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Oceanography 115 Homework for Chapters 7-9 Answer the essay questions for homework and to study for Exam 3. The homework must be turned in on the day of Exam 3 to receive credit. Turn it in one week prior to the exam IF you want me to look over your answers Chapter 7 Ocean Circulation a) Compare and contrast western boundary currents and eastern boundary currents, in terms of flow direction, temperature, speed and depth of currents. b) Distinguish between upwelling and downwelling. c) What are gyres, why do they exist, and what do they do in the ocean? (Include wind, Coriolis effect and gravity in your response to this question.) d) Be able to relate the flow of the California Current to flow of the Southern California Countercurrent and formation of the Southern California Eddy within the Southern California Bight. Draw and label each on a map of the Bight. e) What is El Nino, and what causes El Nino to flow across the Pacific Ocean? How does an El Nino event affect weather in southern California? f) Describe the circulation of deep ocean water? Chapter 8 Waves Compare shallow-water and deep-water waves. Using examples (where they happen), explain how wave refraction is different from wave reflection. Briefly describe how tsunami are generated and include a description of characteristics such as wavelength and wave speed. Do tsunami behave as shallow-water waves? What would the shoreline look like when the trough of tsunami arrives? Describe the relationship between the following: wave height, wavelength, wave speed, and wave steepness. Chapter 9: Tides --How are tides fundamentally different from wind waves and tsunamis? --Distinguish between spring tides and neap tides. --Describe the tides in an open-ocean basin. --Compare diurnal, semidiurnal, and mixed tidal patterns. --Why does the Cook Inlet (near Anchorage, Alaska) have such an extreme tidal range as compared to the tidal range along the coast of Long Beach? ***I need it done in 8 hrs ***
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