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Reflective Integration (Example)

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Reflection Integration Name Institution Professor Course Date Presumption on Christian theistic worldview To begin with theists have griped that the typical disputations against God's presence do not pass philosophical convention. A standout amongst the most usually proffered supports of agnosticism has been the supposed assumption of skepticism. At face esteem this is the claim that without confirmation for the presence of God we ought to assume that there is no God. Apparently acknowledged such a charged assumption appears to conflate secularism with skepticism. When one looks all the more carefully at how heroes of the assumption of skepticism utilize the expression "nonbeliever " nonetheless one finds that they are here and there re-characterizing the word to demonstrate only the nonappearance of confidence in God. On top of that such a re-definition dismisses the claim of the assumption of secularism for on this description atheism stops to be a view the off chance that they build up long lasting fellowships with them. At last for a skeptic to trust that God exists is just the start. Despite everything they should be influenced that Jesus is the Child of God Who died on the cross for our wrongdoings and rose from the grave to overcome demise for us. Unless skeptics acknowledge the genuine Jesus of the Bible as their own Saviour they do not belong in the Kingdom of God. References Larson G. (2012). Yoga's 'A-Theistic'-Theism: A New Way of Thinking about God. Journal of Hindu-Christian Studies 25(1). Malyavina S. (2014). Religion in the atheistic worldview (according to the materials of a qualitative research). St.Tikhons' University Review 55(5) 68-78. Theron P. & Lotter G. (2009). The necessity of an integral Christian worldview: reconnoitring the challenges for influencing the unbelieving world. Koers - Bulletin For Christian Scholarship 74(3). [...]

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Write a 3 page paper responding to the questions below. You are getting settled into your seat for a very long plane ride home. As you get to know the person next to you, you learn that he/she is a devout atheist and that he/she believes that God is a myth that people have invented to make them feel better. As you both get your first cup of coffee from the flight attendant, your new friend asks what you believe about God. Taking on a Christian theistic worldview, what do you say? How can you begin to help your new friend evaluate both their atheistic view as well as your theistic view? Incorporate information from the reading assignments, supplementary reading material, class lectures, and personal observations into your paper. Use APA formatting and be sure to properly source and cite all references. You need to write it as an essay, not a dialog. Biblical Perspective And they tried to trick Him... (Matthew 22:34-40) Some really smart men who had a lot of "degrees" and "learning" were out to trap Jesus as He stepped out of the synagogue. The story is recorded in Matthew 22. They had tried to get Him to admit that paying taxes to Caesar was wrong - that did not work. They tried to get Him to contradict himself on marriage in the after-life - that also didn't work. So one of the smarter men (a lawyer) thought up the ultimate question. Now picture that each of these men, including Jesus, was wearing a tallit (or prayer shawl). The shawl (even today) has a bunch of tassels with knots in them. Each of the knots represents the hundreds of commands that God gives us to live by. So this lawyer comes up to Jesus and asks Him which one is the most important of all of them. Surely, He will pick one and then all the rest of the teachings will be contradicted or at least questionable. Jesus turns to them and says, "...Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. The second is like it, 'Love your neighbor has yourself.' All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments." Now what is amazing about this answer is that every morning and every evening these religious Jews would say a prayer called the "Sh'ma" which recites Deuteronomy 6 and other parts of Leviticus and Numbers. The Sh'ma includes the words, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul and all your strength." And later in the prayer - "Love your neighbor as yourself." In the midst of them trying to trap Him, He refers back to the very basic words they would have spoken that morning. When we become caught up in discussions about the foundations of the Christian faith, recall what Jesus said - love God with all of who you are, and love others. It might just be that simple.

Subject Area: Philosophy

Document Type: Reports

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