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adivse fictionnal case. the writer must have massive experience in law
Following worries about the possibility of a virulent flu pandemic, which is currently affecting migrating geese, mutating and spreading to humans, Parliament has recently passed the (fictional) Bird Flu Act 2015. Section 1 states: “The Minister may, as he thinks fit, order the slaughter of any flock.” Section 2 states: “District councils shall appoint..
Discussion assigment prefer a law expert only 45 dollars 2500 word A-grade
“I believe the time has come to look at those powers exercised by Ministers under the Royal Prerogative. Giving Parliament a greater role in the exercise of these powers would be an important and tangible way of making government more accountable.” (Rt Hon David Cameron MP) Discuss Le Sueur A, Sunkin M and Murkens J, Public Law: Text, Cases and Materials (3rd..
Case study - Westendorp v. The Queen, [1983] 1 S.C.R. 43
Case study is an extended commentary on a particular court case. The aim is to assess not only how a particular case was decided by the court, but also to analyze the implications of the ruling. The case comment is, therefore, an interpretative essay which focuses on specific court case but is not restricted to a simple exposition of its details. The written assignment..
case study: Workplace Disputes at National Rugby League
this assignment related to low and management of negotiation No need for references. This scenario applied in Australia I attached 2 documents, the first one is the scenario or the case. Most of the your answer should be from this scenario. The second file is 9 questions. Most of them have briefly answer we did it during the class, you need to write more details to..
Case study prefer a law expert who has done same work before
Please read the following facts and consider the criminal liability, if any, of Neil and Kate under the Offences against the Person Act 1861, and the common law. Neil, a medical student, has a serious shoe fetish, finding men’s brown shoes a real turn on. One of the other students on his course, Thomas, bought a new pair of designer brown loafers and Neil was very..
Cases for Analysis 2-Negotiable Instruments, Secured Transactions, and Bankruptcy
Cases for Analysis typically involve a short synopsis of a legal case and require you to answer a single question and to provide reasons in support of your answer. Case Studies are more involved with detailed analyses of legal decisions. You may be required to answer more than a single question in this assignment. Requirements: Answers to questions must be submitted..
skelton argument Moot court. Prefer a fast deliver paper by night and a expert in law
What is a Moot? A moot is a mock appeal. It is a legal argument on a point or points of law before an appeal court – usually the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) of England and Wales or the Supreme Court of the UK. There are five parties to a moot: Lead counsel for the appellant Junior counsel for the appellant Lead counsel for the respondent Junior counsel for the respondent..
case study on a women whose right was violated in ARMED CONFLICT IN AFGHANISTAN
relates to interantional humanitarian law on protection of women write on this factual situation.1.what was ISSUE? 2. issues to be referenced to related legal INSTRUMENT as international humanitarian LAW, CEDAW, Human right law ariel font size 11, update references, quality work and no plagirism
Take-home Exam (Read the instructions well before you make a bid)
I have to get An (A+) as a minimum grade, so please don't waste my time and make bids if you don't have an excellent knowledge in Law and Economics. And don't promise if you are not sure, because I had some experiences with this which I really regret. 3 questions that you have to answer, they are not difficult, but I don't enough time to work on them, and as I mentioned before..
case of the Speluncean Explorer. I prefer a law tutor or a writer with legal skills
The Case of the ‘Speluncean Explorers’ is an article by legal philosopher Lon Luvois Fuller that was published in 1949. It presents a legal philosophy offering five possible solutions in the form of judicial opinions that are attributed to judges sitting on the fictional ‘Supreme Court of Newgarth’ in the year 4300. In this hypothetical case, Roger Whetmore..
Dispute Resolution, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and the Courts
This is where you will post articles, issues, case law (NOT from the textbook), and/or current legal news material and your related discussion of that material. Your posts must pertain to any of the Week 4 topics: Dispute Resolution, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and the Courts. Your Posts must include your Summary (IN YOUR WORDS) of the source article,..
Case Brief - Berghuis v. Thompkins, 560 U.S. 370 (2010)
This assignment needs a brief about the case on the title. It must include reliable citations and detailed information about each part of the case. I will upload an example of a previous one i have completed. It is due by 3 p.m. on Saturday.
Child sexual exploitation and Abuse through cyber crime globally
it is 3000 words assignment which must be on global or transnational activity that has its actors across borders. There are 2 stages of this assignment stage 1 is for 1500 words and stage 2 is also for 1500 words
Take a Stance Regarding the Berghuis vs. Thompkins Case
Answer the following questions with a minimum of 350 words. Do you agree or disagree with the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in the Berghuis vs. Thompkins case)? Is the majority or the dissenting opinion more convincing? Please explain. USE IN-TEXT CITATIONS WITH AT LEAST 2 CREDIBLE ONLINE LAW SOURCES...
Corporate Rights and Responsibilities Compared to Natural Persons
This assignment explores the issue of how corporate rights and responsibilities differ from those belonging to natural persons. 1. Read the article entitled: 'Essential Speech: Why Corporate Speech is Not Free' by Daniel J.H. Greenwood (1998) 83 Iowa L Rev. 995 found in Yalden, Sarra, Paton, Gillen, Davis, Condon Business Organizations: Principles, Policies,..
Sierra Pacific Industries v. Carter (1980) 104 C.A. 3d 579
Please answer the questions regarding the Sierra Pacific Industries v. Carter (1980) 104 C.A. 3d 579. 1. Discuss all of the Issue/issues of this case. (Issue is a disputed point or question to which parties to a lawsuit put before a court to decide) 2. Identify the Rule - identify the rules of law or previous court decisions this court used to determine the outcome..
Two more Case briefs/Dennis v.US/Brandenburg v. Ohio/Client J
1.The Cases is Dennis v.US and Brandenburg v. Ohio , you could google this case. each case need one page 2.Please see the essay sample in attachment, follows the rule of "Fact","Issue","Holding" and "Reasoning" in attached sample essay. 3. Within 6 hours.
Case study; shrewd analysis for Segway to expand internationally, particularly China and India
please add up to my draft. Prepare a case study with a PESTLE analysis. You are a company, and you are deciding to expand internationally, but you are hesitating between 2 countries that look like good options. Use a PESTLE analysis, conducted with background research, to decide which of the 2 countries is better for your company. Part 1: Title page and name/ID..
Unit 2: Unit 2: Unauthorized Practice of Law - Discussion
Online Legal Services and UPL Please navigate to the LegalZoom website at Look around and review some of the services they offer. Next, read the following article: Leaf, G. (2014). Forbes. Why The Legal Profession Says LegalZoom Is Illegal. Retrieved from
 Case Study: Police Department Consent Decree/Agreement
Business Law Take-Home Exam DUE IN 15 HOURS
I have some of the answers. (A,B,C) but need you to expand and research on each of them and answer them. Here are the instructions: This is a take-home exam. The exam is to be posted on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 and to be returned on or before final exam time (March 21, 2017). Please underline or bold-type important terms, laws and phrases. There is no correct answer...
Snuggs V. Norris Case Brief Analysis
Students will write a paper, not less than 500 Words (1pg), APA format with reference page on the case: Snuggs V. Norris. in this format : Facts Issue Rule of Law Analysis
Case Brief - Mapp v. Ohio
A 3-4 page case brief on Mapp v. Ohio. Must follow the template that is attached.
International Mobility Programs (IMP)
International Mobility Programs (IMP) Per the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) website the objective of the IMP is to “advance Canada’s broad economic and cultural national interest.” (ESDC, 2016). This program is…  Not based on employer demand  Based largely on multilateral/bilateral agreements with other countries (e.g. NAFTA, GATS)..
UK LAW letter for analysing english system
You are a trainee at Sparrow and Finch LLP and your supervising partner, Robin Sparrow, has asked you do to do some work on this file, in which the firm is instructed by Lewis & Son Ltd. Lewis & Son Ltd are a small local building firm. They were contracted to build an extension to the business premises of Smith & Co Ltd, a local estate agents. Smith & Co Ltd wanted to extend..
Legal Environment of Business II
This assignment should be between 2 and 4 pages, and should be the product of careful thought and more than one draft. Please remember that when providing an answer to the specific questions posed, it is not enough to give the correct answer unless you back up that answer with a legal argument that includes the following: 1.A brief restatement of the legal question..
Canada (Human Rights Commission) v. Taylor
on the file called "a 2 outline" make sure to answer each question in depth in the blank space given below each question! The brief shall be 3-5 about 1100-1500 words
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