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Endless Auto Project (Must no how to so Npv, roi and Payback ) (Example)

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Problem Statement Endless Auto is a mom and pop company based in Maryland and that specializes in renting and selling of cars. Customers are supposed to book cars either by visiting the enterprises or by calling the help desk where they describe the car model that they want reserved. The also can look up most of the inventory through social media to get an idea of what they have. The major problem that the company faces is that it still uses manual method to rent cars to clients and also to keep a list of cars that are available for rental. The Billing system is also manual. The enterprise therefore would like to automate its system so that clients who book cars are automatically entered into the system and their billing information updated. It will also be easy to print reports and know how many transactions take place each Password Username Contacts ID Number] PAGE=[PageName Description KeywordSynonym] GIZMO=[ GizmoName Description Atachment KeywordSynonym] ADMIN=[Password Username] Entity relationship Diagram 487680029591000440055010160Seat quantity 00Seat quantity 1247775210185customerID 00customerID -104775219710mobile number 00mobile number 54006752774950063817519177000147637522034500center267970books 00books 339090010795vehicleID 00vehicleID 576262510795mileage 00mileage 40386001206500-400050297815fullname 00fullname 3895725264160004429125264160005353050264160005419725187959001609725254635007143752546350045720014033500118110025463500520065026416000178117511176000left6985model 00model 7143756985CUSTOMER 00CUSTOMER 43529256985VEHICLE 00VEHICLE 1 M 32670756985brand 00brand M 5381625102235Daily price 00Daily price 3895725121285platenumber 00platenumber 12477756985IDnumber 00IDnumber left6985emailaddress 00emailaddress 638175103505makes 00makes 4581525274955registers 00registers 1343025153035reservationID 00reservationID -456565248285customerID 00customerID 15906754826000314325181610005600700334010004552950286385001914525257810Platenumber 00Platenumber 409575010160Address 00Address 543877510160Fullname 00Fullname 1781175163195002838450106045approves 00approves left334645Email 00Email 742950325120RESERVATION 00RESERVATION -561975363220Pickuptime 00Pickuptime M 1 517207524955500179070022098000160020024003000114300023050500314325230505003619501447800045624752495550054959252495550056102251638290017621259715500474345011430EMPLOYEE 00EMPLOYEE 2219325335280Pickuppoint 00Pickuppoint -466725421005Returndate 00Returndate 411480012065EmployeeID 00EmployeeID 548640011430Password 00Password 1876425173990Dropoffpoint 00Dropoffpoint 4619625116840Moblilenumber 00Moblilenumber 59055012065Pickupdate 00Pickupdate Total cost of Ownership Acquisition Cost Operating cost Change Cost Total % of TCO Software $1000 $200 $600 $1800 25% Hardware $2000 $100 $100 $2200 30.6% Personnel $50 $2500 $500 $3050 42.4% Facilities $50 $50 $50 $150 2.1% Total $3100 $2850 $1250 $7200 - % of TCO 43.1% 39.6% 17.4% - 100% [...]

Order Description:

Attached are forms that needs to be filled out this will be based on the research paper I have provided please for the feasibility chart do not complete as chart but rather put it in paragraph format for number calculation you may use from outside source as long as the information is cited just because no real numbers are given so you would have to use numbers from another company to figure out the return on investment, net present value, and payback and total cost of ownership

Subject Area: Technology

Document Type: Paraphrasing

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he was able to explain to me where he received his numbers from. I received poor grade due to this


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