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Current Events (Example)

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Current Events in Africa Article Number: 1 Title: Dozens killed in Ethiopia after police use tear gas on a protest at Festival. Summary: An estimated 100 people were killed in a thanksgiving festival of the Oromo people after police fired tear gas causing a stampede. The festival dubbed to be more political than usual and marked by members of the Oromo group protesting due to marginalization and confiscation of their agricultural lands for construction of factories. The government described the event as planned violence that resulted to the police attacking the participants of the festival. Analysis: The police violence against people as seen in this article shows how governments in Africa can go to various means to suppress freedom of expression and association of its people. Resistance and opposition to government are not applauded and are most often seen as a threat that state of emergency is a member of the Oromo who claims to have faced historical injustices marginalization and corruption in the country. His arrest which has sparked protests from the larger Oromo ethnic group has brought about the involvement of various human rights watch organizations. Analysis: Ethnicity and ethnic clashes have been a key issue facing African countries especially those that have various ethnic groups. Members of one ethnic group may feel to be oppressed at the expense of another group bringing about inter-ethnic clashes and at times large numbers of ethnic cleansings that are a cause of thousands of deaths. Leadership positions being awarded on within and not merit basis also brings rise to dissatisfaction among the unflavored ethnic group bringing about resistance and opposition towards the government. Schemm Paul. "Ethiopia Arrests Top Oromo Opposition Politician After Europe Parliament Speech." Washington Post. N.p. 2016. Web. 1 Dec. 2016. [...]

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IV. CURRENT EVENTS NOTEBOOK—AFRICA DUE 12/2/16 Send to me as an attachment to an email. Each of you will keep an ELECTRONIC FILE in which you download internet articles from newspapers such as the New York Times or Washington Post (etc.) Pertaining to modern-day countries in Africa for ten weeks of the course. In this way you will begin to develop a general knowledge of current trends in the region. SOME SOURCES: Internet versions of any of the above or Internet sources New York Times, Washington Post Weekly, BBC, CNN, Africa Today, All, African News Today, Al-Jazeera (English) Be sure you use an article not a commentary. An article begins with the name of the city in which the event takes place. FOR ALL ARTICLES YOU USE, BE SURE TO INDICATE THE COMPLETE CITATION--author, title of the article, publication name (which must be underlined or in Italics), date, and pages Type a short summary of the event represented in each of the ten articles. Then attempt an analysis. This is, why did you select the article, what is its importance, how does what we have studied in class help you to better understand the region or the events portrayed in the article? For example, if your article is about the events in Nigeria, we have studied about indigenous groups the Hausa, Yoruba, and Ibo, the period of colonization, and independence. This helps you understand the events because you know that African nations are not decolonized and about the clash between Islam and Christianity in the region. How does the information in the article reflect the history of the region that we are discussing. Your analysis should be one paragraph in length. The Best Layout: Article Number: _____ Title: “_________________” Summary Analysis Bibliographic citation for the Article (so I can access it) You must have 10 articles altogether. Number the articles in the upper right hand corner of the page with a large easy-to-read number. BEGIN NOW--DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!! Rubric CURRENT EVENTS CURRENT EVENTS Criteria Ratings Pts Must Choose 10 NEWS ARTICLES FROM AFRICA: No Commentaries Full Marks 10.0 pts B 9.0 pts C 8.0 pts D 7.0 pts F 6.0 pts No Marks 0.0 pts 10.0 pts Must have SUMMARY & ANALYSIS for Each News Article Full Marks 20.0 pts B 18.0 pts C 16.0 pts D 14.0 pts F 12.0 pts No Marks 0.0 pts 20.0 pts Information from news Article is clearly Summarized. Discussion Must include the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. Full Marks 20.0 pts B 18.0 pts C 16.0 pts D 14.0 pts F 12.0 pts No Marks 0.0 pts 20.0 pts Student Connects the Information learned in HIST270 to the Region or Historical Event in which the News Article Takes Place Full Marks 20.0 pts B 18.0 pts C 16.0 pts D 14.0 pts F 12.0 pts No Marks 0.0 pts 20.0 pts Writer makes few or no errors in grammar or spelling Full Marks 10.0 pts B 9.0 pts C 8.0 pts D 7.0 pts F 6.0 pts No Marks 0.0 pts 10.0 pts Must BE ORGANIZED: EASILY READABLE, NUMBERED WITH BIBLIOGRAPHIC CITATIONS Full Marks 20.0 pts B 18.0 pts C 16.0 pts D 14.0 pts F 12.0 pts No Marks 0.0 pts 20.0 pts Total Points: 100.0 Previous Next

Subject Area: History

Document Type: Term paper

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