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Why do we have more poverty in America compared to many other industrialized societies?
In answering the following question, discuss how the historical foundations of social welfare continue to influence social reform debates within American society today and consider residual or institutional conceptions of social welfare, relevant social theories, and the functions of social welfare. Compare US with England and Germany..
SOCW - 6101 Essential Skills for Social Work Practice week 3 discussion board
This assignment requires you to use scholarly sources. Please use peer-reviewed journals and books. If you are uncertain about using these resources be sure to leave enough time to consult with the Walden librarian. For assistance using scholarly resources in your writing - Check out the Writing Center’s blog post on Using Scholarly Sources in your writing...
Developing Hypotheses and Research Questions and Literature Review
Developing Hypotheses and Research Questions Objective: To develop competency in recognizing and writing good hypotheses and research questions. Once you have a topic in mind that you want to explore, and early step in the research process is to state a formal hypothesis or research question. It cannot be vague or unclear, but must tell the reader precisely..
Assignment: Community Resources for Older Individuals
Submit a 2- to 4-page paper that includes the following: A description of the services in your local community that support individuals in later adulthood An evaluation of the effectiveness of the services you identified A description of service gaps you identified An explanation of how to improve existing services A description of services that should be..
Feminist Perspectives on Social Work Practice and Social Welfare Policy
Feminist Perspectives on Social Work Practice and Social Welfare Policy A. SEMINAR – PRESENTATIONS GOAL: During the latter part of the course, students will be required to demonstrate their ability to apply feminist ideas to social work practice. Students will work in groups of two. Each group will be assigned a chapter of the following book: Dobrowosky, A...
Assignment: End-of-Life Care and Social Work Practice
Submit a 2- to 4-page paper that analyzes the role of the social worker in helping to plan end-of-life care. Include possible consideration of palliative care, euthanasia, hospice care, the living will and advanced directives, and other factors. Research and cite at least one journal article to support your analysis. Support your Assignment with specific..
Assignment: Empirical Research and Developmental Theory
What does evidence-based research say about the development of sexual orientation in young and middle adulthood? Though the body of literature addressing sexual orientation, including heterosexuality, homosexuality, and bisexuality, is far from complete, the literature continues to grow. Your awareness of this literature helps inform your social..
Middle Adulthood Health, Demography, and Social Work Practice
A health crisis can occur at any phase in an individual's life span. General health concerns, however, tend to increase with age. As a social worker, your awareness of the biological aspects of middle adulthood will inform your work with clients in this life-span phase. In this Assignment, you address the health concerns that clients may face as they reach middle..
Defining Social Welfare Policy and the Social Welfare System
This unit provides descriptive information about basic social welfare programs and concepts that you may or may not be familiar with. Review to get acquainted with these programs and concepts as they will be referenced throughout the course. 1. Based on the Midgley and Social Welfare Concepts (Power Point) write a brief definition of social welfare policy..
Only BID if you can complete in 4 HOURS!!- Discussion:Group Skills: Social Work Practice In Groups
MUST BE COMPLETED ASAP- Challenges Associated With Micro Practice Skills In Social Work.
I need this within the next 5-6 hours. This is Non-negotiable. I need this assignment completed CORRECTLY ASAP. Discussion Questions: 1. Explain when it would be appropriate to use self-disclosure. 2. Provide a specific example of the type of self-disclosure you might use in this scenario. 3. Identify an interviewing technique you learned from this week’s..
Group Communication Competencies Survey and Summary
  Write a 350-700-word essay discussing the following: Summarize your results from the group communication competencies survey (note: you do not have to attach the survey. Instead, you should summarize your results in the first body paragraph) Identify and describe the stages of team development. How might stronger team skills benefit you? How might you..
Effective Handling of Problematic Behaviors of Individuals
Please answer the following questions: How does one work with problem clients in a treatment group? Recently in the news, a client with PTSD was thrown out of a group at a VA hospital for his behavior. He later came back and shot the three female therapists who had been working with the group, one of which was 7 months pregnant. How can social workers prevent such situations?..
Housing and the Environment - A Visual Exploration
Go to the following site: and explore several of the Stories featured under the home page "Stories" link. At this time, do not explore the "Countries" or "Series" links. Recall that in our Week 1 forum, we visited this "Stories" link and discussed the stories. For this forum, you will create an original story inspired by the..
Nature and scope of the alcohol and/or drug abuse problem
What is the nature and scope of the alcohol and/or drug abuse problem in the United States today? For example, is this problem more significant today than it was in the past? What are some data you can find to support whether rates have gone down or up over time?
Social Work and Social Reform and Arena of Struggle
Please see the attached article. Summarize the article and give your thoughts about the trajectory and direction of the social work profession, based on this article. Please discuss whether or not you agree or disagree with the author. Also, I am really looking for evidence of critical thinking, and not merely reciting the work attached here...
Write a case study on a small group, community, or organization.
Write a case study on a small group, community, or organization. (3-5 pages). More specific detail is provided on the assignment sheet at end of syllabus. (1) Apply 2 theories and 3 concepts from text material on the selected target. Analyze your target using the text and course materials. (2) Describe and illustrate ways in which the small group, community,..
Advantages and Disadvantages of the Big Bang approach
Cultural Barriers. Identify and summarize two articles published within the past 36 months that address how cultural issues affect health and health care delivery. Discuss a minimum of two issues and recommend specific solutions for overcoming cultural barriers to health and/or health care delivery...
Questions to article, your opinion
Article: Finkelhor,D ; Turner, H.A. ; Shattuck, A ; Hamby, S.L. (2013) Violence, Crime, and abuse exposure in a national sample of children and youth: JAMA Pediatrics, 167(7) 614-621 Answer the following questions 1. How are the current literatures and research useful 2.Prior to reading the paper what did you think it would contain, be specific 3. Summarize..
Risk Assessment Assignment
Child abuse and neglect are symptomatic of other underlying family issues. Family members in abusive and neglectful families are experiencing stresses related to physical, environmental, and personal factors. This assignment is a fact-finding process that gathers pertinent information to make the following determinations: 1. Occurrence of abuse-physical,..
Diverse Population exercise
Think about populations that social workers work with whom you would prefer to NOT to work. Select ONE population and write a 3 to 5 pages on why you have made this decision. ( The purpose of this project is for students to reflect on their reactions of DIVERSE POPULATION). A. what is the population with whom you would prefer NOT WANT to work with? (provide data to describe..
there are 4 assignments in the attached document the first three have to be a page long. the last one Question as to be 2 pages long. all questions are attached. need to be done by 3/19/2017 at 11:59pm
'White Privilege: Unpacking the Knap sack'
The purpose of this assignment are to: 1.Increase the understanding of the concept 'Privilege' 2. Recognized the extent to which a culture's structures and values may oppress, marginalize, alienate, or create or enhance Privilege and Power, and, 3.encourage reflection on aspects of our social identities that privilege us. 'Privilege is the other side'..
Practice Theory Paper –due at the beginning of class  For this assignment, students will submit a paper (in addition to a reference page) with at least 7 references from journals or books, with at least 4 of these from the course readings. The paper will have an additional cover page, be printed in a 12 point font in Times New Roman , be double-spaced and use APA format..
assignment and directives
Book name" From Poor laws to welfare state" 6th edition Insert this quote somewhere "Need will always be with us, therefore, all people have the responsibility to help the needy ones."
Issues in child welfare assignment; substance abuse and neglect
each student will present facts on the nature of this problem (incidence , prevalence of this population ) discus current research , relevant policy initiatives, and evidence based practiced interventions to improve the out comes for these specific children and families in the child welfare system. the student should proposed a new initiative to be implemented..
Question attached:
Must recieved on Feb 27 2017 by 12:00 noon. 4 questions must be answered with 200 words each. Other informations are attached, please see the attachment file.
In Reading 5 of the Risman & Rutter book, "The Evolution of American Families," Stephanie Coontz" explains how families have changed over time in the United States. The following post may be made on the same day or on different days anytime during this discussion period. In your first post: Begin by selecting and summarizing one characteristic of families in..
The previous mini-lecture identified four types of family volence: Intimate partner violence (IPV) Child maltreatment Sibling Abuse Elder mistreatment, In the first post to this discussion select one of these groups, for this topic. Describe how women, children or the elderly can be victims of this violence: How prevalent is violence for the chosen group?..
Discussion board post
Do you too often say “yes” when you could and should say “no”? Do you feel guilt or some sort of negative emotion when you say “no”? How might you begin to address these? Is your self-worth based mostly on professional accomplishments or a combination of personal and professional? Think of specific times when you can say “no” in order to say “yes” to yourself...
Assignment Ethics SOP Developing
Assignment Instructions You will develop a draft organizational standard operating procedure (SOP) related to ethics within the organization. The work will be in two parts: Part 1 You will provide a reflection on the challenges of crafting an organizational policy for your organization or discipline. Note: Part 1 of this assignment should be 2–3 pages in..
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