Case Study on Criminology examples

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Plain View, Open Fields, Abandonment, and Border Searches as They Relate to Search and Seizures
Write a 1- to 2-page paper in which you: Identify the constitutional amendment that would govern Officer Williams' and Officer Martinez' actions. Analyze the validity and constitutionality of the officers' actions. Assess if the officers' actions were justified under the doctrines of plain view, abandonment, open fields, or border searches. Support your..
Concept Paper - Implementation of new police policy regarding drones in a police department
This concept paper is a proposal of the planned project (APA format). In this proposal the student should summarize the project and briefly explain its goals, need, operation, and potential impact. Total pages 3 including references page.   Main Elements of a Concept Paper:   Title that effectively summarizes the main idea of the project. Introduce the reader..
Confessions and Admissions after a Request for a Lawyer
A suspect is apprehended in a large-chain grocery store by the security guard. The suspect is placed in handcuffs and taken to the manager’s office. The police are called and advised of the situation. Officer Jones arrives at the store approximately 12 minutes later. Officer Jones takes a statement from the security guard and views the in-store camera film of..
Plain View, Open Fields, Abandonment, and Border Searches as They Relate to Search and Seizures
Officer Jones asked the neighborhood’s regular trash collector to put the content of the defendant’s garbage that was left on the curb in plastic bags and to turn over the bags to him at the end of the day. The trash collector did as the officer asked in order to not mix the garbage once he collected the defendant’s garbage. The officer searched through the garbage..
Case Brief-US vs David Nosal court case (in own words - free from plagiarism )
Review the pdf file and write up a 4 pages 'Case Brief" in own words and follow the instructions . This assignment was messed up by earlier writer and is being re-done and I am paying extra as this is outside warranty. So please pay attention to the instructions while writing the Case Brief. Read the pdf file and start writing the Case brief in your own words for 4 pages..
Was the Stop without Individualized Suspicion Reasonable?”
Case Study Guidelines: Complete a case analysis on this week's assigned case and answer the questions at the end of the case study. The case questions will focus you on the issues. Adhere to the following guidelines and ensure that the end result should be four sections: 1. Summary of the existing facts. 2. Issues/Problem Identification. 3. Analysis/Evaluation...
Unit IV Case Study
Read the case study linked below. After reading the case study from an earlier assignment, you will have to prepare a response from two viewpoints. The first viewpoint will be that of a patrol officer assigned to foot patrol. The second viewpoint will be that of a community member who has lived in the community for 25 years. From each viewpoint, you are to answer..
Criminal Law final project
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