Article on Religion examples

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Maxwell, Angie. “The Duality of the Southern Thing':
Summarize/critique scholarly article: Criteria: provide complete/accurate citation; summary clear/informative; elements of a scholarly article clearly identified; author qualifications; evidence identified/evaluated; bias/balance clearly identified and timeliness of article clearly considered.
Annotated URLs for Youth Evangelism and Discipleship
Annotated URLs for Youth Evangelism and Discipleship Search the internet for information related to Youth Evangelism and Discipleship. 1. Number and List 10 URL's that you have found that gives information about: Youth Ministry and/or Evangelism and/or Discipleship 2. Give a 100-word minimum annotation for each URL you list. SAMPLE:
i chose mary as my character, as my book matthew and my location Nazareth. This is the outline. Name: Student ID: Course: Date: New Testament Bible Dictionary Project: Romans Peter Ephesus
Transformational Church
I need a book report. Requirements below: Write a book report of Transformational Church by Ed Stezter and Thom Rainer. The report is to be ten to twenty pages in length, typed and double-spaced. Summarize and evaluate each chapter of the book. Give what you feel are the strengths and weaknesses of each chapter and explain your reasons. Apply the teachings of each..
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