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Literature review of the advantages and disadvantages of anabolic steroids in sports

Use the attached bibilography to write a liturature review. Please add some journalistic and scholarly sources. I attached a sample of a literature review paper that you can use as a template. The literature review should include information about the following areas: Major studies – What are the major studies in the subject area? Which ones provide a general background and which ones are focused more specifically on the problem statement? Patterns – What common threads could be found in the existing literature? Where do studies contradict each other? Gaps – What are the gaps in the literature? What is missing — either from content, process, or methodology? Sampling – What populations have been sampled? What generalizations have been drawn? What other populations should be investigated? “Kitchen Sink” research – What other research has been done in related areas? How might it affect the problem statement? Methodologies – What are the popular or prevalent ways in which research has been done in this area? Bibliography/References – What sources have been consulted? The Literature Review paper should begin with an introductory section that communicates the topic and structure of the paper. Next, the literature review itself should contain clear sections and transitions between sections. Lastly, there should be a conclusion that summarizes the key insights. This assignment will be a maximum of ten (10)-pages in length, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, and with adherence to MLA Style. The pages of the bibliography/references section do not count toward the abovementioned page length. The Literature Review will be evaluated for: Focus and clarity Support for your statements Comprehensiveness Logic of the argument Level of insights about the status of the studies in the field Lack of grammatical and spelling errors Accuracy in using the MLA format for citations and bibliography
Use the attached bibilography to write a liturature review. Please add some journalistic and scholarly sources. I attached a sample of a literature review paper that you can use as a template. The literature review should include information about the following areas: Major studies – What are the major studies in the subject area?
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