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Social Media Plan to Revitalize an Existing Brand
Analysis of the competition and the marketing environment | Situational Analysis COMPETITION (2) Who is your brand’s competition? Discuss all the brand’s major competitors – minimum of 2. What are their social channels and followings like? Complete a brief social media audit for each competitor by detailing what type of content they post, followers/following,..
Why does the number of sexual assault and sexual harassment continue to increase throughout our army?
Be creative but not in a way to jeopardize yourself, if using personal experience. There is also a slogan in the army call “I.A.M. Strong” you can use that at your body paragraph Or try to the title as in, the increase of the numbers is because soldiers and civilians fail to report action, Or each individual conduct sexual assault and sexual harassment without knowing..
Strategic Operations Management and Operational Research
PART A - Reflective Analysis - The Reflective Analysis shall be 2500-3000 words in length. - Identify ONE personal skill (in this case, Time management) that you aim to develop and improve. - Your Reflective Analysis will detail WHAT YOU DID to improve that skill and HOW EFFECTIVE your efforts have been. Specifications: o Do not include the reference lists in..
Read Poems and Answer the questions for Poetry class.
* I am looking for the responsible writer who can finish within 4hours from now. I uploaded the Power Points and you read it with poems and answer with your own words (subjective thinking after you read the poem)
International Investment, Collaboration, and Contractual Strategies
In a critical essay explain the motives for and the types of foreign direct investment in Saudi Arabia. What is the role of FDI in Saudi Arabia’s growth of GDP and non-oil GDP? How should the Saudi Arabian Government attract more FDI? Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements: 4-6 pages in length Support your analysis by referencing and citing..
Impact of Regulatory Requirements on Sustainability Initiatives
Impact of Regulatory Requirements on Sustainability Initiatives Though sustainability initiatives are often driven by regulatory requirements, an increasing number of companies notice that they frequently result in decreased operating costs and increased revenues. Recent research has shown a strong and positive link between successful sustainability..
business goals and alignment with the project objectives".
A key responsibility of a project manager is to understand the business goals and to make sure there is alignment with the project objectives". Explain why you think this is important? and What steps would you take to ensure alignment? What are some of the pitfalls if a Project Manager does not have an understanding of the business goals...
Emotional Intelligence and the Influence on Leadership Decision-Making
In this assignment you are to take two assessments. These assessments will determine your emotional intelligence levels, leadership approach, and decision-making styles. These assessments are considered validated instruments which help you to understand your overall approach as a decision later. These assessments have been scientifically validated..
causes of the global financial and economic crisis that started in the U.S. in 2007
CRITICAL THINKING ASSIGNMENT (100 points) Explain the causes of the global financial and economic crisis that started in the U.S. in 2007. What effect did it have on the global economy? How did the global economy recover? What kind of fiscal and monetary policies were implemented? What are the challenges that remain for the global economy? Your well-written..
Feature article: Write a feature article on a subject of your choice.
. Feature article: Write a feature article on a subject of your choice. The feature must be written in narrative form – you must tell a story using full sentences and paragraphs. It also needs to be something that you have come up with through primary research. In other words, you’re not going online and finding information someone else has written about a celebrity..
Government Intervention and Regional Economic Integration
Select a country of your choice and explain the role of government protectionism in business activities and economic growth. What are the different viewpoints about the government protectionism? Include a discussion on the current increase of protectionist pressures in the global economy. Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:..
I have English Assessment in 2 part. PART 1: Creative writing (900-1100 words). PART 2 – REFLECTION STATEMENT
I have English Assessment in 2 part. PART 1: Creative writing (900-1100 words). PART 2 – REFLECTION STATEMENT Hi, I have a new laptop. My old one is broken. So, I don't have your contact details anymore because I had your details on the old laptop. I need to submit first the plan. The plan should be completed in one week time and the work in 2 weeks time. I count on you...
Understanding of the Factors influencing Successful Implementation of an Electronic Immunization Registry
1- first profreading the paper 2-Write one paragraph about Technology-organization-environment (TOE) theory. 3-) Then write a section on the importance of including a consideration of the influence of bias on resistance to adopt behaviour. This will lead to a detailed discussion of the Status Quo Bias and then the criticisms as identified in the (attached)..
How self-driving cars can predict the way pedestrians move
Individually, you will write a 500-word summary of a technical or scientific article that demonstrates: 1. ability to identify key processes and concepts in a professional science or technology article. 2. ability to describe complex processes and concepts clearly and concisely. 3. an awareness of audience. The summary should cite the article and any quotes..
How do we identify, entice and add value for customer?
Porters Five Forces model is a well-known approach to developing a sustainable competitive advantage. For a company to develop a competitive advantage, however, the four functional areas, as described in Chapter 2, and the employees must effectively work together toward shared goals and manage the complex interactions of ideas, people, and capital. Address..
Describe two of your most meaningful achievements and how they relate to your future goals
Answer the following question in no more than 650 words: "Describe two of your most meaningful achievements and how they relate to your future goals (both personal and professional)." Future goal - to become a management consultant this is going to be attached to the internship application
The quality of knowledge is best measured by how many people accept it
the statement in the heading should be discussed. a good guide is this video: "quality of knowledge" should be defined in the introduction, if it can be falsified, if it has monetary values, if it brings good to the world, and how can it be measured. -there should be a reference to 2 areas of knowledge (found in
mediation and arbitration & American Arbitration Association
Write a paper that compares mediation and arbitration by explaining the function, role, and effectiveness of each in resolving conflicts. Further compare the two conflict resolution methods by discussing the types of disputes that can be utilized by mediation and arbitration, and include examples. Finally, explain the drawbacks to using each conflict..
Discussion: Components and Characteristics of Language & Discussion: Nonverbal codes and their functions
Part I 1. Describe a recent message exchange in which differing referents led to misunderstanding. Include elements that demonstrate each corner of the Triangle of Meaning and identify the elements (i.e., thought, symbol, and referent). Explain what you could have (should have) done to help prevent or correct the misunderstanding. (Scroll to the bottom..
Discussion: The role of perception in the communication process. Please use proper Netiquette. 1. Read the following scenario. Bart overslept and is rushing to work. Traffic seems worse than usual. Most drivers give the impression of being indifferent to Bart’s situation. Some drivers cut him..
Infographic poster / Written Review and reflection
1. Please see the attached files 2. Follow the Harvard referencing style as annotation 3. You need to be creative to have a great poster result. 4. To include types of business model in the poster, see week five lecture. If SWOT ANALYSIS OR PESTEL is applicable to the guest speaker lecture, please do so 5. Other information related to this assignment to follow, will..
PSYC343- Need in 10 HOURS! do not offer if you can't deliver
Part 1 of 2 -  This final essay/short answer exam consists of five questions. Your responses should be at least 1, but no more than 3, fully developed paragraphs long. Formal citation of sources is not required on this exam. 1. What are three distinct challenges young adults face as they become independent and enter the workforce? Incorporate at least one theorist’s..
Evaluations of - "A Dream Deferred" by Langston Hughes
Reading Questions Answer the questions below on a separate document. Just copy and paste them into your own! 1. Quickly write down what you think a raisin in the sun looks like. How did it get there? What happens to it in the heat? Why? 2. What clues does this image give you about what the play might read about? Why would Hansberry title her play this way? 3. What happens..
Read chapter 7 of lift ever voice and sing NACCP DEADLINE 12 hours
Read chapter 7 of lift every voice and sing Write detailed summary of chapter pointing out the theme of chapter and generate questions in correlation to supervision . See example questions must be more detailed in pointing out the story Incase someone haven’t read the chapter. Note where you find question on what page ext to each question. I have ebook..
Editing of Monologue of Atticus Finch on To Kill A Mockingbird
This is an oral presentation script that I would need help in editing my monologue about Atticus Finch, and his thoughts about prejudice regarding his situation, in the novel, "To Kill a Mockingbird" - A monologue or dialogue by a ‘character’ from a text with accompanying rationale, it has to be of about 1000 words This is based on prejudice...
An op-ed about intercultural rhetoric of a specific brand or marketing case
So the theoretical essay is to write an Op Ed about an aspect of rhetoric (1000 words), and then an essay explaining the rhetorical techniques that you used to convince the reader about that aspect of rhetoric (1500 words). Well, here are some op-eds inspiration. * A Washington Post article comparing Trump with the ancient rhetorician Cicero. * A New York Times..
Make a movie and sell your story to the Investor(The teacher)
This is the story/movie .... Two highly respected friends James (Matt Bomer) and Hit (Yifan Wu) pull a Heist on Atlanta Bank. Annie (Mila Kunis) Is a hostage in the begining of Hit and James stunt then later catches feelings for James. STEPS 1) Intro 2 pages 2) Story 3 pages 3) Conclusion 1 page Talk about the actors, audience, R.O.I (Return On Investment) and describe..
China-Africa E-commerce Industrial Development Forum
write a 700-word speech for the Burundian Ambassador to China, he is attending: The First China-Africa E-commerce Industrial Development Forum (agenda is attached, as well as Powerpoint presentation from China-Africa E-commerce Co.,Ltd about i want the writer to mention the importance for e commerce for Africa and also why e-commerce can strengthen..
Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing
Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing Choose a large Middle Eastern company that has or had a problem with poor quality. In a 4-5-page paper, not including the cover and reference pages, explain the situation, and the consequences of poor quality in terms of loss of business, liability, productivity or costs. You may find Chapter 9 in your..
Interview a Purchasing and Supply Management Professional
Interview a Purchasing and Supply Management Professional Interview a purchasing and supply management professional in a private or public organization (for example a purchasing and supply associate, a Chief Purchasing Officer, or a business manager in a K-12 school system). Write a 4-5-page paper that describes: The line of business, mission, and goals..
Metaphorical Writing - "How to cook the loneliness"
Write an own metaphorical recipe on ONE topic of your choice (my choice is "How to cook the loneliness", using and labeling all of Cotter’s six narrative components of recipes in your metaphorical recipe. (Please see the attached file for Cotter's six narrative components of recipe)
The American companies makes manufacturing contracts with the companies
The American companies makes manufacturing contracts with the companies in the underdeveloped countries for cheaper labor. Problems often arise in this working relationship. The contracted companies learn and steal the intellectual properties of the American companies, make the similar products, and sell them at a very low price. As the owner of the contracted..
Each student must find two Internet of Things or Connected Devices to critique. This can include: Apple/Androi
Each student must find two Internet of Things or Connected Devices to critique. This can include: Apple/Android watches, Fitbit/Jawbone health monitors, NEST thermostats (or other smart thermostats) RING wireless doorbells (or similar devices), etc. 1. Critique the devices based on the principles we are studying in class. Comment on both form and function..
Create a set of approximately 50 cards expressing a range of emotions, or strengths for use with young people
Create a set of approximately 50 cards expressing a range of emotions, or strengths for use with young people or children who are suffering from mental health condition. For instance: how to interact with/get information from them by using the cards. Finished product: • Fully formed, ready for use. • Presented in a box or similar • Well considered for their appeal..
Late Victorian Holocausts: El Nino Famines and the Making of the Third World by Mike Davis
One page, double-spaced, critical evaluation of Chapter 9 "The Origins of the Third World" and Chapter 10 "India: The Modernization of Poverty" from the book 'Late Victorian Holocausts: El Nino Famines and the Making of the Third World' by Mike Davis
Writing Assignment: Exercise based on Gary Soto’s “Oranges”
Writing Assignment: Exercise based on Gary Soto’s “Oranges” In class, we read “Oranges,” a poem by Gary Soto. Then you were asked to write the same scene from the poem as prose – that is, tell it as a story . For this assignment, complete the “Oranges” story that you started in class. Your story should be told from the point of view of one of the characters: the boy, the..
Applying Managerial Accounting Concepts to the Service Industry
Many of the concepts in managerial accounting were first developed for the manufacturing environment. Do you think the same concepts, such as variable costs, fixed costs, mixed costs, and job order costing, can also be applied to the service industry? Why or why not? Focus on a particular service or service industry and illustrate your position with specific..
Operations Management and Factors Affecting Productivity
Operations Management and Factors Affecting Productivity (100 Points) Read the required article on business process management by AlShathry. Notice that Chapter 2 of your text discusses factors affecting productivity, like standardizing processes and procedures and quality issues. Write a 4-5-page paper that analyzes the outcomes AlShathry describes..
Select a type of graph(s) discussed in the book and give two real-world examples of when the graph(s) would be useful to you in a professional application and in your everyday life. Provide graph illustration(s). You should explain why the type of graph you have selected is the best for your example. Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument, citing..
Ten universal values, by Micheal Josephson ethical issues.
we recently through hurricane matthew and irma. Some of our family islands were devastated. many bahamian families have still now fully recovered. After both experiences, how should we go about practicing the Golden Rule? Which universal values (based on personal experiences) make us our brothers keeper?..
How Crime Data can Impact Social Policy in the United States?
Discuss how crime data can impact social policy in the United States. Is there an impact on the components of the criminal justice system (police, courts, and corrections) or the Church? Please answer in a paper of 3-4 pages, double-spaced, no larger than 12 point font, and sources cited. Please document all of your sources in APA format. NOT Plagiarized!!!..
The Indirect Method of Statement of Cash Flows and Financial Analysis
Companies go through different phases of the life cycle. Corporate life cycle includes introductory, growth, maturity, and decline phases. Discuss each phase of corporate life cycle. Describe the effects of each phase on the amounts reported in a statement of cash flows. Be sure to support your position. (2-3 PARAGRAPHS)..
Reporting Contingent Liabilities and Stockholders’ Equity
Debt securities such as bonds pay a stated interest rate. This interest rate depends on the risk of investment. In addition, bond prices change when investment risk changes. Standard and Poor’s provide ratings for companies. Stock prices also fluctuate. Fluctuations depend on various factors. Find an article about a company that has been affected recently..
Merchandising Business Sector and Inventory Classifications
It is important for financial statements’ external users to understand financial information about a company in which they have stakes. Financial information reported in the annual reports should not be the only source of information to make informed decisions, however. Financial news is equally important. Since we are learning about inventory this week,..
The Importance of Recognizing Revenue and Expenses in the Correct Period
Denver Technologies Corp. (DTC) is a provider of Information Technology services for small and medium companies in the Denver, CO, area. The company has a fiscal year end on June 30. On June 28 of this year, DTC was able to sign some three-year contracts to provide services for area companies. The contracts totaled $300,000 with a third of the contracts due immediately..
The Conceptual Framework for the System of Collections and Processing Transactions
Nicole Martins is the controller at UMC Corp., a publicly-traded manufacturing company. Last year, UMC had annual sales revenue of $15 million. The first quarter of this year just ended, and Nicole needs to prepare a trial balance so she can prepare the quarterly financial statements. However, trial balance is out of balance by $750 (credits exceed debits)...
Logo Design and Style Guide (Use Adobe InDesign App)
You will choose one design company/education institution and redesign/develop its logo and Style Guide. Combine colour, symbols and text to form a unique identity for the brand, with an emphasis on a uniquely Australian, sustainable design. Based on your research, you will also choose an environmental context for the client’s product. You will generate..
Antitrust and Monopoly; International Business Law
You work for a large international corporation. The director of your department has called a meeting to state that the company must always consider international issues when conducting business globally. Safe work environments, fair wages, abuse of child labor, unfair treatment of workers, the environment, and legal business practices are all topics that..
Library Orientation Exercise Creation - Library & Information Science discipline
Investigation #2: Library Orientation Exercise Please create a MEANINGFUL library orientation exercise for a particular group of library users of your choosing. You might select, for example, college freshmen composition students; history majors; senior citizens; high school students; international students; gays and lesbians; law students; medical..
Uniform Commercial Code, Debtor—Creditor Relationship
Research the three types of bankruptcy and answer the following questions: Who may file Chapter 7 bankruptcy? What are some of the reasons that people file bankruptcy? How does bankruptcy affect interest rates on loans? Credit cards? Then research, identify, and summarize a specific Chapter 7 bankruptcy case or issue. Incorporate the legal terminology from..
Original Poem Writing and Reflecting on an Original Poem
Reflect on an incident that has in some manner changed the way you see or feel. Write a poem of 100 words that reflects how the incident that you chose changed or affected you. Write a shorter poem of 45 words or less that captures the essence of the same incident. • Submit both selections in one Microsoft® Word document. • Grammar and punctuation variations are acceptable..
Criminal Law, Cyber Crime, and Digital Law (Only need 2 paragraphs)
The director of your accounting department has requested that you conduct research on the Sarbanes- Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) where you are to summarize the effects SOX has had on improving corporate governance. In addition, research, identify, and summarize a specific corporate crime case or issue. The summary should include a good description of the facts..
Dieting, Men in female jobs, Women in the military, Male vs. female bosses
In the title there is four topic. Each topic need a 2 page writing. you can use any website you want and use your opinion. this needs to be a simple paper some thing easy enough for middle schooler to understand.
Investigate school starting time around the world.
All drafts must be in MLA format, 2 pages in length, and submitted in a Word Document. Do not forget to cite your sources! Informative/explanatory: Investigate an issue on a global scale Investigate school starting time around the world. Find data for as many countries as you can, make a chart showing start times for a comparable grade level. For example, there..
A closer look at Naegleria fowleri the brain Monster
Edit, proofread and fix misused words. I need some help to try to finish the story in science non-fiction style. I attached some extra information may be needed to be added to the paper (titled: Disease report sheet). References used from Mayo clinic website and CDC. You may add more if needed.
Market fluctuations (only need 2 paragraphs) no cover sheet needed
Using the information you have learned so far in this class, state what you think will cause market fluctuations over the next few years as the economy struggles to recover. What areas of the economy should be closely watched as indicators of future activity
Oligopolistic or monopolistically competitive (ONLY NEED 2 PARAGRAPHS)
Identify a firm with which you routinely deal, either personally or professionally, that is oligopolistic or monopolistically competitive. Analyze the characteristics that generate this market structure, focusing on economies of scale, product differentiation, and barriers to entry. Identify a competitor and very briefly discuss how they differ...
Sybil’ Lewis and Adele Erenberg on defense work 1942-1945
Write 3 pages based on the reading by answering the question, How did the experience of working at the defense plants during World War IIchange the lives of Sybil Lewis and Adele Erenberg? Do you think their experience were typical of women everywhere in the United States? The 5 short pages of the reading I’m sending in the attachments. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES, NO WIKIPEDIA...
Analyze the banking industry from a global and ethical posture
Analyze the banking industry from a global and ethical posture. Be sure to be specific as to which ethical posture you are taking. See this website for information on ethical postures. (ONLY NEED 2 PARAGRAPHS FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT..... NO COVER SHEET NEEDED) Also state whether or not you enjoy these types of evaluations and if you would consider these types of responsibilities..
Conditions of entry and exit (only need 2 paragraphs)
Conditions of entry and exit are important determinants of market behavior and outcomes. Imagine yourself working in a firm that sells skills, abilities, and time to other firms. In other words, you are a supplier of an input to the processes of other firms, or possibly directly to consumers. •Analyze the conditions of entry and exit in the market for your labor...
Database Evaluation Letter to a Vendor - Library & Information Science discipline
PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING IN THE INSTRUCTION BEFORE BIDDING. This is for LIBRARY & INFORMATION SCIENCE Major. Your paper will consist of an imaginary / sample / hypothetical letter to a database vendor. Pretend you are a librarian in charge of acquiring this database for your library.... (continued in the File attached due to long instruction,..
Compare and Contrast Two Countries Using Hofstede's Five Dimensions
Option #1: Compare and Contrast Two Countries Using Hofstede’s Five Dimensions Follow the steps below to write a compare and contrast paper on Hofstede’s five dimensions: Review the information provided on Hofstede’s Five Dimensions of Culture in this week’s lecture. Choose two countries to compare using Hofstede’s Five Dimensions of Culture.  To compare..
Public Policy on Econimic Growth (ONLY NEED 2 PARAGRAPHS)
Analyze and evaluate the impact of public policy on economic growth from an ethical and global position. Be sure to be specific as to which ethical posture you are taking. See this website for information on ethical postures. Also state whether or not you enjoy these types of evaluations and if you would consider these types of responsibilities in a future career...
Individual Reflective statement in contents of the supply chane assignment
Individual reflective statement must include such as what did you learned from doing supply chane assignment , how did you work in a tem, where you where ( what did you know about supply chane) when you started subject and where are you now. must be academic references not older the 2017.
FO’Connor “A Good Man is Hard to Find”and JC Oates in “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been”?
What is Flannery O’Connor really discussing in “A Good Man is Hard to Find”? How might it be comparable or contrasted by the message of Joyce Carol Oates in “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been”? What are your thoughts on the victims in the story? Were they innocent? What did they say or do to make them worthy of their ultimate fates? AVOID (don't use) very, good,..
Discussion Topic (only need 2 paragraphs/ no cover sheet needed)
Provide examples from your personal life for each of these three scenarios: •You acted rationally. Very briefly explain your choice. •You confronted bounded rationality. How did you resolve this situation? •You had to choose between self-regarding and other-regarding preferences. Briefly explain. Respond with thoughtful additions or corrections to..
Govt policies/ regulations (only 2 paragraphs needed- no cover page needed)
How do government policies and/or regulations factor into changes in economic activity on both a domestic and global scale? Give a specific example of a policy or regulation that has helped economic activity. Give a specific example of a policy or regulation that has hindered economic activity. If you were an economist who was tasked with evaluating this policy..
Analyze the purchase of a good (only need 1-2 paragraphs)
You make many purchases in your day-to-day life. Select a specific good (excluding gasoline or cannabis) that you purchase for yourself or your family, and analyze the purchase of this good over time with respect to changes in your income. •Have you continued to purchase the same good over time? Why? •Do you now purchase a substitute good? Why? •Does the good you..
Community Profile form - Library and Information Science discipline
I'd like a serious well educated writer for this assignment to write an A+ paper. Please read all the instructions carefully and make sure you can do it really well before you bidding. Most of the pages are just like a report with data, pictures, maps, etc., not really much of writings. So even the assignment can go up to 10 pages, I just put in 6 pages of this order. Please..
Develop an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) including a list of attributes between Patient and Hospital
The attachment shows a relationship between two entities (tables). Suppose Entity 1 represents Patient and Entity 2 represents Hospital. Develop an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) including a list of attributes (no more than 5 for each entity), unique keys and the relationship between the two entities using the notations learned from Session 6. Discuss..
Messiah The book Cows, Pigs, Wars, and Witches: The Riddles of Culture by Marvin Harris
Reaction paper 400 words on the chapter of Messiah. Summary of what the chapter Messiah is about. How does this form of Jesus conflict to the form of Jesus that we know? Who are the Dagger man? Define: Messiah. Explain the Roman relationship to the Jewish people. Ignore Cargo cult and do not talk about that at all!!..
to raise awaresness of the health benefits of organically grown food and environmental sustainability
i want you to talk a bit about the organic farm ,who we are , abou the time and fee to visit the farm ,about the shop that we run inside the farm , what we sell fruits ,milk meat , the pick up your own facility once a year .i need you to raise awareness of the health benefits of organically grown food and environmental sustainability...
"The Vietnam in Me", "In the Lake of the Woods" Quick Discussion Board
Just a quick one paragraph discussion board. Pls Help. This needs to be done ASAP. 40 mins Max. Anyone familiar with both "In the Lake of the Woods" and "Vietnam in me" Week 3: Fiction versus Non-Fiction 48 48 unread replies. 48 48 replies. While In the Lake of the Woods is a fictional novel, "The Vietnam in Me" is a non-fiction article. What's the difference between..
What Skill you found more helpful in role of counselor
Idenrify , define and conceptually discuss one skill you found most helpful in your role as a counselor this semester . Discuss how you apply the above still utilizing concrete examples in the continued use of theory / Concepts Please read job website i work here as a live in manager in one of the homes , its my passion and what all my work..
(Creativity and Decision-Making) Case Questions:The Coca-Cola Company’s Case for Creative Transformation
Answer the questions below, using our Drucker readings on creativity and innovation From week 1 and decision-making from week 3 (and especially the first few of the 7 steps) as a guide: 1. How do the ads and artwork below reflect the new principles in the Content 2020 chapters? How do they significantly differ from past Coca-Cola Campaigns (e.g., ones you remember..
Investigate Resources for a Developmentally-Appropriate, Multicultural, Anti-bias Classroom
You have learned there has been leadership in the area of anti-bias early childhood education. A variety of resources has been developed for use by early childhood professionals. Furthermore, it is important to remain current about multicultural, anti-bias resources by accessing new research and information about multicultural, anti-bias materials...
Should the US government ban the ownership of some or all guns for all Americans?
Paragraph requirements: The paragraph must state a claim, an opinion, and have supports for the claim. Your paragraph should be a minimum of 7 sentences. One of the sentences must be a topic sentence. Underline your topic sentence. Use this structure as described in the video: Claim - your opinion, your stance. Data/Information - examples and proof Warrant..
Discussion: Reflecting on Your Writing: Proofreading
Proofreading and ensuring you have correct grammar and punctuation is an important final step before completing any scholarly writing assignment. Be sure to allot the necessary time for this step when planning the timeline for this and future assignments. This week’s Learning Resources will help you effectively proofread your work so that you can submit..
Into The Wild Discussion/Seminar/Writing Prompt Questions
Into The Wild Discussion/Seminar/Writing Prompt Questions Krakauer’s telling of Christopher McCandless’s story raises some interesting questions. Questions like: Philosophical Was McCandless mentally ill and/or suicidal and/or a romantic dreamer in over his head OR did he have a possibly-ahead-of-his-time idea that living in a consumer capitalist..
Organizational Management and the Role of Human Resource Management
Assignment Process: A. Organizational Management and the Role of Human Resource Management from Different Perspectives / Viewpoints: You will examine Organizational Management and the role of Human Resource Management from four different perspectives / viewpoints, which will include: 1. Section 1: Personal Perspective of the Student. 2. Section 2:..
Reflecting on Your Writing: Summary and Academic Integrity
As a scholar, knowing how to write a clear and concise summary is a critical skill to master. Effective summary is used to articulate a source’s essential ideas, but without plagiarizing. This week’s Learning Resources will help you develop effective summary skills and avoid unintentional plagiarism. For this Discussion, you will reflect on your own writing..
International Marketing Through Internet and Social Media
Dear Sir I would like to request you to please revise the attached assignment based on the feedback given by my tutor. My tutor has given recommendation in the assignment file with track changes appearing in red. I have also enclosed new assignment. Programme & Project Management You can select any two topics on page 1 and 2 with each assignment of 2500 words. the..
Different between fences, take me out and damn Yankees
Description for this reflection we want you to focus on how the film (damn Yankees) position baseball in comparison, but you may chose to tackle more if you so chose. Make sure in all reflections to back up your assertions/opinions with evidence from the script and/ or film.
i am looking for a marketing internship and would like to get some help with a writing sample that they asked me i already have a cover letter so i dont really know how to do the writing sample for the internship position.
Write about a hardship, including pain and suffering (look at instructions for full title)
Hello, Please make up a story that sounds plausible about one of my "friends" going through a hardship. The instructions are below. I have grown up in London, England, so write about one of my friends there. Write about a hardship, including pain and suffering, that you experienced, OR write about a hardship, including pain and suffering, that you have witnessed..
Concert Paper - Only accept this assignment if you can finish in 8 hours.
The Magic Flute at the Metropolitan Opera House by Julie Taymor Please write 2 pages about the show as you were there in person. You can google and youtube as a source to help you write this. Kindly see the attachment for guidelines. The first paragraph should be an introduction. In it you should briefly describe the most important ideas of your paper (tell us what..
writing final paper (arguement section) about "fan fic community" subculture
Be sure that your file is saved either as a Word document (.doc or .docx) or in Rich Text Format (.rtf) because incorrectly attached files will be returned to you and counted as late. Files always need to be submitted in one of these formats, so double check your attachment.
Discuss the universal message present in the tale “How Much Land Does A Man Need” by Tolstoy, in light of today's society.
This paper is for a class name Philosophical Issues in Literature. The instruction are The Final Paper must be analytical in nature; that is, you should critically think and write about the major ideas, points, issues, and arguments at hand, and not merely give a summary. Finally, your paper must demonstrate a clear understanding of the key concepts, ideas and..
Operations Management- Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing
choose a large Middle Eastern company that has or had a problem with poor quality. In a 3-4-page paper, not including the cover and reference pages, explain the situation, and the consequences of poor quality in terms of loss of business, liability, productivity or costs. Explain what the company might have done to correct the problem, and what the condition..
Exploring Public Perception and News Media Connections
Think of a new or proposed innovation for the school or district where you are employed or that was initiated in the school or district in which you were most recently employed. Write up an informational feature story/article about the innovation, using your best journalistic writing skills: Use the information in Chapter 10 of Bagin, D., Gallagher, D.R., &..
Operationalize a Policy Statement: Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics
The best intended policy statement is only as valuable as its implementation in practice. Using what you have learned from reading Chapter 4 in Bagin, D., Gallagher, D.R., & Moore, E.H. (2012). School and Community Relations assisted by the steps, descriptions, and driving questions in Learning from Practice (above), prepare an Operationalized Policy Statement..
nursing leadership theory in process improvement project
This is discussion board report. you need to read attached files and answers 2 questions follow rubric and the answer has to stimulator further discussion to other students. need APA citation and reference
Stereotypical Representations of Racially Marked Female Bodies
Choose a popular culture medium (hip-hop music, or any music video and genre, film, (fashion) magazines, Netflix TV series, etc). Focus on how racially marked female bodies are represented. You do not need to focus on representations of black female bodies; rather you are encouraged to look for stereotypes of other racially marked female bodies (such as Hispanic,..
Reliability and Decision Theory: Critical Thinking
The supplement to Chapter 5 (attached) describes and develops several decision trees. In a 3-4-page paper, not including the cover and reference pages, develop a decision tree for a work or personal decision that you must make. Explain the process of developing a decision tree, and your specific case. You must have at least three Decision Points, and three Chance..
Strategic human capital management effectiveness as determinants of an organisational performance
STRATEGIC HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT EFFECTIVENESS AS DETERMINANTS OF ORGANISATIONAL PERFORMANCE We evaluated the impact of human resource (HR) managers’ capabilities on HR management effectiveness and the latter’s impact on corporate financial performance. For 293 U.S. firms, effectiveness was associated with capabilities and attributes of HR staff...
Five most significant events of the Western World.
Five most significant events of the Western World from the Mesopotamian, Egyptian, & Greek periods of civilization. 5 terms total. 1 paragraph each and within each paragraph between 5-7 sentences no more. No citing!!
Explain why the building of a great wonder is so important to a Civilization?
In 1 page, explain why the building of a great wonder is so important to a civilization. Pick a specific wonder, explain its significance, and the effect it had on people. Compare that wonder to a wonder from today; show how it is similar, and how it is different. No citing, 250 to 275 words max.
How did the cynics and stoics lead to the destruction of Athens? (
3 paragraphs with each paragraph having 7 sentences in each. Explain how did the cynics and stoics lead to the destruction of Athens? (Persian Wars Philosophy) * no citing at all please. Short and simple.
Operations Management and Factors Affecting Productivity
Operations Management and Factors Affecting Productivity Read the required article on business process management (article attached). Notice that Chapter 2 of your text(Operations Management.) discusses factors affecting productivity, like standardizing processes and procedures and quality issues. 4 pages that analyzes the outcomes AlShathry..
Personal statement/ motivation letter for nursing mental health
I am currently working as a Health care assistant and I want to switch over to nursing full time based on the challenging situations of service users I have encountered as a carer. so be sure to carry out further research on health care assistant role and do an impeccable job.
A personal Narrative Essay based on My family and struggling American life
a narrative Essay based on How did I become who I am today because of my family ? the idea that you can use ..A Bangladeshi boy come to USA to be educated and make proud his family ..who adjusting himself with american lifestyle...but he miss his family members. his mother always inspire himself to do better through strugling life.....
Should the college implement a mandatory attendance policy?
Read through the Activity assignment on page 65. Develop three claims, and select one to take through the From Claim to Draft process. Develop your outline into a draft (no less than 500 words). You are encouraged to complete a first draft of this piece, then revise your work. Submit the entire assignment as one document (include three claims, one outline, and..
The 1960's is seen as the definitive decade in American History. Is this True?
Please write a 4 page paper with independent thoughts . .. Include events and personalities of the Era. . . Examples : The Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam War and Anti-War Movement. .. Organizations such as SNCC, NAACP, and CORE. Please discuss John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Ceaser Chavez, Malcolm X, Robert Kennedy, TOm Hayden and Betty Freidan. I am attaching..
Why is the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt so important to the course of American History?
Write a 3 page paper on title of assignment. Pleas consider events such as World War II, Great Depression and his New Deal. Consider the role of his wife, his health issues and their actions on civil rights. Double spaced. Should be in your own words and your opinion and you can quote things to refer what you are speaking about...
Discussion Paper on Impact of cheap overseas labor
Papers will be at least four pages (double-spaced, 300 words per page) in length, plus references. Each paper should have five sections, each with a section heading -- i) a summary of the issue (one or, at the most, two short paragraphs); ii) background information (facts needed to analyze the issue); iii) analysis and comment (this is the most important section);..
Creative Writing – Postcard Stories, 6 Six- Word Stories, and Short Short Story
These assignments need three (3) pieces from the description. 1) -A postcard story is a story that is so short it can fit on a postcard. Postcard stories are often associated with an image; they provide a sort of snapshot of a moment in time. For this assignment, you will write a postcard story inspired by a picture. Your story does not have to describe what is happening..
Gender and Sexual Orientation -paper based on powerpoint slides
Hi! I need a reflexion paper for 2 pages which will be written based on powerpoints slides prepared by my professor. Below I attach also an example of that reflexion paper(but there is called as journal). Of course it is a different topic but I would like to close you to type of paper which I need.( please get acquainted with this style) . In two next files i attach powerpoints..
Community Assessment: "High school dropout rates are related to homelessness"
Write a 3-5 page paper assessing four aspects of the macro community environment as follows: • Assess the client make up of your agency • Assess the community surrounding your agency • Assess competition and collaboration with similar local agencies • Assess “Agency Set” – other agencies that have similar mission and compare. Step 1: Define the Scope Step 2:..
Researching & Analyzing a Previous Arts Experience
I will be writing about Stamford Bridge and Chelsea Football Club - where Chelsea FC's home stadium is located. I grew up being an avid Chelsea fan and when I visited London, Stamford Bridge was the very first place I went to. Not only is this stadium beautiful, it holds so much tradition and has so much history behind it...
letter from minister of foreign affairs of south sudan to president
the letter should be drafted within the next hour and half. I want the writer to draft a letter from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Sudan to the President of Rwanda Paul Kagame. The letter should convey the following points. 1st thank the president of Rwanda for the warm hospitality extended to the minister during his visit to Kigali, Rwanda for the Consultative..
letter from minister of foreign affairs of south sudan to president
I want the writer to draft a letter from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Sudan to the President of Rwanda Paul Kagame. The letter should convey the following points. 1st thank the president of Rwanda for the warm hospitality extended to the minister during his visit to Kigali, Rwanda for the Consultative Meeting on African Union Reforms- Kigali May 7th,..
“Can’t We All Just Get Along”: Social History Social Psychology Reflection Letter
For this assignment, I am asking you to introduce yourself to me. Who are you? Where did you come from? When someone says, “this is _______,” what words would follow? Reflect on the topics and concepts we have discussed this quarter.(Chapter 3,4,5,9,10,11,12,13) Select a minimum of 4 that you want to connect to your own lived experiences. In your letter, tell..
Creative Research Paper on Poems by Sojourner Truth
Length will vary depending on the nature of the project, though they are likely to be 5-7 pages in length if you are composing prose. If your project incorporates visuals or if you are writing poetry, you should still complete the same amount of effort that would be involved in writing a research paper of that length. A project should involve some research, but can..
One DETAILED five minute film and one DETAILED one minute short film
* A treatment for a one minute film. I am not asking for a very short treatment. Please be as precise as possible in your details. Because the film is one minute, you're going to be doing a lot more explaining than normal. Please take the liberty of going beyond the treatment form to explain fully your ideas and vision. This should be no less than 500 words. *A treatment..
Naked Statistics by Charles Wheelan "Stripping the dread from the data"
6 questions 1 page I cannot provide the book. I have the PDF but the site won't let me upload it (i downloaded it off pirate bay, took 3 minutes) Hopefully you can either download it like I did, rent it from the library, or maybe you have it? Questions all have to do with the book
Creative Writing- Treatment/ Adaptation--Write a UNIQUE dramatic treatment adaptation
I am looking for a writer with creative writing experience. My last writer did not have a thorough understanding of the directions listed below and I ended up having to redo this entire assignment. I expect integrity and responses in a timely manner if I am considering you for assignments. Thank you Objective To freely adapt a short story into treatment form while..
Design Developmentally Appropriate Learning Spaces and Practices
Component by component, your early childhood center is coming together. Create a brochure that describes your center to potential clients (parents) through graphics and words. You have read Chapters 6 and 9 in your text and reflected on the early childhood facility. For this assignment, reflect on what you have learned about creating quality learning environments...
Use the words "the leaf was orange" in the writing
No limit, open content. Just using the words "the leaf was orange" in the writing. Make it be interesting, creative, and literary. Can be poem, narrative, social engagement, or anything. No more than 300 words.
Finding and illustrating voice from lived experience
Life teaches us many lessons. Some of these lessons may include living with the consequences of our choices, taking life one step at a time, living in the present moment, finding balance, developing compassion for ourselves and/or others, living with integrity, and dealing with grief. -write a narrative about a particular event in which you either learned..
Nonfiction Personal Essay 500 words and at least 3 Paragraphs
1. Begin a nonfiction personal essay with the title On______. Make a list of at least six titles that represent things you might like to write about, things that interest you and that you feel confident you know something about. These may be either abstractions or specifics. (Stephen King’s famous memoir of writing is called On Writing.) Remember that the purpose..
Elements of Writing for Creative Writing fiction Nonfiction Poem
For this draft, you may choose between any of the four genres studied: fiction, creative nonfiction, drama, and poetry. Whichever genre you choose, remember to include the elements of creative writing: imagery, voice, character, setting, and story, as appropriate. • Fiction and creative nonfiction should be 1,500-2,500 words, double-spaced. Fiction..
Identify a character and a conflict 1. write two different openings, three paragraphs each for a short story:
1. Identify a character and a conflict. Then, using the following suggestions, write two different openings, three paragraphs each for a short story: • Begin with a line of dialogue. • Begin with an action. • Begin with an image of danger. • Begin with the weather. • Begin with the protagonist’s thought. • Begin with a long shot. • Begin with a close-up. (At least..
Ursula Le Guin's "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas"
instructions are attached, please choose one of the two following prompts. You have to show if the people that walked away from omelas made the correct or wrong choice. Attached is the reading and instructions for the paper. You're welcome to do own research as well. Citation is not required. No certain format is required...
Tthe Impact of Total Rewardss Programs on Business Strategy
Write a 10-page research paper, double-spaced and in APA style. The research paper is based on "The Impact of Total Rewards Programs on Business Strategy" . The paper is required to have no less than 10 references with a limit of three web-based references
Reflection Paper
Please refer to course outline attached, the assignment is the Reflection Paper worth 30%
Applying for a Technical Writing Job
Write a 350-word video blog as if you are interviewing for a technical writing job. Describe your skills and educational experience for the job. This could be your software and writing skills and any professional experience you have that can be applied to your job. You can also discuss the steps you took in writing the manual for this class. Note: You may write this..
Sobriety Test
This assignment will give you the opportunity to conduct your own Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs). As outlined in your text, there are three standardized tests used by an officer to determine if a suspect is impaired. Using the three standardized tests, conduct mock FSTs. Evaluate your ability to perform the tests and any issues you feel these tests might provide..
National Patient Safety Goals
A governamental link will be given and the paper is about to critique a brochure using nursing base evidence research. A rubric will also be provide which has to be follow strictly.
Short mafia themed story set in 1930s prohibition era.
Looking to maybe do this weekly, no real specifications, just looking for entertaining short stories
Debate Analysis
Please read all the intros and here are the links for you watch.
Henry Dennison says that instead of creating your organizational structure and then finding people to fit in it, you should look for “like-minded people, ” put them into teams, and then build the structure. What are the advantages and disadvantages of building an organization using this approach?
Joseph Scanlon’s group incentive plan (page 341) stressed cooperation and collaboration over competition, and allowed everyone to benefit equally in cost savings that resulted from the suggestion of any one individual. Discuss whether you agree with the “everyone-benefits-equally-from-the-one” approach, and whether you think “the one” should get..
Writing a Manual
Phoenix MaterialFinal Project: Writing a Manual For this course’s final project, you will be writing a 5- to 7-page manual, due in Week 5. Refer to pp. 569 to 571 (Ch. 20) of your text for an example of the elements and style of a manual. You must choose a subject for the manual that is related to your current or previous work life. As you decide on a subject for your manual,..
Quran chapters question/answers
point to point answering to each question give specific reasons.
Composing a play in the style and format of a Greek tragedy.
Create a play with the idea and format like GREEK TRAGEDY for the GREEK audience. I have attached a copy of what the assignment is asking for to this order.
ITS A PERSONAL STATEMENT i have to write about why i would like to become a psychoanalyst and highlight the relevant skills i have ,,he said i should talk about memory which i hold dear to me,,i have the ca info for u to follow
Successful Habits on Achieving Your Dreams
I'm looking for a short 400 word essay on hardwork and determination, goal setting and daily habits get you to your dreams. I'm looking for something inspirational for people to read and help them get started on their own dreams.
so i have to make the case or against the intercultural affinity segmentation. i already know what i want to write about . i also have the introduction for my paper.
create two critical debate questions
- make two critical debate questions after carefully reading the article. - see atttachment
I sent my week one assignment so it can help with my week two worksheet
Create a brief, original story about a true, nonfiction, out of the ordinary experience
Create a brief, original story about a true, nonfiction, out of the ordinary experience and use a creative format to convey it to your audience. Think about “The Man on the Tracks,” and how that author took a shocking experience and wrote a creative piece to express the tale. This experience does not have to have a supernatural connection, but if you have a paranormal..
Year 11 Creative Writing
Hey, I am looking for a good well written story about belonging/not belonging to a new country. 700-1000 words please. Thanks
Creation of a Microsoft Table
Write instructions for a 1- to 2-page handout that explains how to create a table in Microsoft® Word (whatever version you have) and how to add and delete columns and rows from an existing table. Note: You may choose a task different from the table, but it still needs to be a technical one. Include the following in your instructional handout: Summary of the program..
Science Fiction Creative Writing
Write a highly sophisticated creative writing piece in the genre of SCIENCE FICTION. The creative piece has to be based on one of the ideas in the document attached. Instructions have to be followed.
The Holocaust- "the big Lie"
between 2-3 page report on the the big lie the natizs told the jewish during the holacaust
business communication homework assignment
1-2 typed pages long (roughly 500-1,000 words). business memo assignment
Assessments diffrent Domain
Dear writer, I have different assessments For different domain and just I want you to re write that assessment on the same domain that on the paper and need to be in Biology. basically I need the questions to be changed .PLEASE CHECK THE ATTATCHMENTS
Foster Your Dead by Phillip K. Dick
1" margins, 10 Point Times New Roman font, Single-spaced. Literary interpretation of the short story. How does it relate to us? What is the deeper meaning?
Action Potential
images of neurans created by food and and explanation what is represented in the picture
Destroy the Happy Couple Narrative
Directions: Go to a public location, such as a restaurant or bookstore, and use this for the setting, or use your imagination to create one while out in public (Be careful if you do this.). You are going to write a narrative, showing the plot given—don’t forget to show that the characters are “happy” together at the beginning of the piece. You have complete freedom..
Negative Message
Please write 2 Assignments, one for my friend and the other for me. Make sure you make it slightly different.
Assignments 11/What would you do?
In a minimum of 4 sentences each,what would you do if....
A16 - Barnard
The top of page 325 says that Chester Barnard looked for three elements in systems. Discuss why you think each of these three is necessary for success, and whether you think he missed any additional ones.
A15 - Mayo
On page 292, Mayo stressed a management style of openness, concern, and a willingness to listen. Discuss whether you think managers today embrace that, or if they have lost that art. Also discuss whether you think such a management style has value or is irrelevant to achieving company objectives.
Anthropology assignment(film response)
-Word limit- max. 300 words - point to point answering - give specific reason for each answer.
Republic by Plato
Please write pros of any chapter you like from the Republic by Plato you can use the same introduction but please make sure to follow the exact pro format attached. The theoretical observation is important in this paper what beyond the argument use some greek words which is found in the book. And most important please relate it to current world by providing world..
MBA Application Essay
What are your primary strengths? What aspects of yourself would you like to strengthen and improve? What do you hope to learn during the MBA Program that will help you refine your strengths and minimize your weaknesses?
creative writing, letters
the instruction in the attached paper could you tell me please if you could finish it by Friday? and how much
Life Experience
Reflective narrative essay, choose an event or experience that you went through first-hand, establish a personal tone to this, create an interesting beginning, be plentiful yet selective and vivid with your details, arrange details chronologically, end with a clear conclusion and reflection on what this experience taught you...
How to combat with skin Allergy
Please write one page. I need quality work if i will be happy will need more orders,so Please stay away all fake writers.thanks
Costs of inflation
This is just for a discussion post. Doesn't need to be long at all. Ask me for anything else
Workplace Communication
Write a 200-250-word workplace memo, letter, or e-mail that address the following scenario: You are working as the communication officer for a company located in a large office building with designated areas for employee breaks and lunches, located on each floor. The company's president has asked you to send memo via e-mail directing all employees to clean..
Reading review
Due date 03/08 Please have done a day before for corrections 03/07
I have a topic to write about an academic style I need a help to write a model answer . Answer should be a discursive consideration of the relevant issues. Task taker should make sure that he read the task carefully and provide a full and relevant response you should focus on the topic aspect in his response. He should not simply write about the topic in general...
A14 - Industrial Welfare
The top of page 274 describes components of the industrial welfare movement, or “welfare schemes,” and then states that “…human happiness was a business asset, and it was the wise, profit-minded employer who nurtured worker loyalty to the firm through various employee welfare schemes.” Discuss how businesses seem to adopt this philosophy today, and some..
A13 - Robb
Discuss whether you agree with Russell Robb’s philosophy on page 254 that structures needed to vary from one organization to another, rather than trying to create a standardized structure.
Digital Media & Society Blog
Question: How do Tapscott’s four principles for an open world relate to the social media activities you will practice in your profession after graduation?
Debate Analysis
Please read all the intros and here are the links for you.
Creative Brief
write and design a creative brief that will serve as a blueprint for your direct mail campaign What’s included in a creative brief? Key elements of the creative brief can include: Background information on the company, product or service Insight into the target audience Brand attributes, promise and mission Competitive landscape Business objectives Compelling..
A12 - Weber
Choose two of Weber’s advantages of bureaucracy (pages 231-232) and discuss how they could become a disadvantage for a company.
Demonstrate Leadership Theory for the NPO
Instructions You have noticed a marked decline in volunteers for your NPO. You have been informed by the Board of Trustees that calls to previous volunteers resulted in the discovery that the volunteers no longer find the NPO to be worth their time and energies. For this assignment, write a letter to all volunteers, including the volunteers that previously left...
Class Discussion post
DUE BY MIDNIGHT Consider the journal article, "Class Voting in Capitalist Democracies since World War II: Dealignment, Realignment, or Trendless Fluctuation?" by Manza, Hout and Brook, which is the assigned reading for this module. Based on your understanding of the article, discuss participation in the political system by people who are "poor" compared..
"The Purpose of Schooling"
what do you think about the arguments the authors make ? can the tension between these competing goals be resolved? should schools emphasize collective goals or individuals goals? please provide your thoughts and insights into the readings in the discussion broad.
n Australian Manager in an American Company
Using Geert Hofstede’s cultural characteristics, compare Australia and the United States on various measures. As you’ll see, the two countries are fairly similar, but there are some differences that may help explain Les Collins’s apparent lack of success in the American setting. Which of these do you think is the most significant and why? What could GOC have..
Management Theories (ONLY NEED 2 PARAGRAPHS)
Early management theories have focused on the assumption that the future can be projected or controlled. Discuss whether you believe this is still valid. Discuss whether a manager can effectively perform his or her role without the ability to forecast and control.
Issue and Trend Interview Blog
Interview a children's literature librarian regarding current issues and trends in children's literature. The librarian might be from a school or public library setting. Research what reputable leaders in the children's literature community say are the issues and trends in children's literature. Write a 350- to 525-word blog post about current issues..
Poster Presentation - From a Maori perspective
Choose ONE specific example of Indigenous struggle you are connected to. It might be related to where you are from, an experience you have had, or a commitment you hold. Create a poster with both text and images that demonstrates what you have learnt about the struggle. Your poster should include the following information: * The name of the struggle * An image or..
Discussion Forum 1
Complete the following three questions. The book - Chapter is attached: Threads Each questions has to be least 400-500 words on the topic presented. The thread must present an in-depth exploration/analysis of the question reflecting specific concepts and principles from the course. Crabb on Happiness Is Crabb correct in his assertion that the top priority..
Create two historical characters to demonstrate your understanding of how Japan and China had changed
Instructions: The time is December, 1945 and the Sino-Japanese War has just ended. Create two historical characters to demonstrate your understanding of how Japan and China had changed from the mid-1800s to 1945. One character must be Chinese and the other must be Japanese. You choose your characters’ age, gender, family status, education and social background,..
The theater experience
The theater experience...create an original one act play
A11 Williams
Williams generally believed that unions grew because employers failed to fulfill their basic obligations to the worker (page 203). Do you agree or disagree? Would some form of unions have developed even if businesses cared for the whole worker?
Prepare an A3 Digital Poster that describes how public, private, not-for-profit agencies or faith based groups, and you as a professional, can result in the realization of a more just global community. You must choose one of the organizations or agencies from the list below. • Direct Relief International • International Medical Corps • Global Alliance for..
organizational structure (ONLY NEED 2-3 PARAGRAPHS)
A great way for leaders to begin solving problems with organizational structure is to ask three important questions: Is the problem the structure, or is the problem the way leadership is managing the structure? Does the structure of the organization match the organizational mission, vision, and goals? Has the design of the organization been compromised due..
A Poem (see instructions)
Choose one of the following prompts 1-Write a poem inspired by one of the poems we have read this week. Try to use at least one of the poetic devices that we have learned about. Follow your poem with an explanation of which poem inspired you and how. Which literary devices do you employ in your poem? 2-Choose an image from one of the poems we read this week and explicate..
Chinese Culture Poems by Laozi and Du Fu
From Laozi Introductory material pp. 722–723 and pp. 723–731 Du Fu Introductory material pp. 1195–1199 (I do not have the reading the texts) *Respond to the following prompt Poetry can be defined as language under pressure. A poet seeks to create meaning using images and metaphor to say things in terms of another. The creator of a poem often has less space to make..
Organizational Structure
A great way for leaders to begin solving problems with organizational structure is to ask three important questions: Is the problem the structure, or is the problem the way leadership is managing the structure? Does the structure of the organization match the organizational mission, vision, and goals? Has the design of the organization been compromised due..
ONLY NEED HALF A PAGE The CEO of HHS asks you, the Chief of Human Resources, to assess the vulnerability of the organization for unionization of its employees. Think about the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for unionization and include in your report, what you see as some of the categories you would be sure include. Consider why employees join..
Liberty Challenged in Nineteenth Century America Thesis and Outline
PLEASE BE AWARE THIS INCLUDES A THESIS AND OUTLINE ! America became a free independent nation. With the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1783, the former mother country, England, recognized that its children, the colonies, were now on their own. A constitutional republic was birthed, and thus the challenges began. Slavery, the “Peculiar Institution,” was..
Zombie Apocalypse
The zombie apocalysppe is created by this modified plant. Seok-woo is a divorced workaholic. He lives with his mother and barely spends any time with his daughter Su-an He’s so distant from her that he buys her a Nintendo Wii for her birthday, ignoring that she has one already, and that he’s the one who bought it for her for Children’s Day. To make up for this rather-awkward..
Don’t take your guns to town by Johnny cash
Just do part 2 of the instructions given. Create a story in relation to the song by Johnny Cash”Dont Take Your guns to town”. 1000 words. I really need this assignment ASAP . No Grammatical errors and Plagiarism free. Strictly follow instructions in order for me to get full credit
• Confederate flag controversy in the U.S. (Or Pick Out of 4 Topics)
This is a Position Paper. MLA Style Paper Requirements: Follow the guidelines for writing a position paper located in the article "How To Write A Position Paper." • Type as a Word document • Type in Arial 12 • Use one inch margins • Double-spaced • 500-600 words • Divide paper into paragraphs
Creation myth story
I'm getting close to the end of my summer class but I still have quite a bit of assignments to do, and was hoping someone could do this project for me. I have to make a creation myth about the internet and social media, but I am absolute trash at creative writing and don't have time to focus too much on this assignment. It's due Wednesday by 11:59pm and I really need it so..
Genogram Paper and PP point
Hey, I am not sure how this would work since its suppose to be personal information. My suggestion is for you to ask me some question u feel relevant them I will respond back so you can use it in writing. I will aslo need a power point for the genogram for presentation. I have some few background info below. let us chart for more clarity I am the 1st child of my mom and dad...
Building a back door to the iPhone
After you have read the case, express your views on Apple’s stance and FBI demands using the questions posed in the case (Jayakumar & Tahora, 2016, p. 1): Was Cook justified in his refusal to heed the U.S. government’s demand to build a one-time access to the iPhone retrieved from the terrorists on the grounds of protecting customer digital privacy? Was Apple’s..
Chile vs Venezuela
Our Recommended Readings this week includes a look at Chile and Venezuela (see attached document). Discuss how free markets help explain the different experiences in those countries. Be sure to include a discussion of how Thomas Piketty might view these differences. Discuss how the differences between the countries in income can help explain the differences..
Application of vehicle speed monitoring
Civil Engneering: I have a program to calculate the volocity of the car and I need to find out the。 The computer program is looked like to: Input distance L time S to figure out the velocity of the vehicle, differentiate the acceleration. It can then be used as a speedometer to get a snapshot for the time when car is speeding. (((Written report Description of problem..
Japanese manga creative writing
What connections can you make to those 2 readings from the Japanese super robot manga series Mazinger Z? You can use to have an basic understanding of this manga. Or you can read the manga online to have a more visual understanding. Please only use sources that provided..
Review project
Relate this writing based on Humanities subject. Write your opinion about the attached image and write what you think. Do you like it or hate it. Then write your reason why. No citations and quotations needed for this assignment. STRICTLY FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO WRITE THE PAPER SO I CAN GET FULL CREDIT. DONT GO OFF TOPIC, NO PLAGIARISM NO GRAMMATICAL ERRORS..
Greek mythology short story
Topic: “Personal Mythologies.” Write a creative piece (short story) that provides an explanation for something significant in your life. The story can be completely fictional, using references to Greek mythology (gods, goddesses, demigods, monsters, etc.) or making up characters of your own. In addition to the creative piece, provide a brief analysis..
The Occupy Wall Street protest
A dialogue between Plato, Aristotle, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Karl Marx, and some neo-Marxists about the Occupy Wall Street Protest that demonstrates their distinct social philosophies and ideologies. Write a dialogue between the different theorists that reflects the conversation they would have had about the protest and its value and consequence for..
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