- arguing that Orwell as narrator utilises the power of words to do..
The influences and challenges of interface management in Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) projects
1. Please refer to the attached pdf for more details. 2. References: a. You must provide a full bibliographic reference for all of the sources cited in your submission at the end of your coursework (not just the url/weblink) using the Harvard referencing system. b. References for your peer-reviewed journal papers must be given on a page titled ‘Core References’...
A Feasibility study of Energy efficiency at Elderly Centre in Hong Kong
1. Data analysis for lighting fittings and Indoor air quality(IAQ) 2. Building Services Engineering field in Hong Kong city including the Data analysis, questionaire or software apply to analysis, conclusion and etc 3. Introduction, objective, methodology, Literature review(First submit to me about 4500 words) in my direction date 4. total dissertation..
Obesity within Secure Mental Health Services - A Practice Improvement
Dissertation is a 10,000 word +/-10% around a practice improvement in the chosen field. The Field is Mental Health nursing - the practice improvement is based around early interventions with patients to ensure they do not gain weight due to medication, lethargy, lack of exercise and lack of staff participation. Dissertation handbook is attached...
Estimating the relationship between environmental degradation and economic growth
Estimating the relationship between environmental degradation and economic growth: A study of pollution as a result of economic growth in China his research aims to explore whether there is a significant relationship between economic growth and the rural/ urban environments of China. It will also aim to research the following questions; how is the overall..
Are Machinists at Risk from Continuous Exposure to Load Noise during CNC Operations?
This research will assess the octave band generated during the operation of CNC Machine by measuring the volume of sound originating from the CNC Machine. This is so that the appropriate hearing protectors can be supplied as a first recourse to protecting the machinist or operator until the loud noise from the CNC machines are attenuated by engineering means..
Depth analysis on outsourcing and relationship between supplier and buyer in soft drink industry in UK
Referring to a Soft Drinks Industry in the UK, critically and in-depth evaluate the potential risks faced by buying organisations as they interact with their suppliers, and make several recommendations as to how they could be avoided. The issue that must be addressed in the analysis is Outsourcing – changes noted, recycling, CSR, Near- sourcing. Remember..
Psycho social factors influencing depression within the British Army
A 9000-word quantitative dissertation. I have carried out the data collection so the results will just need to presented as per APA specification including tables graphs etc for the appendices. I will attach the data file once I have finished it this week. The dissertation requires, an abstract, literature review, results in section, discussion section,..
Construction workers are at risk of heat-related illness at workplace
Write up based on Dissertation Proposal contextualise to Singapore 1) Literature Review 2)Methodology with Data Analysis -Observation -Interview -Survey -Audit -Meta-analysis 3) Dissertation Structured report with accurate refererencing. Usage of graphs, charts and tables and annexes. Sample observation checklists 4)Conclusions. Harvard Referencing..
Please can I have academic writing with Harvard or APA referencing. All I need is a literature review which will form part of a dissertation. There must be critical discussion between authors. I don't want a whole paragraph paraphrased from one author. The study has a focus on African traditional medicine and not chinese or other alternative medicines Some background..
Green building technologies in construction (Dissertation)
8000 word dissertation, I have attached the coursework brief and marking scheme and my dissertation proposal that i had to write which will explain what this dissertation should be about. the aim i have chosen is: To explore the practicality and efficiency of "Green Buildings" in today's society - and to analyse the implementation of Green Buildings in the United..
the influence of training nurses for disaster along with disaster plan in improving disaster management
I failed twice in my assignment and I need to resubmit for the last chance. My order need adjustment and make some changes according to the marker's comments with more literature review. my subject belongs to personal and service improvement dissertation in Oman. I attached 5 exemplars to write the topic in same structure with the same guidelines. I will upload..
Fault Tree Analysis of Overheating in Marine Diesel Engines
Already written most of the work but I need someone to edit it and improve the methodology and redraw the fault tree analysis with an engineering software and enhance the discussion. A file is attached of the original work and a small explanation of the methodology is also attached.
How organisations in Microstates learn within an organisational context within the Public Sector.
Failed my Dissertation. I have a chance to to a re-submission. Please look at the feedback comments and my dissertation and then kindly make the necessary adjustments to my dissertation for re-submission.
outlining the research problem and why it matters.
please I want you to outlining the research problem and why it matters. I am focusing on mathematic with students with intellectual disability and how can the focus on conceptual knowledge by using stories may it help the students and fill the problem/gap on my study
Cloud Adoption Model for Governments and Large Enterprises and Small Enterprises
The purpose of this research is about the new innovation of cloud computing, and the value it adds to the business environment. I have presented research about this model technology, showing its architecture, pros, and cons, and the laws and regulations the technology has to follow. The research will also help understand and explain the importance of adopting..
The Relationship Between Consciousness and Intentionality
Outline: Consciousness and intentionality are two essential features of mental phenomena. We can say that consciousness is the subjective aspect and intentionality is the objective aspect of the mind. When one is in an experience, one is always conscious of what it is like to be in that experience, philosophers call it phenomenal consciousness. At the same..
Effects of financial development on economic growth in the UK
The dissertation should be an academic 8000-word report detailing the objectives, literature review, methodology, analysis, findings, and conclusions of the research. There is a completed and proposal for the dissertation to be based on. The topic matter is how the growth of the banking sector and financial markets affects economic growth in the UK. References..
The influences and challenges of interface management in Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) projects
1. Please refer to the attached pdf for more details. 2. References: a. You must provide a full bibliographic reference for all of the sources cited in your submission at the end of your coursework (not just the url/weblink) using the Harvard referencing system. b. References for your peer-reviewed journal papers must be given on a page titled ‘Core References’...
The Impact of Preceptorship to the newly qualified Nurses
Learning Outcomes Effectively use a wide range of information sources to extract and analyse relevant information Synthesise and apply information from a number of sources to develop a reasoned argument Analyse and apply the findings from contemporary evidence to current issues in professional practice Exercise autonomy and initiative in tackling tasks..
how the e-wom can influence the consumer decision making regarding buying (booking) luxury travel.
Hello, I cannot chat with you anymore from the previous order because the order completed for more than days. As you know, now my supervisor examines the paper so now I need you for the correction for each part. The system told me that I need to place a new order to have the capability to chat with you again. The last file you uploaded was the lit.review Theodore. days..
the influence of training nurses for disaster along with disaster plan in improving disaster management
I failed in my assignment and I need to resubmit. My order need adjustment and make more proper analysis and synthesis. my subject belongs to personal and service improvement dissertation in Oman. I attached 5 exemplars to write the topic in same structure with the same guidelines. U sing the models of PDSA (plan, do, study, act) and tuckman model (forming, storming,..
Impact of Different Demographics on Television Viewership in Delhi-NCR: A Comparison between preference of viewership of Conventional Television and Video on Demand Services
[URGENT]Need full devotion and priority. This is a completed dissertation with wrong data analysis as the research questionnaire is completely changed. Need someone who can understand the present state of the dissertation and get the new questionnaire filled and do the data analysis from scratch. Also make the corresponding changes in the text in sync with..
The Meaning of Women in Society according to Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis
The paper must be (1) 12000 words/42 pages long, Introduction included; (2) written in good academic and theological British English; (3) with footnotes using Times New Romans font, size 10, Chicago style citation and Bibliography (4) No plagiarism (5) Price negotiable. (6) deadline - end of February. Writer needs to understands well the topic/Catholic..
Chapter 14.1 Substance Abuse and Addiction - Discussion group 4
Now that you are somewhat familiar with the way that the nervous system works on a molecular level you are ready to learn about the biological reasons that some drugs are more addictive or likely to be abused. Your knowledge of this section will be assessed using assignments instead of a quiz. To introduce this topic first view some videos online produced by HBO..
this dissertation must cover all the essential topics from the start to the appendix reference should be 30 and, the literature review must be ready by Sunday follow by methodology and sampling analysis this dissertation is 32 pages to 40 pages i will update you with more information if you need from me asap..
Exploring the Impact of Employee Engagement on Organizational Performance
Need to be completed of Dissertation paper: Chapter 4 - Results, Discussion, and Interpretation of Findings 17 pages including Graphs Chapter 5 - Conclusions and recommendations. 17 pages Appendices - (to support findings in Chapter 4) SPSS Output Frequencies +- 12 pages SPSS Descriptive Statistics 1 page Presentation of Primary Findings +- 4 pages..
What is the effect of Behaviour Based Safety in Reducing Accidents and Injuries in Workplaces?
Writer must be well versed in occupational health and safety. Insertion of statistics in the dissertation and referencing to relevant articles based on the topic. The dissertation requires maximum 15000 words with harvard format.
How do performers in the 21st century brand themselves through the use of social media? A netnographic analysis on performers using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to self-brand and a closer look at the extent agents can be affected by these social medium
Hello, I think we spoke before about my dissertation. I am an MSc Media Management Student. The research needs to focused on the UK performers (Dancers) and maybe more specifically London. Below are my Supervisor's comments on the three approached I could choose. Referencing: Harvard Style Referencing For the research if we go for number 3 it will just focus..
The future of journalism and how it will influence society (open to negotiation)
to show how citizen jounalism in social media has chnaged the way people consume media. For instance, during man-made disasters or natural distasters, people turn to social media to get latest updates from people who are on-site, as opposed to waiting for the mainstream news channels to collect and organize information before releasing them to the public...
The role of NGOs in the political empowerment of women in Jordon
This will be my dissertation so i have 5 questions for my dissertation to answer as a chapters so i need a lot of references and-the research will use secondary data. The main sources of secondary data will be books, NGO’s manuals, annual general reports of NGO’s, journals, newspapers and relevant websites...
Big Data and retail: Challenges and Opportunities for Coordinated Policy Development in the UK
A systematic literature review of intellectual property (IP) rights and data ownership on new business models based on ‘big data’ mining and sharing to uncover opportunities for the Shoe Lab. 2) To map out privacy and transparency issues of sharing data to better overcome barriers and find opportunities for the proposed brand and business model 3) Develop..
Review Human Resource Management in construction industry
Asking for service for building up question for questionnaire of survey/interview, comment, result, and analysis - the whole part of research design and analysis of the dissertation. I need service from research design, research with evidence and analysis. the script of 10 interviewees is needed to put in the appendix as the requirement of the university...
Writing introduction and literature review of Dissertation without Plagiarism
I need help from someone who has a background on the following disciplines (Geography, remote sensing, GIS, environment) to write introduction and literature review of Dissertation without Plagiarism (6000 words)
the influence of training nurses for disaster along with disaster plan in improving disaster management
I would like to add 300 words to my assignment because it was done with 7500 words and needs to reach at least 7800 words to be accepted. Add the 300 words in between and distribute them properly with citing all statements using Harvard style. I need this work done within 24 hours.
Historical study about Taiwanese Historical Perception
Hello Writers. I am looking for someone who can proofread my M.A. dissertation at reasonable price. I will submit this as one of required documents for my PhD application. which is very important. My thesis was once already checked by a native english speaker, so it will not burden you so much. I just need professional check, such as use of words, correction of the..
The influence of customer's knowledge of fast food nutrition on customer health in Johor Bahru
Boy of Report Chapter 5: Discussion and Conclusion 5.4 Research implications (Discuss how does your study impact the scholars and practitioners in the industry-ONE sentence) 5.4.1 Practical Perspective (Discuss how your study contribute to the industry-managers, employees, employers) more information Research implications (one sentence) /related..
SPSS data analysis report on research methods and results
as before, write up on the analyis already done for both research methods and results, but the SPSS file cant go via this web site so can you send me an alternative email etc, so I can give you all of the data, please.
SPSS qualified peersons only please order is for SPSS data analysis report on research methods and results
Data and analyis completed, write up report needed in correct stastical language. review of results and edits and corrections for the stats collected. no new analyis needs to be done. review of Case report form. research mthods 3 pages and results 3 pages as I have already done some of the work and it has to be made more scientific and precise not a new version completely..
The influence of customer's knowledge of fast food nutrition on customer health in Johor Bahru
only write and do chapter 3.3 Methodology 1.explain only quantitative methodology not qualitative (this is 1 paragraph, at least 2 journal or citation is better not writing your own words.) eg. why you want to do quantitative methodology 2. provide a strong ...-use quantitative method (questionnaires), samples and procedure. ( this is 2 paragraph, at least..
The influence of customer's knowledge of fast food nutrition on customer health in Johor Bahru
only write and do chapter 3.3 Methodology 1.explain only quantitative methodology not qualitative (this is 1 paragraph, at least 2 journal or citation is better not writing your own words.) eg. why you want to do quantitative methodology 2. provide a strong ...-use quantitative method (questionnaires), samples and procedure. ( this is 2 paragraph, at least..
writing a research prospectus from the 10 Key Strategic Points on Women can be ministers from a biblical point
What questions remain regarding the conversion from the 10 Key Strategic Points to the research prospectus? Post your initial dissertation prospectus draft. On what sections would you like feedback from your instructor and/or peers?
Assess various methods of collecting primary and secondary data
Locate at least 4 contemporary, peer-reviewed articles or dissertation or thesis research studies that are qualitative in nature (e.g., case studies, historical) related to your topic of interest for your paper and PowerPoint presentation. Write a paper that contains the following sections: Summarize the type of study and phenomenon of interest. Discuss..
I was assigned with this topic from my University. ISO 9001:2015 ORGANIZATIONAL KNOWLEDGE V.S. ISO 9001:2008. On the new version of ISO, there is this new update, organizational knowledge, (http://isoconsultantpune.com/iso-90012015-organizational-knowledge/ ) for reference. I need to do my thesis base on that topic, any suggestions?..
the influence of training nurses for disaster along with disaster plan in improving disaster management
my subject belongs to personal and service improvement dissertation in Oman. I attached 5 exemplars to write the topic in same structure with the same guidelines. U sing the models of PDSA (plan, do, study, act) and tuckman model (forming, storming, norming, performing, adjourning), and use the theory of transformational in leadership. writing proper synthesis..
Design, analysis and optimisation of a marine fitting
NO. E-37 requires the design evaluation and optimisation of a Stainless Steel mast fitting. The existing component requires modelling in suitable CAD software and analysing using FEA to predict any modes of failure. Any opportunity for design optimisation and refinement will allow the re-design and manufacture of the component...
Educators' Perceptions of Gender and Charismatic Leadership
I am looking for someone to take my interviews (44) and my survey (120) results and turn them into a solid chapter 4 dissertation (30 pages). I also want 30 pages for my Chapter 5. I want this to include charts, graphs and in APA format...
Health Promotion is Harmful Traditional Practices and Violence Against Women.
1. Demonstrate the ability to choose, plan and carry out a substantial and complex piece of work independently. 2. Engage in critical inquiry and problem solving. 3. Critically evaluate current issues in policy and practice and devise a strategy for service improvement. 4. Critically appraise relevant literature and research related to the organisation..
Educators' Perceptions of Gender and Charismatic Leadership
I am looking for someone to take my interview (44) and my survey (120) results and turn them into a solid chapter 4 dissertation (20-25 pages). and I want 20 pages for my Chapter 5. I want this to include charts, graphs and in APA format...
Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Benefits of Electric Vehicle
I have no idea with my topic cuz I did not contact my personal tutor on time. He is on annual now. I want to buy a already-written project relevant to Environmental Management, which is a subject from Environmental Science. The project should have Abstract, Introduction, LR, Methodology, Conclusion and Discussion, and Reference. Harvard Format UK based...
the effect of worklife balance on employee productivity in xyz organisation
It's just the introduction page The objective of this research is To establish cause and effect between employee productivity and work - life balance. To verify various work life balance practices present in XYZ organisation and how its affect the employee’s productivity. To establish the relationship between employee productivity and work life balance..
New Generations and Existing Memory Assessment Tests
I need proofreading in this dissertation for literature review and discussion parts. The titles (which are needed to proofread) are; Memory 1.1.1 Implicit and Explicit Memory 1.2 Serial Position Curve 1.3 Classic Modal Model Theory 1.4 Levels of Processing Theory 1.5 Memory Deficits 2.0 NEUROPSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENTS 2.1 Diagnostic Instruments of Neuropsychological..
Exploring the need for a purpose-built building for the National Archives
The no of words is 10000-12000. End of November 2017 Introduction literature review Research methods Data collection/Experiments/Data Analysis Conclusion and recommendation style of referencing Harvard System of referencing and citation. line spacing 1.5 0r doubled-spaced
Does physical activity benefit adults with mental illness
examining employee motivation strategy: a case of low wage in UKs
must be material between 2007 and 2017. if possible let it be materials from UK only. libraries used must be detailed as it is secondary data (eg ebsco, science direct, engineering village, wiley online etc. evidence of success in your previous work is needed.
"Ethno cultural space in Malaysian literature in English : concepts and symbols "
Part 1 : Ehnolinguistic space of culture :theory and method 1.1.the definition of culture 1.2.culture as civilization + the history of Malay globalization as the result of multiculturalism 1.3.culture as world view 1.4.Ethnicity as the social dimension of culture 1.5.Ehnosemiotic as a theory to understand culture 1.6.Ethnographic facts: the methodology..
A Design-Build Model for Small Buildings Construction Project ($500K to $2M) in Libya
Please Provide: Step 1: Proposal Form (See attached) (due 8/9/2017) Step 2: 1500 Words Final Proposal (see attached for details) (due 8/17/2017) Step 3: This step to be completed later after confirming step 2. Total 12,000-13,000 words Dissertation (see attached for details) (late September, flexible) Word count shall not include references. References..
Impact of organizational structure on attitudes and behaviors
Interview questions based on the research questions : What is the impact of formalization, centralization and complexity on attitudes? What is the impact of formalization, centralization and complexity on behaviors? This has to be a one page for 1 hour interview for qualitative methods. I have included the interview questions i just need them to be selected..
hello, i have completed my introduction and literature review. i know there are loop holes and additions or subtractions needed. and i need to develop the PRISMA and find papers for the systematic review it self but i am finding that difficult. i need RCTs only from the UNITED STATES ONLY and my inclusions criteria are written in form of a paragraph at the very end..
the symbols of Ethnocultural space in Malaysian literature writing in English
practical part only. analyzing symbols in Malaysian six novels written in English according to the ethnic groups of Malaysia and their believes( Malay,Chinese,Indian) also Japanese ( colour ,flowers,symbolic representation of nature"rain,sun,moon,water" nation of personhood) all these should be analysed in linguistic field in the text of novels(putting..
how artificial lighting affects the mood and performance of users in a theatrical space
Before starting view the dissertation structure and marking grid. Use harvard style referencing and in-text citation.The dissertation must relate to lighting and space where examples could be found in the attachment. Also use case study to support findings . The best structure of writing you can follow the examples given in the file . please do not just copy..
How can Oman increase its share of air cargo traffic?
The main aim of this project is to find creative and new ways to use air traffic service in order to attract more air cargo traffic. Write a 5 pages single spaced dissertation about How can Oman increase its share of air cargo traffic?. Your reader should be able to read the Report and have a clear understanding of the topic of your report. Your Dissertation should..
What are the benefit of physical activity for older adult with mental illness
I will send my instruction which will include- I will send 10 researched articles for the job. I will send a sample work as template 6500 words Undergraduate UK English Harvard style of referencing and citation UK and European referencing are preferred More instruction and attachment to follow
A Recipe for Ethnic Clash: Han-centric CCP Rule and the Introduction of Revolutionary Ideology in Xinjiang
Deadline is TOMORROW 4/6 @ 12:30pm PST Serious offer only please - this has VERY tight deadline with demanding amount of work and domain knowledge. I'm looking for a great social science writer to EXPAND my 12-page research paper into a 35-page dissertation. I want the core theme and argument to remain exactly the same - but you are free to be creative beyond that...
methodology, data analysis, conclusion and recomendation, appendix question and answer
I have a problem with research methodology. I need more table and chart Research analysis Last time what I did is to make survey question only in order to get data ! however my lecturer want me to interview 5 project mangers ! therefore all the research methodology and data analysis was wrong !. for this research I want more bar chart comparison as what I did before...
Identifying the key personal attribute of effective project managers employed in the manufacturing industry in
PLEASE FOLLOW THE MARKING CRITERIA. You can change everything inside but make sure it has anything relate to the marking criteria and the sample which has been given. All my appendix were wrong ! please follow everything the same as the sample. Find the part that are missing in my dissertation and fill it in. My abstract is over word and which was wrong as well due..
The relationship between price and quality and how they influence consumer purchasing behaviour
Attached is a proposal for the dissertation which should give enough details. Anything unclear, please ask. Additionally, I'd prefer to review it chapter by chapter to keep up with it and make changes if desired. Referencing should be Harvard style and NO plagiarism. Also note that number of words/pages do not include referencing and bibliography..
The educational pack activities in enhancing students visiting at National Gallery arts education in Malaysia.
willing to do chapter 3 only based on my title and research question and research objective. What i need on this paper is 1.Introduction (Introduction to the chapter) 2.Research design 3.Participants (The specific sampling procedure use The rationale for selecting the participants and the appropriate number The source of participants) 4.Instrumentation(Describing..
A critical analysis of how cross-border M&A strategy is used in Chinese automobile industry
Title: A critical analysis of how cross-border M&A strategy is used in Chinese automobile industry: A case study of Geely You can follow the research proposal and the module handbook to complete the dissertation. And you don't need to be exactly the same with it. And i want to firstly receive the literature review in the next few days. Moreover, you don't need to..
Unit 1: Unit 1: Regulation of Lawyers and Paralegals - Discussion
Bar Admission Requirements: Attorney Licensure by State Each state has its own specific requirements for attorney licensure. Please go to http://www.americanbar.org/groups/professional_responsibility/publications/model_rules_of_professional_conduct/model_rules_of_professional_conduct_table_of_contents.html and use the search..
how do second generation survivors testimonies fit into the genre of Holocaust memoirs?
This essay is due on the 8th of May at 11am. There are specific sources that I have to use so I will need to give the writer the titles of them. I will need to be in contact with the writer as well. This is my final dissertation paper for my BA degree and is worth 60%. As I am studying at the national university of Ireland Galway in Ireland certain sources may not be used because..
Campaigns, News Media, and Outside Interests - Discussion
Campaigns, News Media, and Outside Interests - Discussion According to federal finance laws, individual contributions to federal candidates are capped at predetermined amounts. An example: you can contribute $2,700 to a Congressional candidate for each primary, runoff, and general election. ( www.fec.gov) In contrast, an individual (you) can contribute..
discuss the implications of the idea that all language is, at base, metaphorical.
Focusing on one or two approaches to metaphor, discuss the implications of the idea that all language is, at base, metaphorical. Essays should offer a clear, coherent and focused discussion of well-defined ideas relevant to the question. Connections between ideas from different theoretical perspectives are encouraged but they should be established effectively..
Impact of flexible working hours on employee turn-over
This is a business research on 'Impact of flexible working hours on employee turn-over' This is an academic research to create knowledge and 50%-60% of the dissertation may consist of academic writing, This research carried out in Book Publishing house called Wijesooriya Book Publishers, among the graphic designing and type setting staff.Wijesooriya Publishers..
Strategies to Reverse the Decline of Black Male Church Attendance
Literature review must be strongly related to the topic, Strategies to Reverse the Decline of Black Male Church Attendance at New Prospect Missionary Baptist Church. Must be in Turabian style, must be sited and pages numbered, and put through turn it in Summary of the author’s main argument or proposal; • The work’s primary contribution to your understanding..
to what extend does the current SINO-CHILE trade affects technological innovation in Chile?
1) I need a paper of 25.000 words, double spaced, MLA format, this needs to be completed before the 21 of March 2016. 2) The aim of my research is to find out if the "south-south" trades affect innovation in the less developed countries, using China and Chile as my case study.
Effectiveness of Prophylactic Management of Depression for adult Head and Neck Ca patients
I need an introduction for my dissertation covering : - the main idea is that the prevalence of depression is higher among cancer patient in general and head and neck caner patient in specific . - researches in general studies the predictors such surgeries instead of other treatments, smoking, sever configuration, pre existing depression and genetic susceptibility...
Reducing Excess Inventory through Lean Six Sigma Approach
The aim of this topic is to reduce excess inventory as they are the cost in perspective of company. The dissertation should follow standard dissertation format guide. Please come out with at least three research questions which is related to the topic.
Perception of tourist towards Bangladesh as a tourist destination: An imperial Study on Cox's Bazar.
Hello, I want the Chapter 1 to be done for this Major Project of mine. If the lecturer confirm your work is good then i will continue with you for the whole project. So chapter 1 is 1000 words. I want you I will also provide you links from where you can get information. I attached the proposal form from where you can get the idea what to do and please do you best on chapter..
Demographics and Congress
Topic 1: Demographics and Congress The United States Congress is divided into two parts (bicameral): the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. Whereas the U.S. Senate is comprised of two senators per state, the House of Representatives divides 435 representatives among each state, according to U.S. Census data. By constitutional law each state has..
Behavioral Safety / change management
Behavioral Safety & Change management research paper
Are there any objectless mental states?
Brentano, Husserl, and many other philosophers who defend the representationalist theory of mind contend that all mental states exhibit intentionality. Beliefs, desires, perceptions, hopes, fears, judgements etc are all typical examples of intentional mental states which we are in in most of our everyday life. The mind is directed to objects in these conscious..
Hi, I have added links to the literature that I have on hand. I have revised message a bit so please have a good read before starting the work. Also, I think I don't have enough literature/articles to review. Please, could you add more for your work? Kindly provide me with links to the extra articles as I would need to submit them in a couple of weeks. Kindly stay in close..
women employment and advancement opportunities
I need the final FINDINGS part for my dissertation. I will send the audio document of my interview and results of my surveys to you as well as my literature review. The findings part must also refers to my literature review.
Women employment and advancement opportunities in the UK
I need the FINDINGS AND CONCLUSION part for my dissertation. I made a survey and interview, from which I have uploaded the results. I also uploaded my literature review. This must also be considered by writing the findings part.
implement of reverse logistics case studies
I would like a paper on: The implement of reverse logistics in companies. why is it better than externalisation for these companies. case studies that explain how they did it and why And also specification of how doing so in your own company step by step (the implement of reverse logitics) I need at least 3 cases studies of companies that have implemented reverse..
E-commerce GSM online consumers
Dear Writer, Topic: A critical analysis of what students at GSM are purchasing online. Including types of products bought? Moreover, factors that encourage them to buy. Aims and Objectives: Aim: The aim of the research would be to assess the pattern of students at GSM buying behaviour and what encourages them to buy goods online. Objective: The purpose study..
The role of islam on the participation of young muslim females in PE and extra-curricular activities
just add 300 words to the introduction and 1400 to the literature review
how slave feel about their work, their religion and their family?
work should focus on evidence and sources from the Peculiar Institution book
The Modern Presidency
Unit 3: The Presidency and the Federal Bureaucracy - Discussion A close examination of the Article II of the Constitution (Executive Branch) suggests that the founding fathers, leery of tyrannical monarchs, deliberately made vague the powers and responsibility of the president. Yet the institution of the presidency has grown, over time. This expansion..
Electing scoundrels
Topic: Electing Scoundrels Lawmakers are elected by the people in order to represent their interests in the legislature. Is there any requirement that those lawmakers maintain ethical behavior while they serve the people? Consider the strange case of Joe Morrissey, the Virginia lawmaker who won a special election to replace himself while he was serving a..
the french cuisine
What is the french cuisine and what make it so delicious and so known
trategies to Reverse the Decline of Black Male Church Attendance at New Prospect Missionary Baptist Church
Chapter Three and Four Dead Line 3-29-17
the influence of Chinese real property to Chinese economy
4 to 5 pages including tables, graphs and references
set up the survey quesionnaire
Could you please set up the question that relating to the question below , Total about 15 question. What are General Practitioners’ patterns and referral decisions to acupuncturists and how do their personal beliefs about acupuncture influence these? - How frequently do GPs refer patients with common injuries for acupuncture treatment via ACC? My topic relate..
need someone to fix plagerisim
i just put my intro through "write check" im wondering if anyone can fix it its at 50%
Introduction of American Jurisprudence
Topic: Law for Sale In Citizens United v. FEC, 130 S. Ct. 876 (2010), Justice Stevens argued in his dissent that the Court's ruling "threatens to undermine the integrity of elected institutions across the Nation. The path it has taken to reach its outcome will, I fear, do damage to this institution." He wrote, "A democracy cannot function effectively when its..
define a reasonable price using the game theory
I have already upload my proposal,aroud 3000 words,you have to extend the content,and the stucture you can follow the file "Guidance"
Letter of Intent Revision
Letter of Intent Revision At the conclusion of DP 1 (Dissertation Planning 1), you submitted a rough draft of your LOI and received feedback from your instructor. You will now have an opportunity to revise that draft. Instructions: 1. Review the DP 1 instructor feedback and the Letter of Intent Approval Criteria document (PDF) to revise each section of your LOI..
to write Dissertation chapters: - Executive Summary - Introduction - results/analysis - discussion Literure review, metodology, data from survey questionaire will be given.
adding in creative writing
hi i just need you to add in a few things to make it sound better and one or two references to be put in i want a good job im willing to pay around 45 dollars thanks
how much do we know about the universe
The universe is so big, and we can't know everything about it, i want you to write about how much do we know
chapter 1 : introduction chapter 2 : description of stem cell chapter 3: stem cell therapy for cardiac diseases chapter 4 : discussion chapter 5 : conclusion reference
construction project management disseratation which is research based. Timeline- 30 days
female unemployement
i need someone to write the proposal first then chapter and final docuemtn
Introduction / Conclusion
My dissertation topic is about Free Trade Areas - advantages and disadvantages local companies, so I need a comprehensive Introduction and the Conclusion (with recommendation) chapters.
Statistical Analysis on Dissertation
Are more experienced brokers better at EPS forcast than less experienced brokers. All regression and data done. Just have to analyse statistics and write a paper on it. Samples will be given. Sample dissertation attatched. Will send Excel data and question over.
Analyis of regression for dissertation
Can more experienced analyst make more accurate eps forecast than less experienced analyst in the technology sector Analyis of regression for paper
Financial assessment of Apple
I need a good writer please My outline is as follows: 1. The background of Apple 2. Executive summary 3.introduction 4. Vision and mission of Apple 5. Strategic analysis of Apple Swot analysis Pestel Analysis Internal and external Analysis of Apple 6. FInancial performance of Apple
Title: From market stall to £610m buyout, what has been the secret of Poundland’s success?’ With research objectives such as: To investigate the growth of Poundland To identify their competitive advantage To ascertain why Poundland became a takeover target.
Strategies to Reverse the Decline of Black Male Church Attendance at New Prospect Missionary Baptist Church
This is only for chapter 2
dance: conceptual metaphors and their linguistic expressions
Hello, I already have 20 pages, but I really don`t have time to finish it. My purpose is to finish only two chapters. I need 5000 - 7 000 words
Government subsidies in the Coal mining industry in South Africa
and their effects on captive markets such as Eskom, in South Africa, as well as other government agreements in place to protect these subisidies
Dissertation about Finance/Business/Economics
Select one topic from file files Format:APA 6 Word count: 7000-7500
I want you to talk about buildings in paris and their beauty
the third world war
Is the war close ? who is with who ? and who is probably going to win
A Cognitive Behavioral Depression Intervention in Persons with Co-occurring Chronic Migraine
Need editing/proofing of chapters 1-3, and cleaning up/checking the 2nd half of the reference section to remove redundant citations.
CSR practice in oil and gas firm
I have started my dissertation on CSR in oil and gas firm, i have recieved comments from the supervisor to rectify the comments. i need to edit as per the supervisor comments and to continue the remaining work of the dissertation.
Grassroots Vs elite participation in sport (Including importance, participation and funding)
Why grassroots participation is sport is just as important as elite performers. I can attach some supporting documents if needed Undergraduate Harvard referencing
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