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The Effect of Energy and Oil supply to the economy Saudi Arabia

I did the first draft but the Dr give me zero plz see the comments on the pictures so I want you to change it make it easy and simple also there is not a question argument so make sure you write the questions and answers them, the class is about energy (). The first draft will represent a significant expansion of the concepts and ideas identified in the outline. It will respond to any suggestions provided by the instructor or others. It is acknowledged that it is a draft and as such may have some (but not many) holes to fill. It will follow the prescribed format for the final paper. )
I did the first draft but the Dr give me zero plz see the comments on the pictures so I want you to change it make it easy and simple also there is not a question argument so make sure you write the questions and answers them, the class is about energy (). The first draft will represent a significant expansion of the concepts and ideas identified in the outline. It will respond to any suggestions provided by the instructor or others. It is acknowledged that it is a draft and as such may have some (but not many) holes to fill.
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