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Fashion Period Report: Post WWII Society and Fashion

Assignment 1: Fashion Period Report: Post WWII Society and Fashion For this assignment, write a (minimum) 600-word essay that explores the period after World War II, 1945–1960. Society in the post-war era was characterized by conformity to new trends. Women's roles largely returned to home making and a population boom ensued. This period was also marked by new types of clothing lines that created great demand on textile and garment production capabilities. An important theme running through costume history is that of relationships between costume and developments in fine and applied arts. Be sure to address the following in your report: Identify at least four developments of the post-WWII era that explain the general return of women to previous roles. Consider the many social, economic, political, and technological influences that were happening between 1945 and 1960. Discuss these factors in terms of the post-war society and recovery occurring in Europe and America. Describe why society in this period is considered conforming. Provide at least three examples illustrating how the post-war culture supported compliance rather than individuality in personal choices. Discuss the role of media technologies and arts during the post-WWII period related to fashion and textile influences. Identify factors inspiring a broader range of clothing styles in the late fifties. What was changing in society and how were lifestyles demanding the new types of clothing? Describe the garment industry and technologies of this period and how and why they were able to supply the growing demand for textiles and clothing. Research: To gather information for your report, read the assigned chapters in the textbook and conduct Internet research using keywords on the assigned topics. Format: Post your assignment to the Discussion Area by Wednesday, February 8, 2017, using the following format: Attach a Microsoft Word document, at least 600 words in length, not counting source citations, in double-spaced 12 pt. font with 1" margins top, bottom, left, and right. Cite sources within text content and full MLA citations, including urls for Web sources, on the last page under the heading “Works Cited”.
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