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10 Reference questions - Library & Information Science discipline

Please make sure you will come up with your own unique work for this, not copy somewhere else because it's already happened before and I have to create a new order for it again. And I do need an A+ paper for this. Here is the assignment: Please answer the following 10 reference questions to the best of your ability. Note that some might contain mistakes or too little information to go on since users rarely have all the information you will need to answer their question. If you feel you need more information, please state this as part of your answer. You might take a look at the course Webliography for sources of ready-reference on the Internet--such as the Librarians' Index to the Internet, LibrarySpot, or My Virtual Reference Desk--as you try to answer some of these. You should also assume the patron has access to the SJSU electronic library catalog (and the physical collection of books and serials), SJSU databases, and any other e-holdings available via SJSU. Answer the questions as though you were responding directly to an email inquiry from a library user. Do not send the user away empty-handed no matter how poorly formulated or unclear the question! Be sure and provide possible relevant Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSHs) for open-ended questions (like when a patron asks for a list of resources or "some information on X") and offer some titles found using them via the SJSU online catalog. Make sure you provide reliable information. This might mean checking more than one source to verify accuracy. Keep Cassell and Hiremath by your side at all times and use the index to Cassell and Hiremath (pp. 473-508) to look up subject-specific resources. I do not consider Wikipedia a reliable reference source. If you cite it, that's fine, but you must provide other sources that verify what a Wikipedia entry claims. Alan Liu, an English Professor at UC Santa Barbara, does a good job of explaining the issues in his policy statement to his students on Appropriate Use of Wikipedia (Links to an external site.). After providing each answer, please explain how you went about the process of finding it and cite the source, including bibliographic details in APA style, used to provide the answer. 1. I'm a part-time lecturer here at the university and I'm seeking some help on research. I'm looking for a book (perhaps a psychology book, or a sociology book) that analyzes the phases of love. That is, that spells out distinct stages in the process of falling in love. Could you be of assistance on this? 2. I have heard that chicken soup is good for curing colds. Is this just an old wives' tale or is there any truth to it? Could you help me find some medical literature (professional journal articles) on the subject? 3. I'm an advanced graduate student starting work on my dissertation prospectus this semester, and I have a question. What is the (or, is there a) best way to do a thorough review of what has been published on a topic? I'm going to be writing a dissertation on the aesthetic category of the sublime, and I'd like to get a "state of the art" snapshot of what's out there right now. I've been keeping an informal bibliography, but I need something more thorough now that I'm at the prospectus stage. 4. I am a freshman involved with Design for America, a design group on campus. We are currently looking into problems associated with laptop use (ex. posture, wrist strain...). Do you have any suggestions for going about researching this topic? We are interested general information, specific statistics (such as how many people in the US suffer repeated stress injuries or carpel tunnel from laptop use), and scientific papers regarding the subject. Our ultimate goal is to understand the problem thoroughly and then design a product that people can use to avoid getting these long-term physical health issues. I started to look up some information on Google Scholar but please let me know if you recommend other methods. 5. I need to identify recent books (last 15 years or so) that deal with the historical significance of the footnote. Can you help me? 6. I'm a college freshman and my English teacher asked us to identify both the first detective story and the first detective novel. Where can I find this information? 7. I need to find primary sources dealing with Abraham Lincoln's presidency. Where should I look? 8. I need some information on the history of religious tolerance and intolerance in the United States in the nineteenth century. Can you help me identify some scholarly books and articles on this topic? 9. I need to write a 5-page paper on the performance history of Handel's oratorio Messiah for my music history class. Can you help me identify books and articles that address this question? 10. I need to write a paper on the role that Jean Paul Marat (1743-1793) played in the French Revolution. Can you help me find scholarly books and articles on him? References: Cassell, K.A. & Hiremath, U. (2013). Reference and information services: An introduction (3rd edition). Chicago, IL: Neal-Schuman. Although I put 3 pages but after answering those 10 questions clearly, the paper can be 6-8 pages or more with no limit (but not really much of deep writings, mostly answering the questions). Please have a look at the sample paper I've attached (10Referencequestions_Excercise1.doc) to have the idea what you will work on before bidding. Thank you.
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