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Research Report for Political Science Research Methods Course

RESEARCH REPORT NOTE: You must use SPSS to set up your data for analysis and to generate the tables used in your report. All of the information you need to complete the SPSS portions of this assignment are covered in the tutorial videos and assignments. PLEASE ALSO SEE ATTACHED FILES FOR SAMPLE OF A COPY COMPLETED PREVIOUSLY, PLUS THE GRADING FRAMEWORK. DETAILS ARE HERE: This assignment is based upon on the 2011 Canadian Election Study. A copy of the full dataset as well as the survey questionnaires is available on D2L. More information about the study is available at You are required to test a hypothesis and to examine the effects of THREE plausible control variables using the statistical methods that you have learned in class. NO knowledge of the voting literature is presupposed. Simply examine the list of variables in the questionnaires on D2L and choose a relationship that interests you. The dependent variable does not have to be vote. Your report should provide a rationale for your hypothesis and choice of control variables i.e. explain whether you considered each variable to be a possible intervening variable, conditional variable, or source of spuriousness variable – and why. Your report should also present and interpret your results. The relevant tables must be included in the text. Remember to include titles and numbers for your tables. You may paste tables from your computer printout, but it may also be beneficial to type them out in a program such as Excel. Your report should be approximately 10 – 12 pages in length and MUST be typed double-spaced. You are expected to retain a copy of your report. Late submissions will be assessed a penalty a letter gradation per day, including weekend days. HINTS: Do not try to be too ambitious. A simple hypothesis often turns out to have interesting implications. A simple hypothesis is also more likely to produce a large enough association between the IV and DV to warrant testing further. Think through clearly the plausible effects of your control variables before analyzing your data. Besides being the legitimate way to proceed, you will find that this simplifies the task of making sense of your results. Remember to read the tables and not just rely on the measures of association and tests of significance. Once the association between the IV and DV is established, your priority should be to test for a plausible source of spuriousness (if any). If your relationship does turn out to be spurious, write up your results to that point, but then reformulate your hypothesis using the source of spuriousness as your new independent variable. Then test for the effects of two plausible control variables. You will not be judged on the quality of your findings per se (i.e. do not waste time testing several hypotheses in the hope of coming up with one that turns out to be strongly supported). What counts is the ability to use statistical tests appropriately and to interpret the resulting tables and statistics properly. You will also be assessed on the quality of your causal thinking. Please see the Grading Framework for more information
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