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Read a case then submit a report and YAWL model addresing the following questions

Case: “Process Improvement in Stanford Hospital's Operating Room” by Stefanos Zenios et al. (in your Harvard Business School Press coursepack) Read the case. Submit a report and YAWL model file addressing the following questions: 1. Summarize the existing instrument provisioning process at Stanford Hospital. Identify its purpose and performance objectives and how it relates to organizational goals (in other words: “What is the process meant to achieve?”). Cite evidence from the case to support your analysis. Approximately 1 to 2 pages (10%) 2. Identify those parts of the process that you believe cause the major problems. State why you believe they cause problems and what problems you believe they cause. Provide arguments and/or evidence from the case for this. Ensure that you clearly justify what the major problems to the process are. Do not focus on a single issue, there are many present in this case. Also, do not try to attempt to list all problems. Recognize that some problems are more severe or more fundamental or more critical than others. You should attempt to find a few major root causes of the many problem symptoms. You may find the material for the classes on process analysis and improvement useful, but you are not be limited to that material only. Rank or prioritize the problems/root causes by their severity or importance and briefly justify your rank order. Cite evidence from the report to support your analysis and to support your ranking/prioritization. Your answer should be more than a simple list of things the case already mentions but demonstrate some analysis/deeper thinking. Approximately 2 to 3 pages (15%) 3. Recommend the most important changes to the process that addresses the problems of the instrument provisioning process. Describe each recommended change, state which problem it addresses and describe how it solves the problem Each change recommendation should directly address one or more of the identified root causes in the previous question. Not all change recommendations will necessarily show up in the process flow model (Q4). Some may be organizational, or concern the information flow in the process. This is perfectly fine as long as the change recommendations are described and justified well. This step is critical to the success of your paper. If you do not recommend the proper changes it will be difficult for your new process to be logical. To do this you have to ensure you properly identify the major problems and that your changes will fix these problems. You may find the material for the classes on process analysis and improvement useful, but you are not be limited to that material only. Since these are your own recommendations, you do not need to cite evidence from the case. Approximately 2 to 3 pages (15%). 4. Model the improved instrument provisioning process as a YAWL model. (50%)  Make sure you model the control-flow, data, and resource perspectives. Your model should ◦ Be valid and sound (use the YAWL editor to check) ◦ Be able to be loaded to and executed on the YAWL server ◦ Have appropriate net-level data and appropriate data types ◦ Each task should have appropriate task-level data and input/output mappings ◦ Each task should have resources assigned to it ◦ Each XOR and OR split should have a working and appropriate flow-control based on the net-level data ◦ The model should correctly reflect the process described in the case.  Include at least some exceptional cases that the process handles (i.e. do not only model the process “happy path”)  Test your YAWL model by actually executing the process! 5. Identify any requirements for IT support for your changed instrument provisioning process. i.e. what new systems or new capabilities for existing systems may be necessary to make your changed process happen? If there is no new IT system introduced for Question 3, in Question 5 you should write about the workflow system you have developed (i.e. Question 4). The description of new systems should be from the perspective of the user, for example, what does the user do with the system, what information does s/he type in, what information does the IT system provide. The more detail, the better. Approximately 1 to 2 page (10%) The indicated page counts and the totals of 6 to 10 pages are guidelines only.
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