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Module 3A Questions: Communism & the Red Scare (Example)

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Name Professor Course Date Module 3 Questions: Communism and Red Scare Alger Hiss was a former State Department official of America born in Maryland from Baltimore family. He was accused his involvement in Soviet spy during the world war 11 and even before the war begun. Hiss was also convicted because of perjury where he spoke lies before the court chamber due to allegations of involving himself in Soviet spy. Hiss was accused of secretly joining communist while serving in Sates Federal service. Because of such accusation Hiss was forced to serve close to four years in jail. At first when Hiss appeared before the HUAC he did not accept the charges made against him but instead he denied the charges vehemently. Later of interest whereby Chambers was a communist while McCarthy wasn’t a communist but investigated them. McCarthy used tactic of restlessly questioning numerous government officials which brought the panic within the State. He also fought to become the chairman of the committee mandated to investigate communists and he did not favor anybody. He also had accusations to the normal citizens associated with communism. During the post-war-era McCarthy had impacts on anticommunist fervor. He helped the state to investigate communist among the military. He was of great help during this period since they were able to fight the communists. He led to arrests and prosecutions of Soviet spies. During the anticommunism post war America they were able to destroy military power of Germany and japan. [...]

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1.Who was Alger Hiss and what was he accused of? 2.How did Alger Hiss answer the accusations made against him by the HUAC? 3.Are there any differences between Hiss’s testimony on August 5, and his testimony on August 16? 4.Chambers writes that the Alger Hiss case was actually when “two faiths were on trial.”  What does he mean by this? 5.Why does Chambers characterize his book as a “book of hope”? 6.How does Chambers describe what it meant to be Communist? 7.What tools does Communism use to place men as the masters of creation? 8.Where do the screams come from that Chambers says Communists hear?   9.Describe the moment that Chambers thinking began to break away from communism. 10.How was the Alger Hiss case resolved?  Do you think Hiss was innocent? Why or why not? 11.Who was Joseph McCarthy and why is he notorious? 12.How does McCarthy characterize the difference between the “western Christian World” and the Communist world?  Contrast his characterization with Chambers- how are they similar outlooks, and how do they differ? 13.What tactics did McCarthy use to heighten the fear of communist spies in the U.S. government? 14.Describe the impact McCarthy had on the anti-communist fervor in the U.S. during the post-war era.

Subject Area: History

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